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  1. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    Why do some people like a character, but other people hate a character?

    I would say because it’s a book. Some people find it interesting to read into thoughts of different characters, and some find the like of Tywin Euron and others fascinating.
  2. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    Skill at arms and practice amongst the Lords Paramount and sons

    Why don’t you think Renly has martial skills? Did you not read the book? He’s said to enjoy tournaments and hunting. He’s also supposed to look as King Robert did in his youth. About 6 1/2 feet tall and at least 230-250 pounds. I would just hazard a guess that you make you ideas about Renly from the show and not the book.
  3. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    The good and the bad

    It’s been a lot of fun watching the World Cup, and I’m someone who loves sports, so I like how competitive it’s been. My only problem is the officiating being wildly inconsistent. From hand balls (inadvertent or deliberate) to tackles getting changed in review, going both ways. I know it’s hard to ref from experience (not soccer but other sports) how hard it is, but this is the world stage and it’s just outrageous the way things have gone. Anyone else have any thoughts? Agree or disagree
  4. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    Best team not to advance

    I hate Germany but that’s my vote. Morocco and Nigeria are not on let level.
  5. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    What if Robert Baratheon did not accept Jaime into his kingsguard?

    Ok, no need to overthink this. You can only take two ways. Jamie (15 year old)won’t take the black, he just saved the city(also might not admit the truth). Robert can pardon him or chop his head off. But he found a significantly easier take over of Kong’s landing thanks to Tywin/Jaime. Politically you have to let it slide or wipe the Lannisters out.
  6. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    Questioning the first Greyjoy rebellion

    I really wish we knew how it all went down time wise. Mostly how Stannis could sail the royal fleet from either Kings landing or Dragon Stone and get to fair isle. That would have to take months. did Vic and Euron just chill after sacking Lanisport. Or did the iron fleet then sail north past fair isle to Sea guard to get turned back by the Mallisters, to sail south again and get stuck in the strait?
  7. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    Can we at least get a general consensus that in a settled time (let’s say 288 ac, one year prior to Balons rebellion) that no single region could pose a substantial threat to the North beyond small raids. I’m also not sure if anyone metioned whatever Dunk says in I think the mystery knight. that the iron born are raiding the north, so maybe we will see some first hand in 10-15 years
  8. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    if your not thinking of the show and the books as two totally different things now then its time to start.
  9. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Sub Zero do you think Stannis tells Selyse how much he loves her all the time?
  10. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    seems like the books don't have much to do with what is going on now.
  11. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    I don't understand why everyone loves this Stannis and Shireen scene. Stannis would never say that stuff, he never even talks to Shireen.
  12. Michael Stark thenewwolf

    How would you rate episode 504?

    Its hard for me to put to words how bad I feel about the down turn of the show.