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  1. the conquering bastard 25

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

  2. the conquering bastard 25

    What kind of weapon will Gendry make for Arya?

    The weapon is for Him not herself
  3. the conquering bastard 25

    Cersei and the Mad King

    this might be an unpopular idea but I always thought that the person pulling Cersei string in terms of her getting Jamie to agree to the KG we Rhaella. Cersei could have been used by Rhaella just like Cersei would later use Sansa. Using the crowned Prince as bait. remember after duskendale Aerys was paranoid by his son, hand and wife. Given we know so little about Rhaella her assisting her eldest son in a potential coup against a brother and husband she doesn't like or love isn't that big of a stretch. Also we know Rhaella isn't completely devoid of political ability as soon as KL fell and word of Aerys death she crowned Viserys on Dragonstone. it's always been my thought that the Prince and Queen used Cersei to remove the West from the war table and a potential royal marriage by making Tywin to choose. Because as it a been stated in the books what one king does another can undo. So The on could either have his perfect heir Jamie back released from the KG and able to take his place as LP of the West or he.Can have Cersei betrothed to Viserys. that's part of my two cents
  4. the conquering bastard 25

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    I do believe that Lemore is Ashara on the simple fact there are some inconsistent in their story 1) Aegon wasn't getting given to Joncon until he was five so where was the boy for those first five years and what would or who would Varys have used to sell this whole plot to Jon. Remember Varys background is that of a mummer and in his own words every man has a part to play or in the infamous words the whole world is a stage. So if you are trying to sell one of Rhegars best friends that the boy is who he says he is you had better have a very convincing story. Ashara being his guardian while Varys and Illyio got their plans in order would be a smart bet. She was comes from a powerful house in Dorne, was a lady in waiting to Elia along with being a close friend, had a paragon for a brother, probably still has friends in Dorne to help well the plot Doran. Not to mention it the baby switch happened early in the rebellion and Ashara disappears from court at the start of the rebellion as well... Aerys was known to not like his Dornish in law and didn't want to touch Rheanys why would Aegon be any different. A baby switch is possible as the king wouldn't know the difference and it's smart to not place all your jewels in the same basket. I tend to believe that Perkin Warbeck really was Richard duke of York. Then there were the child size court clothing if you look at the description again there were patterns of burgundy and blue along with a yellow background with green floral print. That Redwyne and Tyrell colors. Set on in his forming year could have been passed around some of the court of the reach. With Ashara Dayne as his guardian and to sell the plot again it's possible. Remember they have friends in the Reach and the good company I re who Aegon was before Joncon opened his mouth. That's part of my two cents and my phone for thought.
  5. the conquering bastard 25

    The Blackfish and the Brotherhood

    So I have always found the question of the blackfish and his plan of great interest. What we know Tom of Sevens was present during the Jamie/Edmure conversation. He's a member of Cats branch of the brotherhood. If when Edmure was sent into the castle Tom was sent as well to confirm all the Jamie said so there would be no question of where Jamie was coming from nor what Edmure agreed to. This would be a great time for an introduction between the Tully's and the brotherhood. Now we know the blackfish escaped under the cover of night and he was a strong swimmer. That the watergate was left partially open allowing him to swim to freedom. We also know the brotherhood has Trident lords in their pocket. I believe the brotherhood is using a network of quotes to relay into between camps. We know that the lannister/frey/trident camp is split three separate camps with the Trident lords in the middle. Whose to say with papers from Ned Dayne Lord of Starfell and rebel trident lords hearing their seals that another strong swimmer didn't get into the castle,.even before the way was closed. I know it's thought he might head to the Vale.but I don't think so. I think the BF has human ravens the relieved his messages to those he trusts in the Vale.under the best.protection in the world. They are.taking the black. These human ravens are knights which means they are used in diplomatic and envoy matter all the time. Remember stanniss' the wrong way rangers they were knights! Little finger asked the crown for x amount of knights when talking with the Tyrells because their presence give weight to his message. Think about the route, Maidenpoole,Duskendale,Three Sisters, Gullstown, the port of Runestones, White Harbor...and then the Wall. He's got the Vale, North and Wall hearing his words he need not say them himself. As.for him helping freeing Edmure on the road feels.wrong. There's still the plot point of what happened to the men who were forging in the West for Robb, the gold and plunder from the west well. All the talk about a Red Wedding 2.0 (Riverun feels.wrong as well) but Castley Rock a sight we have yet to see and the author promised a glimpse of and with the Warden of the West about to marry is stoat of a Frey well having it at Rock would be a fitting place.for a revenge scenario with Edmure around to help deliver the care this time around. So my thought he'd headed West. yes he will meet one or both branches if hasn't already.