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  1. WIthout "fat pink mast" this was a 1/10.

    Seriously, this was the best of the season - though in all honesty that isn't saying much.

    Not getting rid of Bronn (yet at least) - good call.

    Aemon's death process/calling to Egg - well done.

    Gilly attempted rape scene - could have done without it.

    Fat pink mast - ok, so I did somehow want them to work that in (no pun intended) but the "oh my" almost made up for it.

    Stannis showing what he stands for...and why he can be frustrating - straight ahead, move forward!

    Myrcella showing that distance from Cersei does increase IQ.

    Jorah was a little hamfisted, but I liked how it worked. The choreography of the fight scenes recently has seemed to be lacking.

    Tyrion introducing himself...win.

    Cersei thinking she is smarter than she really is. Win.

    I'm not sure this is as strong a 9/10 as prior seasons have been, but definitely for this season it was as much better.

    nevermind sorry

  2. This might be a bit of a crackpot theory, but I've been thinking about the Faceless Men and the religion of R’hllor. What if they were hired to execute the prophecies or support Melisandre's "magic" for example killing off Balon Greyjoy? Melisandre sorts Stannis out with a glowing sword, it's not something he went off and did by himself or by accident, so I don't think it's far fetched that they/Melisandre would be trying to make certain prophecies happen. I'm sure the religion of R'hllor has money, or maybe even more out there has converted one of the FM to their cause.

    Melisandre doesn't have the resources to pull out some thing like that.

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