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  1. It would lend some irony to Jon's repeated insistence that Val isn't a princess. Certainly present another opportunity for someone to remind him he knows nothing.
  2. Pretty cool. Lots of ties between Cat and Masha (especially in death) as well so we it appears that we see the whole female side of the Stark family represented at the crossroads at various times.
  3. I agree 100%. DS9 is my favorite of the 90s era trek, but Season 7 goes off the rails with those Pa Wraiths and the whole Ducat undercover as a Bjorn storyline. Really hurt the finale for me, but the highs of DS9 still outweigh the lows imho. Of al the shows they bring back from the dead, this is the one I would like to see more of.
  4. You know after my most recent pass through Fire and Blood I suspect that the 'blood of the dragon' or the targ gene or what have you is in the female side of the line not the male, I don't even see any evidence that contradicts the theory that Aegon the Conqueror could have even infertile. Rhaenyra's blood was why the Strong's dragons hatched. Laenor or Harwin had nothing to do with it... If you look at the Targ marriages outside of the line - Valeryons, Baratheons, Martels a targ woman was married into that clan and then her daughter was married back into the Targs. Everything got sloppy after the Lysene Spring though. It would be interesting to try and rewrite the whole Targ bloodline matrilinearilly (?) and see what's hidden. Anyway, to get back on topic, it wouldn't seem inconsistent if Dany's being a woman was relevant to the rebirth of dragons given that whatever affinity exists between Targaryens and dragons seems to be carried in the Targ women. If this is true it may add another layer to Illyrio's 'The Blackfyre's are all dead in the male line' bit since the male line was only carrying the name Blackfyre, not anything essentially Targaryen. There were 3 dragons hatched, perhaps 3 lives were sacrificed? I count MMD, Rhaego and possibly Dany herself, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not she died in that fire. In retrospect, she probably shouldn't have snuffed out Drogo and saved him for the sacrifice, but she was operating without instructions and she probably didn't see any value in immolating him alive at the time. Anyway I'm pretty sure that Dany and the Pyre are another thread or 200 in here somewhere.
  5. These are good questions. I could only guess that it would be harder for Maesters to do their real work if they were supported by armed guards, they would certainly not be allowed the same freedoms and confidences that they enjoy with an armed shadow and if they have a greater agenda than just providing a communication net and some knowledge to the lords of westeros these armed guards would be counterproductive - except of course when someone came to kill a maester. So in a round about way it may be that the vulnerability of the maesters is part of their cover.
  6. Dany is the dayman, fighter of the nightman, champion of the sun, but Bran can't be no nightman. Melisandre sees him and identifies him as an agent of the great other. Right there is all the proof that Bran isn't an agent of the other (or the great other himself) that I need. She just don't see straight. I'm not going to dispute that she sees things in her flames, she does. That doesn't mean that there's a Rh'llor or great other any more than successful CPR proves that there's a drowned god and a storm god. This whole 'us and them' lens she's seeing though is based on a faulty premise and she's assigning roles based upon that mistake. I'll believe that Bran is the great other when it's conclusively demonstrated that Stannis is Azor Ahai.
  7. I don't think that Ramsey Bolton is the first Bolton to claim dominion of Winterfell yet it remains a 'Stark place'. How many Kings of Winter are locked up in the basement? 3-500? more? Does the heart tree recognize the changing of hands? How many of the Northmen, like Manderly are 'eating all of this excrement and praising its taste' while planning betrayal and never actually acknowledging that Roose or Ramsey are the rightful lord of Winterfell? If the right of conquest is enough, then why the BS with Jeyne Poole? Who is the arbiter of guest rights? Who acknowledges a host's dominion? Who is going to see them enforced and who is going to justify ignoring them after the fact? If all of Mance's actions ultimately result in the return of a Stark to Winterfell as lord or king, then wont they be seen as restoring Winterfell to its rightful owners? I think there's more to possession in this instance than just 'fast and loose fish', and I think Roose does too which is why he spends so much effort on appearances. It's lipstick on a pig though, Winterfell isn't his home and he's not the host, he's a thief.
  8. Well one of the good things about chatting about a book that people have been waiting forever for is that all of these conversations have been had before. I just went looking for the quote and found this whole post on your premise. Relevant quotes are there as well. Maybe something to it, I think the mutt's dead, but the guy makes a pretty strong case for 'maybe not' LOL tried to post just the link but it looks like it's all right here.
  9. Didn't Jon or Bran know through their wolf that Greywind was dead?
  10. I think he is an incredibly brutal character. his speech to Kev while he's lying on the floor bleeding out is the height of narcissism. Keven doesn't care about AegonVI anymore, he probably just wants a glass of water. I get that that speech was more for us than the regent, but come on. Finish him off already, you sadist. He's in no position to judge your confession.
  11. Probably the most reasonable explanation if a little depressing. I wonder what they do with all of those tongues
  12. As a Faceless Man Jaqen's god would be the many faced god not Rh'llor. I think Martin rationalized this once as Jaquen had jut about been burned to death, but I don't really recall now.
  13. I like your take. So do you figure that bit between V and I was a stub that wasn't subsequently edited or corrected like Jaqen and his 'red god'? I sort of treat it like something I wasn't really supposed to read but I always wonder when I cross it if I'm just pretending away all of these mutilations because I don't want them to be there.
  14. Fair enough. I kind of think the same thing, they were given the ending but they had to make their own way there and they just plain botched the journey. Arya and Gendry would be an interesting way of seeing Robert and Ned's original plan to join their houses, especially if Queen Dany gives Gendry Storm's End ( I don't know, that whole part of the show was just reeking of fanfic) or by some other agent Gendry is made Baratheon. That line always stuck out for me though (maybe that says more about me than Gendry?)
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