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  1. That's one of the downsides of the safety car. It's supposed to slow down the pack. But drivers will pit, then push to catch up again. Not ideal for safety. Max Verstappen has cinched his second title as the drivers were awarded full points despite the short race distance.
  2. Cars lose a lot of value over the first three years, so getting a new one that often would cost you a lot. Which raises the question if the tax of 12 % per year isn't a bit low. There's also the issue of social security. The employer saves a lot on that by not paying a higher salary. The whole thing is of course a big marketing machine for the carmakers. The German premium brands make more than half of their domestic sales this way.
  3. They'd better be a bit faster. ULA relies on those rocket engines for their Vulcan.
  4. I listened to an interview with Beat Zehnder recently, and he is convinced that BMW Sauber was on track to win a championship when BMW pulled the plug. He blames it on change of leadership. The new CEO didn't like motor racing. I heard a similar story about Toyota. Apparently the car they built for 2010 was a huge improvement over their 2009 car. I guess we'll never know how good it really was, but we do know that Honda pulled the plug just when they finally had a good car, as Brawn's success shows. (Of course it's possible that they had a good car before and the engine sucked.)
  5. BMW actually owned Sauber, and when they pulled the plug the team would have been shut down had Peter Sauber not bought it back. Big car makers and Formula 1 generally hasn't been a good fit so far, despite the recent Mercedes success. Renault keeps entering Formula 1 only to pull out a few years later, dito Honda. Peugeot, Toyota, Ford (Jaguar), BMW - there's quite a list of unsuccessful Formula 1 entries. As for Sauber, they also have some history with Mercedes and Red Bull.
  6. Apparently the Porsche-Red Bull deal is dead. Marko has stated in a TV interview that Porsche won't become a Red Bull shareholder. That probably means Porsche won't enter Formula 1.
  7. We had that in the late 90s and early 2000s. Casual watchers were complaining about the lack of overtaking but if you were actually watching the championship rather than individual races, there was a lot more suspense. Qualifying speed and strategy were everything and a single messed-up pit stop could decide not just the race but the entire championship. DRS was a workaround for the dirty air problem, which the latest rule changes have supposedly fixed. With the current cars, we'd probably see more interesting races without DRS, especially if they brought back refueling and use of a single type of tyre.
  8. The CRB has ruled in favour of McLaren in the Oscar Piastri case.
  9. And that's the downside. It doesn't move traffic from the road to the railway. It creates extra traffic. People do railway trips for fun on the cheap. The railway (and the commuters using it) have to deal with the extra load.
  10. The launch has been scrubbed for today. Next opportunity is 2 September. If the problem has been sorted out by then.
  11. Well, the grid penalties and tyre degradation certainly shook things up a bit. Red Bull's top speed advantage was brutal. Some interesting radio conversation, like Lando Norris being told "We are still on Plan G." Well, all is going to plan, then. Leclerc lost a position in an attempt at the fastest lap. Solid performance from Alpine. Aston Martin wasn't so bad either. Disappointing result for McLaren.
  12. That was before Liberty Media took over. The new Concorde Agreement has effectively shut the door for new teams. https://f1i.com/news/383956-formula-1-sets-200m-entry-fee-for-new-teams.html ETA: Andretti has tried to get into F1 but the teams haven't exactly rolled out a red carpet: https://the-race.com/formula-1/wolff-puts-cost-of-new-f1-team-at-1bn-amid-andretti-interest/
  13. It would also be more teams to share the TV revenue with, which the existing teams don't like.
  14. Porsche is expected to buy a 50 percent share in Red Bull, who are developing their own engine for 2026. Not sure that Porsche can pose as an engine supplier in that setup. Maybe Red Bull Powertrains will be renamed, but it would be a bit lame if there wasn't some genuine input by Porsche, like with Mercedes in the Ilmor days.
  15. But Piastri still not confirmed. Meanwhile, Audi has announced that they will enter Formula 1 in 2026.
  16. They did, but that change happened in 2003, as I just found out on their web site. Same model since.
  17. They haven't really changed. I bought mine in 2016 and they still sell that identical machine. The mechanical part has probably been the same for decades, with the only thing changing being the computer. But even that is still the same as in 2016.
  18. Well, winning W Series three times is all good and well, but that's the equivalent to a regional / national Formula 3 series. FIA F3 cars are already quite a step up, let's not even talk of Formula 2. Giving Chadwick an F1 cockpit would do her a disservice. And plainly, if she really wants to graduate to F1, then the years after her first W Series win have been wasted. Meanwhile, she isn't really a youngster anymore, being only half a year younger than Max Verstappen. I don't know about any kind of hype about her in the UK, but if truth be told, it doesn't look like she is F1 material.
  19. The contracts of the French, Belgian and Monaco GP all expire. Monaco will probably be renewed, though they might not get special treatment anymore. There's to be a third GP in the US and the Qatar GP is back. That leaves the calendar maxed out. Any new race would require F1 to drop an existing one and the French and Belgian GP would be likely candidates.
  20. IIRC, Toth is a school teacher. So he probably works a lot at home. If he doesn't have a dedicated office space, the ergonomics is probably poor, i.e. not the ideal posture when sitting in front of the computer, etc. That could be the reason for some of his complaints.
  21. The hype about KIC 8462852 "Tabby's Star" has ebbed a bit. It can be observed from the ground and has been, but no spectacular dimmings have been observed since the end of the Kepler mission. There has been a number of small ones, but those can be explained by dust.
  22. The question is, why is Scholz dragging his feet over Ukraine? Is that him or the party? He certainly isn't being held back by his coalition partners.
  23. Well, the SPD are still doing better in the polls than they used to before Scholz. And one shouldn't forget that he doesn't lead the party, so technically he can't be held responsible for what happens at state level. But yeah, his first six months in office haven't been particularly great. Cabinet ministers from the SPD don't particularly shine either.
  24. Don't forget that prices in Europe include VAT, usually about 20 %.
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