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    South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    I'm not sure if you can watch the season 19 mini-commentary on South Park studios website but it's pretty interesting and awesome. I've always picked up the DVD's for the mini commentary over the years, in this one they did the entire season as a 15 to 20 minute track all at once and discussed the decision to allow the town / characters to have a memory and go to a serialized story / season arc after 18 years of the show which has allowed them to tell some different kinds of stories. They mentioned in the commentary they signed a deal with Comedy Central for I think 5 more years, so I'm glad to hear that.
  2. If they do eventually tie Fear in with the original series, I think Nick will be a significant part in that transition. Wihtout adding lots of spoilers, the way he's learned to move with and use the walkers to a tactical advantage reminds me quite a bit of things that are happening in the Walking Dead storyline
  3. Ghadrack

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I have been doing some work for my mom at her house the past few weeks and she offered to make dinner the other night and asked what I wanted. I asked her to make Tuna Casserole, I haven't had it in nearly 30 years, she was utterly shocked, she used to make it when I was a kid and we were living in pretty poor circumstances and never thought I'd want to see the stuff again, I had it for dinner last night and it tasted wonderful, I can't wait to get home and heat up some leftovers