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  1. Was it you who deleted all my posts in the Bechdel test thread?  If so, could you please explain why?

    Thank you.

    1. ChillyPolly


      Okay.  Don't explain.  I'll just draw my own conclusions.  You're an almight Mod, and I'm a peon.  Just treat me like the scum you clearly think I am. 

      I'll continue to post a while, if you don't mind, and watch and see which posts get deleted.  Inevitably, if it continues, I'll get tired of that and stop posting.  And perhaps I shall conclude that was precisely your intent.

  2. So you agree with me that they are setup chapters. I never said it was a "bad thing". That was entirely your invention. You are in full agreement with what I actually said. Yes?
  3. Actually, I just said "setup". You seem to agree with me.
  4. There is a possible aspect to this that I have not seen mentioned. It's not merely that LF understands the law of supply and demand and nobody else does. It's not merely that LF realizes that winter is coming and nobody else does. I presume there are plenty of other merchants in the Vale who realize and understand these things. I think LF may realize that more war and destruction are coming. Hence, he anticipates reduced supply beyond that which other merchants anticipate.
  5. I think that's mostly just me arguing for UnBrienne. Her shouting "sword" cuts both ways. Your theory is that it sets up her getting cut down and surviving. My theory is that it sets up yet another subplot about the Red God's revenants being driven by their oaths. The reasons for her looking like shit can cut both ways as well, obviously. Your theory is that her oath to kill Jaime is making her miserable; my theory is that her loss of humanity make her apparent intentions more plausible. But it does not much matter for our purposes. Alive or undead, we have this whole unresolved subplot about her hunt for Sansa, nothing stops her from appearing at Sansa's tournament in a guise we won't necessarily recognize. Nothing stops her from appearing in the guise of a man. Very little prevents her from appearing in the guise of "the Hound". She was last seen in the vicinity of Sandor's old helm, and then using false tales of Sandor to deceive Jaime.
  6. I think a lot of people underestimate the skill required to take on multiple opponents at a time and win. That really is a remarkable achievement, even when the opponents are significantly inferior in skill.
  7. I think you're wrong about the "taller" part. Brienne is about 6'8" or 6'9" (4" taller than Renly who in turn is nearly as tall as Robert who is 6'6"). Unless I missed something, I don't think we have any indication that Rorge is nearly that tall.
  8. No. I'm not interested in a "who is better" argument. Sorry. I merely said that Brienne was a top-tier fighter ... one who could show up at a tournament and plausibly make a good showing. Yes, I know you REALLY REALLY want to think that your man Jaime is better, but I don't care if he is or not, and I don't think the books resolve the issue. Brienne is VERY VERY good. She is good enough to be accepted into Renly's kingsguard despite her sex. She is someone who can plausibly go toe-to-toe with other top-tier fighters, and possibly even beat them. Whether she defeats them or not will depend on circumstances (whether "unfair" or not), and the circumstances are up to GRRM. Brienne never fought Sandor at all. The only "Hound" she ever fought was Rorge. You are confusing the books with the show.
  9. (1) This is fantasy. Jaime may get himself a new hand. This has already been set up with: the healing of his hand by the occultist Qyburn; him receiving hand made of gold (but not animated ... yet); his rejection of the Faith of the Seven because they would not give him a new hand; the prophesy of the valonqar strangling Cersei with its HANDS; Bonifers warning to Jaime about revenants; and his rendezvous with the forces of darkness in the form of the revenant UnBrienne. (2) Brienne is obviously a top tier fighter. I don't see the point of quibbling about how many other top-tier fighters we have observed her defeat first hand. One (Loras) is enough to prove this. And when she fought Jaime they were BOTH at a disadvantage, seeing as she was trying NOT to kill him. (3) Right. Sandor hasn't been mentioned since he was last mentioned .... yet. I don't think this means his arc is over. (4) No, we don't know that Brienne is "alive" in the full and proper sense. I think she is now a revenant and a monster. But that won't necessarily prevent her from showing up at a tournament.
  10. LS did use the term "kingslayer". The word Brienne shouted ("sword") represented the oath LS demanded of her ("take the sword and kill the kingslayer"). And yes, this does echo her earlier oath to take a different sword (Renly's) and kill a different kingslayer (Stannis).
  11. I not sure why we should assume the dagger detail will be significant. I mean, if Harry is going to die, how do you know he will not be strangled to death with Myrrish lace?
  12. You're getting too far ahead of me. I'm willing to consider the possibility that Harry may die at the tournament ... but anything beyond that - such as the weapon used and who-if-anyone gets framed for the killing - is just too much speculation. Unless you know something I don't.
  13. My suspicion is that Loras and his magician relatives are involved in a scheme to wake stone dragons (ie. cure dragons preserved in a state of advanced greyscale) with the aid of blood magic and human sacrifice. But I expect they will have nothing to do with the Vale for a while. But that's just a theory. Since I really have no idea what Loras is up to, and since I think he is probably up to something, I really cannot rule out the possibility that he will turn up in the Vale.
  14. Dunno what you mean by "fall guy". But all the recently-introduced minor characters currently being set up as favorites (Lyn Corbray, et al) are probably going to go down in flames before it is all done.
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