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  1. The Battle at the Mummer's Ford happens before Dany's dragons hatch, so perhaps magic was already becoming stronger and that's how Dany is able to hatch her dragons and survive the flames. I think magic is magic and different 'religions' use it in different ways but it is ultimatley the same force, so there are bound to be similarities.
  2. I would love for Sansa to be the one to kill Littlefinger but I don't see the connection between LF and the giant? I agree with The Poster Who Was Promised, all the prophecies occurred in close temporal proximity, I think it was Sweetrobin's doll and the snow Winterfell, which led to Lysa's death.
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    The Last Hero tale by Old Nan foreshadows the deaths of ...

    I assume Lady Olenna meant King in the North? (Or maybe not.) How can he have had an effect? He's 3/4 years old! Give him a chance. I am a subscriber to the Rickon will be king or lord theory, so I really hope he doesn't die. He's not a POV character, which means he may very well end up a king (at least briefly) because none of the kings have POV chapters. Also, all of Ned's children have turned out to be special in some way, so watch this space. I also hope Meera, Hodor and Osha don't die (Jojen I think is inevitable, if he's not already dead). Bran could well be like the Last Hero but that doesn't mean the story has to be exactly the same.