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  1. I have no idea what the SotH wanted. Presumably they stopped attacking due to Dany's engagement to Hizdahr and the fighting pits being reopened...But then they killed Hizdahr anyways. I honestly don't think we'll ever find out what their motivation was now that Dany has flown away.

    They are just a bunch of psychopats

  2. D&D ruined Barristan storyline and made him not such a big badass as in the novels

    I have a question.How the hell so many sons of harpy suddenly appeared between the crowd???People were in panic ,after we saw them on the screem,so they couldn't just sit next to them in those masks.

    2 sons of harpy can take down one unsulied (not from behind) wtf????!

  3. At this point the show is ruined.I like the part with Jaime and Bronn,but there will be no Blackfish :( .Their storyline is excellent so far.

    Where is Aegon ,Jon Connington ....

    Where is Arianne ,she is much better than that Elaria

    Barristan killed by this lames with daggers!!??In the blok defeated Mero with the STICK,defeated Khraz , with Jorah he conquered Yunkai.One of the most epic characters treated like that by directors ! It has no point.What they do?More Grey Worm ,Sansa.

    Madness!Madness and stupidity!

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