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  1. I don't think range is a criterion, but fire control, sights, and the probability of actually hitting your target, preferably with the first shot, as that will deny them the chance to shoot back. Western tanks are optimised for this, Soviet / Russian tanks ... apparently not so much. Some of the Russian tank fleet has modern fire control (bought from France) but apparently it's not common. Same on the Ukrainian side. Apparently there even is a a lot of indirect fire, i.e. they don't even see their target. It's the same with the artillery. They shoot a lot, but not very targeted.
  2. I think the number hit 100,000 around Christmas. Casualty rates have been on this level (i.e. several hundred dead each day) since late summer. They don't get much attention in the media, though. You have to go to Twitter. Neither do we know the Ukrainian losses as Ukraine doesn't publish them.
  3. More Tesla fun: Tesla staged 2016 self driving video It has always puzzled me how they got away with selling a "full self driving" feature.
  4. Surovikin has been relieved of the command of the "special operation." Gerasimov is in charge of it now. And Alexander Lapin is the new chief of staff of the ground forces. Prigozhin and Kadyrov are not pleased. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-64235713 https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russia-appoints-new-ground-forces-chief-staff-despite-hawks-criticism-2023-01-10/
  5. The real question now is when will we finally send battle tanks? Infantry fighting vehicles and battle tanks don't make much sense on their own on the battlefield. They need to be deployed together to cover each other's vulnerabilities. As for fighter aircraft, apparently those requires extensive pilot training, so we won't see Western planes in the Ukrainian sky any soon. Of course if we had started training them in spring last year ...
  6. Only on paved roads and maybe in the North African desert. Certainly not in the Ukrainian mud.
  7. John Shelby is out. That's very good news for NASA. https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/01/so-long-richard-shelby-and-thanks-for-all-the-pork/
  8. Ukraine was in possession of some nukes but Russia held the keys. Ukraine didn't have the resources to maintain those nukes either, so using them as bargaining chips was the maximum they could get out of them. Russia didn't keep its part of the bargain and annexed Crimea, but nobody recognises their claim to it.
  9. All Mc Donalds say is they want uniform regulations across the country, not individual municipalities making up their own. As for Tübingen's mayor, Boris Palmer, he was recently re-elected. Running against his own party.
  10. There is also the issue of "full self driving." Tesla has been charging for this feature for years, and never delivered. https://jalopnik.com/elon-musk-promises-full-self-driving-next-year-for-th-1848432496?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=dlvrit&utm_content=jalopnik So far they have got away with it, but not much longer, apparently. California has made a law that forbids to advertise cars as fully autonomous unless they really are (Teslas aren't). https://gizmodo.com/tesla-elon-musk-full-self-driving-autopilot-1849930860 There are also criminal investigations: https://www.reuters.com/legal/exclusive-tesla-faces-us-criminal-probe-over-self-driving-claims-sources-2022-10-26/ There are also lawsuits from customers. Tesla's defence is ... interesting. https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2022-12-08/tesla-lawsuit-full-self-driving-technology-failure-not-fraud
  11. It isn't. At least Facebook isn't. Market cap is down but the company is still doing well. It's more about expectations than actual business figures. Not sure what exactly those expectations were. More growth, obviously, but where that was supposed to come from is anybody's guess. It isn't specific to Meta (Facebook), though. Many tech companies have seen their market cap evaporate over the last year.
  12. Former Roscosmos boss Dmitry Rogozin has been hit in the arse by a shrapnel while celebrating his birthday in Donetsk.
  13. The best thing about that whole "stalking incident" is that the kid that Musk claimed had been stalked is named X AE A-XII Musk. Seriously.
  14. Problem is, the people losing out if he runs Tesla into the ground have a lot of money too. A Twitter bankruptcy will probably be quite bad already. Larry Ellison, Saudi Arabia, and some big banks stand to lose money there. Musk probably could reimburse them with money from selling more Tesla stock. Actually, wonder if that isn't already happening. But if Tesla tanks he is in real trouble. And let's not forget that the company's relative success so far was all based on faith in Musk, which he has just destroyed.
  15. I doubt that there's much danger of the things getting captured. Their range isn't very long. You have to place them close to potential targets. If you use them to protect critical infrastructure from drone strikes, they'll be located far behind the front line. I suspect that there just aren't that many units around. Germany sent a bunch of Gepard SPAAG. They are somewhat dated but apparently very effective. Of course there are way too few of them, and procurement of ammunition is a bit of a problem (because the manufacturer is Swiss.)
  16. Patriot are extremely expensive. According to Wikipedia, a battery costs one billion dollars. That's a billion, not a million. And one rocket costs 3 million dollars. One thing about this war is that both sides shoot a lot and don't hit very often. That's the old Soviet style of warfare. Let the artillery fire at a certain area till there's nothing left standing. That doesn't really work with modern precision artillery and rockets. They can't be procured large quantities. You have to think before you use them.
  17. According Chuck Pfarrer, the Ukrainians are pushing eastwards south of the Dnipro estuary from Kinburn peninsula.
  18. It's definitely not wrong as long as you refer to the dynasty rather than individuals. None of them actually used it as their name when they still were a ruling dynasty. Nowadays they use Habsburg-Lothringen as a surname. That has a fixed spelling. The dynasty, not really. It isn't as if Charles V carried a passport that said Habsburg.
  19. Hapsburg is a common spelling in English.
  20. The Babylon 5 finale is hard to beat.
  21. The missile strike is probably more driven by discontent at home. The pro-war crowd isn't happy with the recent losses in Kharkiv and Kherson and are calling for nuclear strikes against both Ukraine and NATO. Putin seems to think he has to give them something. He has to know by now that he won't break Ukraine's morale. If anything, he can hope for the West to falter and stop supporting Ukraine.
  22. From the maps and aerial views, the terrain does not look suitable for battle tanks. And it is in reach of the Ukrainian artillery, so maybe it's possible to take and hold it. ETA: I don't know this guy but he seems to think Ukraine can take Kinburn peninsula: https://twitter.com/TrentTelenko/status/1591612984127799302
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