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    UK Politics: The End of May

    Is it? Brexit party got the most votes but still fewer than 1/3. Not exactly an overwhelming vote in favour of a hard Brexit.
  2. Loge

    European Parliament Elections 2019

    Will be interesting to see who is going to be president of the commission. The EPP has been pushing Weber but there needs to be a three party alliance now and the liberals (ALDE) won't support him. Macron wants a president appointed by the council. Parliament will have to come up with its own candidate if it wants to prevail. As for the German result, no big surprises there. The SPD definitely is in trouble. They are on track to become a one digit party. Not a particularly great result for the Christian Democrats either. Looks like the Greens benefit big time from the Grand Coalition (which isn't grand anymore). AfD is strongest party in Brandenburg and Saxony. Both states have elections in September. SPD has been in power in Brandenburg since the state was created but they are only the third-strongest party right now. Greens got twice as many votes as the SPD in Berlin. Doesn't bode well for the coalition there either, which is SPD-led.
  3. Loge

    Who is the great other?

    There may or may not be a dark lord. But Melisandre has a tendency of getting things wrong. Like taking Stannis for Azor Ahai. And her performances are definitely just magic, not divine intervention.
  4. Loge

    What ever happened to Faceless Man?

    In the books, there's obviously more to them, with their origin as a band of escaped Valyrian slaves. They may actually have been behind the Doom. The show never cared.
  5. Loge

    How is it fantasy?

    Even if magic dies Westeros is still a fictitious world. Dunk and Egg works perfectly fine without magic.
  6. Loge

    How is it fantasy?

    That's what has been happening so far, but it's possible that magic will be diminished again at the end. If the Others are gone the seasons should be fixed. The Wall will probably be gone. And maybe the dragons. That could be part of what makes the ending bittersweet.
  7. It's indeed possible that AA refers to Dany. She killed Kal Drogo to hatch the Dragons. Jon is the PtwP, and that prophecy definitely wasn't fulfilled on the show. As for Cersei, yeah, the children die, but they were all supposed to have worn crowns. Myrcella never got there. Instead, they made Cersei queen.
  8. Loge

    How is it fantasy?

    The show obviously plays down the Fantasy elements relative to GRRM's books. But in the early books there is very little magic too. The Fantasy elements grow as the series evolves. D&D don't seem to care about that aspect of the story, though, if they even read the books.
  9. Loge

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Jon just rides into the sunset.
  10. Loge

    What was the point of r+l=j

    It will obviously turn out important in the books, if GRRM ever gets around to finishing them, but on the show it's pretty pointless. But then the show dumped everything it built up to, so it's no surprise.
  11. Loge

    Formula One 2019

    RIP Niki Lauda. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48345660 He's had health issues ever since that accident. Amazing how long a career he still had.
  12. People who have been reading the books should know that the endings can only be "the same" in a very generic way. And of course GRRM didn't know how the show was going to end. He merely expressed his confidence in the show runners to bring the story to a similar outcome.
  13. I don't think he has any reason to worry. His ending should be sufficiently different. If there is any similarity at all it will be in the result, i.e. which characters live and which characters die. King's Landing might burn down in the books too, but it's more likely somebody like Cersei using wildfire.
  14. He may have been a reluctant player but he did play the Game of Thrones, and there are no good guys in that game.
  15. Loge

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Westeros Royal Mail was on strike? Seriously, sending a letter in a medieval society isn't that easy. But that doesn't really matter. Looks like Ned at least knew anyway. Doesn't change a thing, though. They needed her father's consent, so it counts as an abduction and subsequent rape no matter what.
  16. Loge

    Why did the project fail?

    Well, he knew what he was doing, he used to work as a screenwriter himself. He said it then: They pay you a truckload of money and in return you hand over all control. They can do with your work whatever they want. He was lucky that at least the first seasons halfway followed the books.
  17. That's a big if. First, GRRM doesn't really know how the story plays out, or it wouldn't take him so long to write it. Second, I don't think D&D care about the books anymore. They have been telling a completely different story for some time now. I wouldn't expect the ending to be the same anymore either. Probably wouldn't even make sense.
  18. I'm not convinced that Dany will go mad. Cersei, on the other hand, already is, as demonstrated in the scene where she burns down the Tower of the Hand. If Dany was to go mad I'm sure GRRM wouldn't have a problem showing it.
  19. Westeros isn't a nation. With its size and the slowness of communication, it should probably be a lot more fractured than it was pre-conquest and a lot more culturally diverse than it is in the books. Think the Holy Roman Empire rather than Tudor England. Heck, Westeros is more like Europe in its entirety. Everybody speaking the same language without even regional accents is complete bollocks. Keeping that under a strong central government just isn't possible. Even in the books it only happened because of the dragons. So, if there are no dragons left at the end of the story then the Seven Kingdoms should break up for good. Wouldn't necessarily have to be the old kingdoms, though.
  20. Loge

    Why did the project fail?

    Was the writing really good? I'd have to rewatch to check (which I don't intend to do), but I don't remember being impressed by it. The early seasons certainly benefitted from the source material, even if they didn't stay true to it. Good source material always shines through, even in a lousy adaptation.
  21. We don't know what GRRM chose, or if he even has made a choice yet. He hasn't published the books yet.
  22. Loge

    Why did the project fail?

    As The hairy bear said, HBO and the showrunners never cared about the soul of the book series. They didn't even name the show A Song of Ice and Fire. They named it Game of Thrones, which shows that they were telling a different story from episode one.
  23. Loge

    The unknown parts of Planetos

    This version shows all of the known world. I don't think any of the maps showing more are official. There was a time when the books didn't have maps of Essos except for the Free Cities. People made up their own maps then, too.
  24. Loge

    What Happened to the writing?

    We have seen similar fiascos before, most notably Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Screen writers just don't think past the episode they're working on. Early seasons of Game of Thrones benefitted from the quality of the source material, i.e. George RR Martin's Fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire. Problem is, that's not finished. When the show ran out of source material the quality tanked. Not that it ever was that great. As an adaption, it was OK at best.
  25. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Not sure about the importance of these elections. What kind of reform do you have in mind? Anyway, it's the Council that calls the shots, i.e. the national governments. And that doesn't bode well for any kind of reform that leads to more integration. If that's to happen it would have to be Eurozone only, and decided outside the official EU institutions.