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  1. The final episode is an hour and twenty minutes.
  2. I gave this a 9/10. You can see they are off book now and working on an outline so it lacks the quality of dialogue and influence of GRRM that the prior six seasons did. It's really only a loose adaptation of ADOS in my eyes with a few key touch points (Jon trying to rally the realm, Dany vs Cersei battle, probably Bran getting back to Winterfell, Cersei/Euron alliance but the direction is heading to GRRMs ending). Going back to the episode I felt it was well acted even by Kit, Emelia and Sophie who I've been slightly critical of before, I thought they were all exceptional this week. I really enjoyed the Bran and Sansa reunion it was so bitter sweet and I can imagine similar in the books (but not exactly the same). I loved how the Lannisters out foxed team Dany and dealt a major blow, even though we all know Cersei is doomed it's good to see this is a proper fight and not just a slaughter - as I'm sure it will be similar in the books rather than just a walk over. Lots of good set-up for remaining episodes too, what is in Maester Luwins scrolls, what will Sam find in Old Town, where is Jorah going now, Dany is about to bring down fire and blood and it's likely to have negative consequences, Jon still needs to convince the two "mad queens" that the real war is in the north etc.
  3. Brilliant, best series end so far and sets everything up perfectly for the end game.
  4. I gave it an eight, let down only by the stuff in Meereen, jeez I can't stand Dany now.
  5. I don't think it was terrible at all but I certainly felt underwhelmed at the end. Mereen felt rushed although I am quickly reaching the point in both the books and show where I just want to skip any Dany material. The Hound stuff was good, I felt some tension that Stoneheart would appear then nothing. Same with Arya and the waif a big build up then a feeling of what that was it?
  6. I enjoyed it, clearly a set-up episode however the ending was disjointed, boring and the weak point.
  7. Out of interest have you read AFFC? Just my opinion but I thought they nailed it pretty well.
  8. I've watched it twice now and I gave it a 9, this season is rapidly turning into the best of all in terms of fast paced, story progression and shocking twists. I thought the whole episode was so well done, apart from perhaps the Dany/Jorah scene but then the mad queen is one of my least favourite characters so I am biased. The Kingsmoot I thought was really good, the play really good, funny but also strong under tones and clearly a test for Arya, that ending though! So gut wrenching and tragic, it made me well up. P.s don't feed the trolls they live empty lives and gaining a response from others fuels their self-importance, ignore them and they will stop eventually.
  9. I gave this a 9 and would place it in my top ten episodes of all time. It was heavilly based upon book material including a lot of stuff widely predicted from Winds of Winter which reaffirms my belief this season will be fairly close to the next book with a wrap up of Affc materials too. Now serious question is there a way i can block or ignore the trolls who voted 1 for this episode? I have zero interested in reading anything they have to say.
  10. I was a bit too excited about this episode and so the expectations were quite high. The episode did not quite reach up to them, but no major complaints, it was a solid start, I rated it 7/10. Ser Davos is such a good guy. Ghost made me miss my doggy, and it's nice to see that Jon wasn't the only one with brains. Hoping that Edd doesn't take too long to get the wildlings. Thorne is a good character. I don't like him as a person after all the nastiness in the previous seasons, but there is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in, taking responsibility and having a plan of your own. What bothered me a little was the complete lack of dialogue for the first couple minutes, it seemed too long for me as someone who was not emotionally shaken by Jon Snow's (not)death. Ramsay mourning Myranda was somewhat off, but feeding her to the dogs made up for it. Roose was hilarious as he kept trolling him. Theon and Sansa were definitely one of the highlights of the episode, great acting, tension, fight, emotions. What bugged me was Brienne... I eventually remembered that they have met in KL at Joff's wedding, but I kinda missed the Hi, I'm Brienne, Hi, I'm Sansa part. A rewatch would have been in order. It was nice to see Theon holding a sword and putting Sansa first, it was about the first time ever he acted like a man. KL was quite nice, it was heartbreaking to see Cersei running to greet Myrcella only to find out she died. The Jaime Cersei exchange was okay. I am not a huge fan of Lena Headey's Cersei. The character she delivers is a sour, brooding, rock hard woman who is always tense and never lets anything out. This is partly boring, partly unrealistic. The ideal Cersei to me would be what Aslaug has been in Vikings Season 4, in terms of both character and acting. Margaery was great, Natalie Dormer is awesome. Dorne... Well that escalated quickly. While it was some Game of Thrones worthy shocker, I'm kinda disappointed because Doran's death means his Targaryen supporting master plan is off the table too. And Ellaria seems to have taken over the overly confident bad decision maker role from Cersei. Trystane's death was plain disgusting and a spit on what Oberyn stood for, also the last nail in the coffin of the Dornish story. Four mad murderous bitches you can't tell apart won't be able to carry a storyline. How did Varys get to Meereen? Again, a rewatch would have been in order. Tyrion was alright. The preacher person should get a Nobel Peace prize. Burning the fleet was quite unnecessary given that Daenerys isn't even in the city and she hasn't showed a sign of willingness to sail anywhere since season 4 (maybe 3?). But this was one thing I can absolutely see happening in the books too, as it is exactly the kind of shit Grrm would do to delay the story. Jorah and Daario seem like a promising duo, and it was quite interesting to see how unconditionally they both trust Daenerys's success. Finding that ring in the middle of the grass could have been much more realistic with only a bit of extra effort. Aragorn found the elven cloak badge in the grass too, but he was looking for it. Jorah wasn't looking for clues, the ring just waved to him from the grass. Dothraki. I'm glad to see these guys back, such a throwback feeling in the best sense of the word. One thing though, I'm all for reuse and recycle, but I'm sure $10M per episode covers a new Dothraki hair/beard style. Everybody looks either like Drogo or Rakharo. Now, there is only one Drogo and no random new khal can ever replace him, so stop being a copy cat. But they were hilarious. The blood riders, the wives, Moro, that was good dialogue. What is funny about the scene is that Moro believes her without any further questions that she was Drogo's wife. Now, Moro=/=Jhaqo it would seem, so he doesn't know her, and if he doesn't know her, why would he believe that? We'll see what happens. Emilia was great. Arya was a bit repetitive, but it's nice to see both Sophie and Maisie grow into their acting after the awkward teenage years when their acting borderline sucked. I loved the Melisandre scene, it was beautiful, meaningful, powerful. Absolutely great ending. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the pacing and the structure of the episode, there were bits and bobs I disliked and of course Dorne was quite a fiasco, but I enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for more. Footnote: I really hoped for a closure about Stannis. Off screen death is no death, especially on Game of Thrones where sometimes even on screen death isn't death either. Is he surely 100% finished? Evil Footnote: I wonder how many of those 49 people voted 1 just to hate on the show... Not that it's any of my business. Exactly it's clear trolling and likely they are doing it just out of blind hatred because it's spoiling the books in their eyes. If people are genuinely unable to provide a balanced view why don't they just say nothing and stick to other sub-sections. This site used to be great, sure there was some criticism but now it's becoming a ghost town where only trolls dwell with a few odd exceptions. As an aside a lot press and reviews are describing the red women as potentially the best of any opening episode so far, hardly reflective of 20% of viewers thinking it deserves 1 out of 10.
  11. I would agree with this and I thought it was a good episode, it was clearly neither a 1 or a 10.
  12. Only watched it once but I thought it was really good with one notable exception (Dorne which felt rushed and completely out of place). Clearly a lot of stuff from Winds of Winter there and those points were very good (the wall/Dany with Dothraki). Shame on the trolls voting with low scores.
  13. Just to give some perspective as this board has a tendency to be overly negative towards the show (largely from legacy book readers), I read the twitter comments here in the UK as the show aired live (I woke up and watched in line with the US) last night. Almost all the comments were extremely positive before and after even if there was extreme shock to the 'deaths'. Having watched the episode twice now how anyone can score it is as one is just reflects there dislike for their show and I suspect they now trolling. I scored it as eight myself because it hard hitting TV.
  14. OK I get it you are a big Dany fan and I am not, you may be right and I may be wrong, I'm not looking to argue:-) I will only say that I've read the books, watched the show and read this forum for the last three years. Everything I've seen and read gives me the impression that Dany is an anti-hero has a spoilt brat over sense of her own worth and will likely suffer a big fall towards the end of the series. Every character who has died has been built up to achieve something then fallen towards the last hurdle I see absolutely no reason why Dany would be different especially if Jon truly dies - a character with far more foreshadowing.
  15. I don't see Dany facing Stannis or anyone, she is being set-up for a big fall that much is obvious and most likely soon after arriving in Westeros.
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