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    ---Ken Brown, Knight of the Cheesesteak and City of Bayonne

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  1. Ser Knight Somerville

    DUBLIN 2019: An Irish Worldcon August 15-19 2019

    For what it's worth, my hotel reservation is to leave Dublin for Belfast on the 21st.
  2. Ser Knight Somerville


    Still a bunch of open slots. Volunteer before they are gone.
  3. Ser Knight Somerville

    Worldcon San Jose, California: August 16-20, 2018

    Likely not since the FB page is very active. This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=brotherhood without banners%2Fsan jose 2018
  4. The incident took place not in Newark, the State's largest city, but rather in the NJ State Capitol, Trenton, 50 miles to the southwest of Newark. As others have posted, the incident was related to a gang dispute, and immediately followed several instances of persons engaging in fights. Shooting incidents are sadly common in Trenton. The person who died was shot by police, and had not only an illegal type of gun but had been released a few months ago from prison after incarceration for many years after conviction of murder and other crimes. A follow-up news report can be read here: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/06/trenton_shooting_suspected_gunman_killed_at_art_al.html#incart_most_shared-news
  5. Ser Knight Somerville

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    Not too many questions. In the USA, an entity registers the desired trademark with the federal administrative agency that administers the trademark process. That's the short answer. Here are the details, probably a lot more than most would want to know, at the federal government agency's site: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-getting-started/trademark-basics
  6. Ser Knight Somerville

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    I strongly suspect that the Disney lawsuit was based primarily on trademark, not copyright. Those are two different things. In the USA, unlike copyright, trademarks are of unlimited duration and can be lost by the trademark owner failing to enforce its rights. A classic law school example of this is the trampoline, i.e., the jumping device. "Trampoline" was the trademark of the original manufacturer and marketer of the device and others eventually began to use the term trampoline for their similar products. The trampoline trademark owner failed to take legal action for a long time and when it finally did litigate, was found by the courts to have lost the trademark due to inaction.
  7. Ser Knight Somerville

    Worldcon San Jose, California: August 16-20, 2018

    Dave, (and BEX) thanks for the heads up. :-) Just booked it. 12 places left. ---Ken
  8. Ser Knight Somerville

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Why, the "George R.R. Martini" of course. George's theater in Santa Fe, NM won the best Cocktail of the Year for 2018.   :-)  
  9. Ser Knight Somerville

    Screw the banks

    Advice from the State of New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance, the state regulator. http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/division_consumers/finance/consumeralert_servicecharge.htm
  10. Ser Knight Somerville

    Careerchat II

    Suggest that your CV reference state something along the lines of "Translated Chapters x,y, z in [name of publication] to expedite the work for the primary translator." Retain any proof of your efforts in the event a potential client or employer asks for additional details.
  11. Ser Knight Somerville

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    >>>" Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. "<<< As well as blacks, Roman Catholics and Jews. Conveniently omitted the primary targets. My mother once told me she remembered seeing the hooded Klan march in the Memorial Day Parade in Bayonne, New Jersey around the mid-1920s when she was a little girl of about 7. Scared the heck out of her and probably most of the other kids.
  12. Ser Knight Somerville

    Why do those "smart speaker" thingies exist?

    She said to me: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. I'm not Hal and we're not in space."
  13. Ser Knight Somerville

    U.S. Politics: The Flood Shall Wash Away The Cobbs

    Interesting question. Without researching, this is how I would answer: Double jeopardy attaches when a defendant is tried for a crime by the judiciary, and in the case of more serious crimes with the right to demand a jury trial. Therefore, I opine that it is not double jeopardy, and an official removed from office by the impeachment process would be susceptible to indictment by a grand jury and trial before judge and jury. That said, with precedent of any sort lacking in the USA, I would expect the question to be decided by the US Supreme Court after indictment but before trial.
  14. Ser Knight Somerville


    Lurk ---> post. Great! Welcome!
  15. Ser Knight Somerville

    HBO Confirms 2019 for Final Season

    If the reports of April next year as the commencement of the final season are correct, about 40% of the wait has already elapsed. So it's getting closer by the day . . . Less than a year to go.