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  1. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Randyll Tarly - A Targaryen Loyalist?

    Mace is committed to keeping Tommen King and Margaery Queen. Of course he could attempt to wed her to Aegon, but I don't think he is gonna want to do that right off the bat, especially when Aegon's strength is theoretically so weak. I do think Randyll is a likely candidate for a "friend in the Reach". The Tarly's are Marcher Lords, and they were apparently the most anti Dornish, and anti Daeron. So without any real confirmation we can say there is a decent chance they fought for Daemon in the first Blackfyre Rebellion, hence links with currently exiled former allies.
  2. I feel like the past couple of days has blown out of the water the idea that Johnson is secretly a super smart guy just pretending to be a buffoon. Not to say that he isn't more intelligent than he often appears, but at best he is an average guy with some political savvy and the ability to lie relentlessly. And he is now way out of his depth, and quite frankly facing a lot of people just as determined, and a fair bit smarter than him. Worst part is, despite everything I think there is a good chance he ends up on top in the end because of the electorate, I don't see how Parliament can hold off an election for a long period of time, and with the opposition fractured and not overly popular, and Brexiteers rallying around Boris, he may end up in a position to win a majority with a far more radical Conservative party.
  3. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Feast suffers from the problem of having too many new characters and plots introduced. This isn't too much of a problem in rereads because you are familiar with the characters and understand their place in the plot a bit better, and you're probably not reading as impatiently since you have already been through it before anyway. But a big problem is that 22/46 chapters are Dorne, Iron Islands, Brienne and Sam, I cared about none of those things when I first read the books. I definitely have grown to like those a lot more now, especially the Iron Islands and Brienne plots, but I've got to admit I don't like Sam's chapters in that book. The other stuff: 24/46 chapters, is Arya, Sansa, Cersei and Jaime, and I did like all of that when I first read it, and still like it now. ADwD is a book I will defend to the death and then some. Would it have been better if we could have had Meereen and Winterfell in this instead of Winds? Maybe, but it was getting to the point where he could not put more stuff in the book, and honestly I enjoyed the buildup enough that I don't really care as much about getting the "payoff" in the form of battles. I think Dance actually stands out from the other books as to just how much depth and character is going on. Not to say that the other books don't have that, just that I think Dance has more, and does it better. There is a crazy amount of analysis of Dance on the internet, mostly focused on the big 3 (Jon, Dany and Tyrion), but there's also a lot around more minor characters as well: Theon's brilliant chapters, Davos's short but amazing journey, Quentyn's arc in Slaver's Bay. The book even managed to make me care about JonCon and Aegon more than I think it should have been able to. Specifically regarding Dany, I think she is a character that hasn't had much interesting going on since AGoT, and even in that book I didn't care too much for her TBH. I feel like her ACoK chapters were pretty pointless, in ASoS she conquers 3 cities, but I never found that very captivating or interesting to read, given that she just kind of rolls over everyone without facing too many obstacles. ADwD makes her ASoS arc better, because we see that the decisions she made in that book are now having real consequences for her, and she is having to do things she doesn't want to do in order to deal with them. So overall I would say that AFfC is probably slightly below the other books for me, but ADwD is my favourite.
  4. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Strength of Iron Islands navy

    100 ships of the Iron fleet, comprising maybe 10,000 of their best soldiers. Maybe 5-600 longships, with a much smaller crew of 30-40 each. So looking at maybe 30k men overall, but probably safe to assume that a lot of the guys on the regular longships that aren't on the crew of major lords or raiders are probably far less well armed/armoured/trained than most of the Ironborn that we see, who themselves are noted as not being very disciplined. So if you consider that the guys on most of the longships aren't really proper fighters and only raid opportunistically, then their numbers don't look so inflated. (Although Martin definitely should have made the Iron Islands a bit bigger and more forested.)
  5. Ser Arthur Hightower

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    The original basic plan was to get Ned to go West personally, ambush and capture him, and then exchange Ned for Tyrion. Robert would likely be pissed, but he would be unlikely to raise the realm against Tywin in an all out war, and he wants Tyrion released anyway. Everything other than some limited raiding seems to have been after Robert's death, after which his actions are legitimate(in the eyes of Joffrey supporters). One thing that seems odd to me is that Tywin never seems to have really had much of a plan for dealing with the South. He had a completely plausible, albeit risky, plan to deal with the Riverlands, Vale and North, by attacking them quickly and not letting them join forces, but he seems to have just resigned himself to the fact that the Stormlands and Reach would inevitably support Renly or Stannis, in the event of a succession crisis. If Renly had wanted to act with haste he could have moved in on King's Landing or invaded the Westerlands from the south whilst Tywin was still bogged down in the Riverlands.
  6. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Kingsguard Allowance

    He was on Robert's Small Council... Lucramore was punished so severely because he openly flaunted the rules by marrying and having children, with multiple different women. Keep in mind that merely polygamy on its own would be a fairly severe crime in Westeros. The fact the Lewyn semi-openly had a paramour in the supposed greatest Kingsguard makes it clear that KG won't really be punished like that just for not being celibate.
  7. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Will the seasons be fixed

    I was vaguely aware of this but hadn't kept up to date very well so assumed something like that would be okay, thanks for informing me otherwise. Just to point out, when informing someone that a part of a post violates a rule, probably don't quote that part that that violates said rule, because now I have edited it, my post is compliant and yours is not.
  8. Ser Arthur Hightower

    Will the seasons be fixed

    I feel like this topic may have come up before, but I couldn't find any trace of it, so I'm making a new one. By the end of Book 7 (or 8) will the seasons in Planetos be returned to year long cycles, as it is implied they could have been in the distant past? I have always assumed this would be the case.
  9. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The Last Fox X-men Thread - no spoilers

  10. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The Last Fox X-men Thread - no spoilers

    Fassbender, McAvoy, McKellen, Stewart, Jackman and Dafne Keen saved the X-Men franchise IMO. Even the best films (First Class, DoFP and Logan) would have probably been quite mediocre at best without those performances. The entire original trilogy fell very flat for me personally. I agree with the consensus that 2 is the best, and 3 is the worst, but all in all I would say all three films are kinda similar in quality. So I would say that I am quite looking forward to a full reboot in the MCU, but maybe slightly apprehensive that Professor X and Magneto can only go downhill after the last 2 actors that played them.
  11. Greatjon and Harrion are the only Northmen mentioned as being captives in the south, however there are definitely other hostages from the Red Wedding besides Greatjon, Marq Piper, Patrek Mallister and Edmure, we just don't know their names/houses. Also Greatjon had sons(plural) and brothers with him at Winterfell prior to marching, its possible some of them might have just been seeing them off and have returned to Last Hearth after, especially if we consider any other sons would be younger than the (still growing) Smalljon Umber. But the chances are they also went south and were also captured at the Red Wedding, or otherwise were captured at Duskendale or at the Ruby Ford, since they are still believed to be alive as of ADWD.
  12. Ser Arthur Hightower

    All time Top Fighters

    Based upon feats in battle: Daemon Blackfyre: hailed for his skill at arms, defeated Gwayne Corbray, who is famed enough to get a mention when Jaime and Loras discuss the best members of the Kingsguard. One of the only cases I can recall of one of the top fighters defeating another very high level fighter in a fair fight. Duncan the Tall: not really brought up for his skill at arms that much, but he killed Daemon III, who was possibly wielding Blackfyre, defeated the Laughing Storm, probably has a few more feats we don't know about including Blackfyre rebellion 3 and Peak Uprising. Barristan Selmy: cut a bloody path through the Golden Compancy before he even got a Maelys. Robert I Baratheon: probably not a top pick, but honestly based on battle experience and feats he deserves it; Marq Grafton at Gulltown, 3 Lords at Summerhall, probably would have killed JonCon, himself a renowned knight, then went on to kill Rhaegar. Jaime Lannister: has less feats to his name than some of the others, but his performance at the Whispering Woods earns him a place on the list Honourable mention to Garlan Tyrell, whose performance on the Blackwater rivals Jaime's at the Whispering Wood. Being only 23 and in good health we may yet see more feats of arms from him. Obviously this way of listing is quite flawed, some big names are absent, maybe just because they didn't get a chance to fight in a proper battle. But I think this is a more interesting way of judging some of the fighters than just going by a few duels with opponents who are not necessarily of the highest level.
  13. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The most important book character that did´nt made it into the tv-show

    It's not the same, in that people misunderstand the purpose of Quentyn's story. He is basically the Dornish Ned Stark; decent man of middling competence in a setting where he is totally out of his depth, fails at his objective and dies, thereby setting up the next books worth of conflict. Ned's death set up the Stark-Lannister war, Quentyn's death will set up the Dany-Dorne conflict. Expecting Aegon to die quickly only makes sense if you think Martin wastes a lot of time on throwaway characters unimportant to the plot, but when you look critically at his writing decisions you see that this really isn't the case.
  14. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The most important book character that did´nt made it into the tv-show

    Jon's birth name being Aegon always pissed me off a bit. Like we can assume Rhaegar left naming instructions, he is unlikely to have named his second son the same as his first son, who he had by another woman. Maybe Rhaegar really thought it would be a girl like the Conqueror and his sisters, in which case he may have just said Visenya. But if that were the case then what the baby was male, the Kingsguard wouldn't be likely to name him after his older brother that just got his head smashed open. My bet in the books (if he was ever even assigned a Targaryen name) is Jaehaerys, or more likely, Daeron.
  15. Ser Arthur Hightower

    The most important book character that did´nt made it into the tv-show

    Kind of a cheat, but I would say that two of the most importing missing characters are post-argument Tyrion and post-argument Jaime. I was interested when they didn't fall out at the end of Season 4 as to what that would mean moving forwards, but it turns out it just meant neither character ended up having a massively interesting arc moving forward, and honestly takes away from Tywin's death.