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  1. What if Jon Snow finds out his lineage and his duty as King conflicts with Stannis' claim. They have a meet up in a field like Renly and Stannis did in ACOK, with half of Stannis' army abandoning him for the Lord of Lights's chosen champion. Stannis isn't going to backdown and he gets Shadowbabied.
  2. What if during the Battle of Blood that Euron resurrects all of the Ironborn that fell into the ocean into fishscaled waterwights? Imagine victarion meets back up with some Ironborn soldiers and they're all silent and grey skinned. =x What if the White Walkers are killing people to build an army to cross the wall and stop Euron from taking over the world? What if in a climactic psychic dream battle Bran defeats Euron. This distracts Euron and he gets shot by Sam through his eye like Bael the Bard killed Smaug in The Hobbit. Euron wars into his Kraken as he dies. At the end of the fight Drogon and Rhaegal pull Kraken/Euron out of the sea and rip him apart and eat him while burning him. Whaddya think?
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