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  1. That's a weakness of GDP as a measure of wealth. It measures production, but not loss of assets through wear and tear. Neither does it count the depletion of natural resources.
  2. Press agencies refuse edited photos for good reasons. Press photos are usually meant to document certain events, and once a picture has been touched by photoshop its documentary value is zero at best. Kate can post as many photoshopped pictures on Instagram as she wants but the press shouldn't touch them with a tentpole.
  3. Her name is already out: Fiona Hewitson. She was Horner's personal assistant.
  4. Rumors about Marko being sacked. And Max Verstappen heading for Mercedes.
  5. Everybody wonders why Scholz doesn't want to give Ukraine these missiles. There's some kerfuffle in Germany about a conference (not sure if it was video or audio only) that has been wiretapped and published by the Russians. Four generals of the German air force discuss Taurus and if the Ukrainians could use it without German service personnel being involved. Apparently it's possible (Sholz claims it isn't), but would take some extra effort and time. They also imply the presence of UK and US service personnel in Ukraine. The Russian propaganda makes a big fuss about their discussion of how to destroy the Kherch bridge.
  6. Hewlett Packard was a great company. Then Carly Fiorina came and decided that you don't need expensive R&D when you can make money selling overpriced ink cartridges. Other companies that went under are Digital, Silicon Graphics, and Cray. But in those cases the demise was caused by competition from cheap PC hardware. As for Americans studying science and engineering, the country has always relied on importing brainpower from Europe and Asia. Look at who runs Microsoft and Google.
  7. It's a bit more complicated. Dietrich Mateschitz owned 49% of the company but could run it as if he owned 100%. When he died his son Mark inherited the 49% but not the right to run the company. The other 51% are owned by Chalerm Yoovidhya, the heir of the Thai co-founder, who wants a say in the running of the company. Looks like the folks at Fuschl headquarters don't like that. As for the F1 team, Horner has Yoovidhya's backing, but not that of the Austrian faction. Meanwhile, Jos Verstappen has openly called for Horner's removal.
  8. The Russians are obviously getting more reckless. Putin's reelection is less than four weeks away and he wants to see some success.
  9. Actually, Russia could be ready for the next war in six years. https://dgap.org/en/research/publications/preventing-next-war-edina-iii
  10. Russia may not claim Poland as a province (though large chunks of it belonged to the Russian empire), but definitely a client state with limited sovereignty. Thus the 2021 ultimatum for NATO to pull back to its 1997 borders.
  11. Well, cellular networks can be used to keep a connection with the drone over long distances. Russia has been doing it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2023/12/02/russias-new-exploding-drone-piggybacks-on-ukraines-4g-cellular-network/ Looks like either Ukraine is now using Russia's cellular network or the Russians suspect it.
  12. Well, those are strategic bombers from the 1950s. Russia uses them to launch mid-range missiles because the land-based variants, of which a lot existed during the Cold War, were banned by the INF treaty and subsequently destroyed. That treaty is no longer in force but Russia's inventory is still mostly post-Cold War, so most missiles are launched from planes or submarines. From what I have read, those planes are quite expensive to maintain, too, each flight requiring three days of preparation. What's remarkable about the recent strike is that Russia used ten Kinshal missiles, one of Putin's much bragged-about wonderweapons. Not only are these missiles quite expensive and meant to carry nuclear warheads, they were all shot down too.
  13. Ukraine has hit the Russian landing ship Novocherkassk in Feodosiya, Crimea. The extent of the damage isn't clear yet, but there was a big explosion.
  14. This may not apply to the UK, but dash cam recordings can be a breach of privacy. Not so much the filming as such but keeping the recordings or sharing them can easily breach the GDPR.
  15. It wasn't functional. There are photos of it and apparently it's a fake.
  16. Normally you expect a movie to at least break even on the production budget plus other cost. By a common rule of thumb that required a revenue of three times the production budget. Napoleon had a budget of 200 million, which would require about 600 million at the box office. So, if normal economics applied, it would be an epic flop. But as it was produced by Apple for streaming, the box office isn't that important.
  17. Deadline Hollywood claims that the movie "exceeded expectations." Apparently, those expectations were pretty low as far as box office revenue is concerned.
  18. Actually, it's not doing all that well, but it doesn't have to because it was made for Apple's streaming service.
  19. I think the Gepard could shoot down any missile fired at it, though the aircraft if was launched from would usually be out of range. And while not amphibious, it should have some fording capability. The Leopard 1 it's based on certainly has. Not sure if that's enough to cross the Dnipro, though.
  20. Looks like the war is over and Azerbaijan won. Probably for good. Russia did nothing.
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