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  1. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I enjoyed the movie, I particularly enjoyed the audience reaction when there was no mid-credits scene (everyone laughed).
  2. Ser Arthur Hightower

    UK Politics - summer edition

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41490174 Well this is fucking sick.
  3. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Vegas Shooting

    The background of the shooter didn't surprise me, generally if there are Islamist links those a found out very quickly, so when it wasn't reported it was a reasonable assumption that the perp was a white American. The age did surprise me though, I haven't heard of a guy of this age engaging in a major mass shooting like this before.
  4. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Biggest battles in known Westerosi history

    If we count sailors then nothing can even come close to the Blackwater, even if we go for lower estimates of the number of soldiers. Essentially 20K Stannis, 8K defenders, 17-18K Western relief, anywhere from 50-75K Reachmen, plus of course some 25K+ sailors. Regrass would have been absolutely huge, but still not as large as Blackwater, maybe the equal or slightly the greater of The Trident. Battle of Castle back wast Maybe 31,000 total, but that is beyond the Wall and it could be argued that the abysmally low quality of 1 side disqualifies them as soldiers. I used to hold to this idea, but why then isn't there a much higher proportion of heavy cavalry in those wars? Generally it seems to be lower. It is honestly a bit of a stretch that logistics would advance to the degree that they have in most cases.
  5. Ser Arthur Hightower

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    ShowJon is obviously a top tier fighter at this point, however it is pretty annoying how easily he took out that White Walker (1st one he killed he used the element of surprise, since the Walker didn't expect humans to have steel weapons that could harm them), essentially that means Dany could airdrop 4 or 4 competent Valyrian steel armed warriors onto the Nights King's position and take out him and his top guys out of the game (which may cause his entire army to collapse).
  6. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Honestly it would have been better if Drogon was the one killed, then they are forced to run to Rhaegel and Viserion and get picked up, then the Night King has the biggest dragon, which would make him more of a threat to Dany despite being outnumbered in the air. The whole idea was pretty dumb TBH, at this point they should be focusing on manning the wall and trying to burn the army of wights, getting a whole bunch of southerners involved probably won't help much. The one nitpick I will disagree with is that the chains are unrealistic. There is no reason to believe the White Walkers can't get their thralls to work iron, maybe they had the chains prepared in advance for some other reason, or maybe they were made right then, after all if you can fly the length of Westeros in a couple of hours, then they could probably make some big ass chains in a day or two. lol
  7. How do you know this? Between Golden Tooth, Riverrun, and Tywin taking out forces piecemeal on the Red Fork it may well have amounted to that number killed captured and deserted. I do doubt it is that many, but doesn't mean it couldn't be. Also the 40,000 figure is just BS Renly made up, he has no idea of Robb's current strength beyond an approximation of what he travelled down the neck with. In fact the premise of that quote is somewhat flawed, since the Northern infantry lost 5,000 men on the green fork, so no longer has 20,000 men. We actually have no idea how many men Robb had at Riverrun around the time he was crowned, in addition to the 6,000 he had at the Whispering Wood, he may have had as many as 20,000 other Rivermen or more, a significant number probably didn't make it back to Edmure's 11,000 on the Fords, both due to lack of time to return and because they were killed in the fighting around the God's Eye or otherwise held down elsewhere. Would the composition of those ships be the same as those of the Royal and Redwyne fleets? I'm somewhat doubtful. 65-70,000 Reachmen with Renly and Mace at the beginning of book 2, Remember to add in more for the Redwynes who were totally absent, and also for the Hightowers, who were mostly absent, then factor in regular stragglers and those who aren't called up straight away, and pretty soon you are in the region of 100,000. I don't believe Rhaegar's army could have worked if this were the case; 10K Dornishmen, 4 known Riverlands houses (according to the wiki), with some from the Stormlands, Vale and Reach, but likely only a small number. 30K from outside Dorne, maybe 10K or so Rivermen, really only a handful from the other regions, leaving in the region of 15K Crownlanders. When factoring in potential previous losses, men not called and men in reserve in the region of 20K works I think.
  8. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    My ASOIAF knowledge has unfortunately declined over the time I've not been active in this community, but as I recall there were significant casualties on both sides, despite Randyll presumably having a large numerical advantage and a complete lack of cavalry. Props to Glover for putting up a good fight and managing to retreat. Of course Randyll knew that Gregor's forces were nearby to pick up the fight, but still seems sloppy for him to allow the northmen to escape.
  9. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    So much this! And in overall the makeup, lighting and effects, and facial expressions of everyone in the final standoff between Theon and Euron was amazing. Still love Alfie Allen as Theon. Show Euron has grown on me a lot. Also Jon strangling Baelish was very good. In general I'm expecting great things from the fighting/violence this season, even if I am not too into the plot in any meaningful way.
  10. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Yes, but the fact that he put it like that implies that he is making somewhat decent progress, and isn't just stuck somewhere.
  11. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Not sure if this has been brought up: I think this pretty much proves that Euron has been to Valyria, if he didn't he has obviously discovered some cache of Valyrian relics, which amounts to pretty much the same thing. This passage begs the question; can Euron even be defeated in combat? Valyrian steel is both light and unbreakable, it may also magically enhance the skills of the user, so if his armour is valyrian steel it is likely impenetrable, very mobile, and may magically grant him other abilities.
  12. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

  13. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    I'm not sure exactly what it is that you aren't getting. FNR is stating that he believes it is infeasible than more than 25% of the Bolton's total strength is mounted, based on numbers we see throughout the books. He therefore extrapolates that since we have seen in the region of 1,000 Bolton cavalry (up to 500 with Roose and up to 600 with Ramsay) that the total number of soldiers under Bolton and his bannermen must exceed 4,000.
  14. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    Good to hear a recommendation for the DLC, most reviews I've heard so far have been fairly mediocre, but I'll certainly consider buying them if I get back into the game over the summer.
  15. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    Damn, I really need to finish that game. Such a great setting and gameplay. And yes, by video game standards the armours, weapons and even most of the fighting animations are fairly realistic (though I actually wish the armour was a bit less realistic, as I don't like the aesthetics of most of the non-Witcher gear. I think the individual villages and such are very well portrayed, as in the map is not unlike the layout of a real medieval kingdom, though IRL the villages would be somewhat larger, as would the distances between them.