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  1. Hello all :smug: I've been lurking around for a few months and decided to join the forum as I am currently on vacation. Usually I go to boarding school so I'm not that much on the internet. I'm from Croatia. I started reading ASoIaF last year and loved it. I'm currently on a reread (AFFC) and I understand a lot more than I did on my first read. I don't seem to like reading the usual stuff I used to read prior to ASoIaF because everything else seems so predictable and boring compared to it. Of course, I have also seen the first 3 seasons of GoT and didn't like the changes that were made in the show. I've seen only some scenes from s4 and it seems to me there are spoilers to come so I don't think I'll be watching the series anymore. I haven't read Dunk and Egg series and novellas as the only available version is in Croatian, and I read all the books in English so I think it would sort of ruin the experience. My favourite books are ofc ASoS and AGoT, but despite the hate, I actually enjoy AFfC on my reread, and hope that ADwD will be like that as well. My favourite characters are Arya, Bran, Theon, Sansa and Dany. I like this forum because here are so many theories and that's probably the best part of waiting for the next book (if there is any good part of that). So, looking forward to discuss the books and so on. :cool4:
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