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  1. I'm in total agreement, which is why they should have come up with a different ending which makes sense for the show. Even if they had a full length season 8, they didn't have time to do Mad Queen Dany justice. Honestly I'm really puzzled why they wouldn't build this up properly starting from at least Season 7. But the only example of her doing anything bad at all last season was burning the Tarly's. But that wasn't mad, just very harsh, and probably something 75% of political figures would do (people that didn't kneel to Joffrey after the Blackwater were executed). I guess they thought that Jonerys wouldn't work if she was cruel and unstable last season. If they had changed the ending, then announced after the final episode "so this isn't actually the ending Martin gave us, but we decided to change it, because with all the other things that have happened so far, this makes way more sense", then I can't see too many people being unhappy, book readers especially, since the book ending isn't given away at all. But nope, they couldn't do that because they know that any ending they came up with would suck, so they used (at least partially) Martin's. But that also sucks because their middle sucks and doesn't fit with it. If only they could get more competent writers...
  2. That would be too difficult and unnecessary. As much as I dislike so many elements of the past 3 seasons, the issues with past seasons in no way prevented a decent ending with somewhat competent writing. I feel that a lot of people are giving the writers a bit of a free pass by effectively saying; "S8 is really flawed, but they wrote themselves into a corner with previous seasons, so they can't really do any better than this". They still had plenty of ability to finish the White Walker threat, resolve the conflict over the Iron Throne, and give individual characters decent endings, and they had 2 years to do it, but they didn't. They could have, if they had done it right and thought things through, made it all worthwhile and even redeemed the bad parts of the show, and they couldn't even give us that. Case in point; I am personally of the belief that a Breaking bad Season 5, and honestly a decent chunk of the preceding seasons, was done kinda badly and was quite bland. However I think that the way they wrap things up in the last episode was really good and made the whole show feel worth it to me.
  3. Ser Arthur Hightower

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    Ironic that so many of us have been complaining that the show whitewashes Dany for years, makes everyone over the top love her, makes it seem as if she will be the undisputed saviour of Westeros, and now finally, in the penultimate episode, she just turns completely evil. If something like this happens in the books, it will make far more sense. There is already a better foundation for it: So we are already expecting here to go from very well intentioned, if somewhat delusional and reckless, to someone who is a lot harsher and a lot meaner in TWoW. But this didn't happen in the show. Also I like the idea that even if she remains a basically decent person, almost everyone will believe she is the mad queen, which might be a factor in her lashing out in future. Point being this was completely idiotic to do with 2 episodes left and no where near enough buildup, even if this was the ending that Martin made, the show could have changed that as they did with so much else. And that is what they should have done if it made sense for the show. But as evidenced by what they did to Jaime, they have no idea what makes sense for the characters in this show. Can't even describe how I'm feeling right now, I stopped caring too much several seasons ago, the "conclusion" of the Long Night killed ended any residual attachment I had. Yet somehow the ruination of Varys, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Dany and probably others, IDEK, just in this one episode still manages to hurt and it fucking sucks.
  4. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    Didn't think anything short of TWoW finally dropping could get me back on here, but damn this fucking episode has done it. I had given up on the politics in like season 4-5 when it was pretty clear that unless they were following the books closely they had no idea how to make the big players (Varys, LF, Doran, Euron, Roose, Stannis et cetera) behave in a way that was even remotely logical or compelling. But still for the last 3 seasons I have mostly been enjoying all of the beyond the Wall/White Walkers stuff. And even if the way Viserion died was stupid, it was still absolutely amazing to see the Night King riding unViserion and bring the Wall down, so even though I didn't give a shit about Cersei and Dany and the rest of the would-be rulers, I was really anticipating the epic climax for the last 2 years. And then it is over in one episode, Arya kills the Night King and his whole army dies. The Army of the dead gets only halfway down the North, the forces of Westeros didn't have the unite against the threat; the only southern forces were those of The Vale, and a dozen named characters, the rest is all fought by the north and Dany's men. Of course Azor Ahai prophecy is completely ignored and seemingly none of it means anything. I can't believe how bad the writing of this truly was, I have had a pretty low opinion of D&D for a long time, as do most of us here, but damn I can't believe how badly they screwed this entire arc up. Literally any of us could outline a far better story than this in 5 sentences. Army of the dead wins at Winterfell, Jon and Dany reluctantly order a retreat, Unsullied and remaining Night's Watch volunteer to stay back as a rearguard so that the rest of the army and the Northern civilians can escape south. They reach the South with the AoTD close behind, but are savaged by remaining Lannisters and GC, and are ironically only saved when the AoTD catches up with them and attacks both armies, barely escaping with their lives. Eternal night (but better lit) sets in, as does despair and defeatism, Jon and/or Dany is/are the only one(s) that can keep it together, and rallies the entire remaining strength of Westeros for a massive battle outside of King's Landing. Afterwards no one is gonna argue with Jon and/or Dany taking the throne and the GoT is resolved. Series ends with new king/queen/both approaching the Iron Throne as the sun finally rises. They could even keep Arya killing the NK and I would be perfectly happy with it, but it should have been something like Jon sending her to infiltrate the AoTD, knowing it will be at the cost of her life. Her actions will leave the enemy leaderless and give the living a chance in the final battle, and she could be Jon's Nissa Nissa.
  5. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Holy shit! I would have never thought of it like that. This is just so perfect.
  6. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Not sure if this has been brought up: I think this pretty much proves that Euron has been to Valyria, if he didn't he has obviously discovered some cache of Valyrian relics, which amounts to pretty much the same thing. This passage begs the question; can Euron even be defeated in combat? Valyrian steel is both light and unbreakable, it may also magically enhance the skills of the user, so if his armour is valyrian steel it is likely impenetrable, very mobile, and may magically grant him other abilities.
  7. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    I've not been watching this season properly due to my dissatisfaction at the direction the show has taken after season 4, just watching the scenes that have interested me on youtube, so I've not partaken in any of these voting threads. However I have observed all of them and within 12 hours of the episode showing each one automatically seems to have a solid 12 dislikes, which rises to 20 or more within a few days. This seems to be basically regardless of how the rest of the audience votes, for episode 5 more than 50% of the votes were 9 or 10, less than 4% were 2 or 3, yet 6% (36 votes) were for 1. This episode also has a very high average, but 2 people have already voted 1, almost as many and 2, 3 and 4 put together. So who are these people who are seemingly watching every episode, finding nothing to enjoy, and then giving each episode a "1" every single week? (I think I should specify that I have generally enjoyed what I have seen of season 6, though I'm still not particularly interested in watching all the way through.)
  8. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I think people are simply painting all the psychos/sadists in the series with the same brush, people saying that Ramsay/Euron/Whoever else are exactly the same. I think Euron is actually unique as he is the only character that causes senseless violence and destruction at both the micro and macro scale; Tywin for instance caused a massive amount of destruction, but he did most of it for pragmatic reasons, and in terms of individuals most of his cruelty was towards those who he feel damaged the Lannisters in some way. Ramsay is exceptionally cruel but doesn't particularly want to cause chaos on a greater level, Baelish causes chaos because he thinks it will help him acquire power. Euron has the power he wanted and uses it to create chaos on a massive scale, seemingly because that it what he enjoys (on top of personally being cruel to individuals like Ramsay is). You may feel that his character is boring/shallow, but he does do things differently from other characters in the series
  9. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Pretty much this, I was starting to type something similar, then I remembered I barely post here anymore and can't be bothered to type long posts.
  10. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this chapter, but I think it says something fairly good about the pacing: the next Arianne chapter will be either just before, during, or just after a major battle, so it's only taken two chapters in her arc to get there. I did quite like the implication that Lysono Marr will be taking on a bigger role from now on.
  11. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    1, It's not objective at all, there was some good stuff in there, but I could feel nothing but contempt for this episode, so even the reasonably good stuff pissed me off. Let's ignore for now whether book Stannis would do this, or what Martin actually meant when he mentioned this event, or whether the roles of Davos, Selyse and Melisandre we in character. Let's just accept that Stannis this episode was completely contrary to every bit of character development over the last season and a half. What we saw was an extreme desperate version of the season 3/early season four Stannis that burned his brother in law for keeping the Seven and threatened to kill Davos for not magicking up a war winning strategy, not the season 5 Stannis who is rough around the edges (arguably even less so than book Stannis), loves his daughter, gives friendly advice, lends out his ships to Jon for a humanitarian goal and seems to want to do what is best for his Kingdom. So essentially what D&D have done is start off with an unlikeable character, gradually make him more and more likeable and interesting as a character, then they suddenly undermined that and made him do something abhorrent for shock value so now everyone who watches the show (rightly) hates him again. That's not to say they haven't done some shit stuff with various characters this season or in previous seasons, but the reason this is (IMO) so much worse than the other characters and storylines they have butchered is that Stannis is one of the two main characters I have been coming back for every week this year, the other being Jon. So this episode gets a 1, because Stannis' plot gets destroyed in my eyes, and Jon's continues to get weaker (Hardhome was likely the best 20 minute sequence on TV ever, IMO, but Jon's arc is undermined by a paper thin political situation on the wall itself). Maybe tomorrow after my anger has subsided a bit I will be willing to bump the episode up to a 4 or 5, but right now I just watched it and I'm angry.
  12. Ser Arthur Hightower

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Theon presumably heard Stannis speak at some point in the last day or so. Tybald is the Maester of the Dreadfort, Arnolf was at the Dreadfort, which is why Theon and Arnolf immediately recognise one another. They have the Maester of the Dreadfort presumably because Ramsay or Roose thought he could send them ravens, perhaps they hadn't thought to bring their own maester, else he is elderly or frail. I really don't think this is that complicated, Tybald is the Dreadfort maester claiming to be the Karhold maester, Stannis (somehow) figures out that Tybald does not actually serve the Karstarks and that he has loosed a raven, he doesn't know whether that raven is trained for the Dreadfort or Winterfell, but it seems doubtful it would not go to one of those two places. From reading the Night Lamp theory I believe that Stannis knew from Mors Umber that the Karstarks were disloyal, he may even have been informed (by way of Hother Umber) that they had the Dreadfort maester with them.