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  1. If I were a legitimate son of Brynden Rivers I might just take Bloodraven as my family name.
  2. Petyr's spelled out his plans to Sansa for Sweetrobin's eventual demise, so it's probably fair to say that he'll outlive both of them. Nothing ever seems to happen the way it's foretold.
  3. Without the dragons there wouldn't have been the motivation to engineer the Dance. Wouldn't have started.
  4. Maybe Robert's Rebellion and it's consequent ruin of the kingdoms is the divine retribution upon Westeros for kneeling to the Dragon in the first place. It's hard to look at the mess of Westeros and suss out how things should be. Having a Targ on the throne didn't fix the seasons though, so whatever 'god' was watching wasn't visibly impressed by the Conquest.
  5. Ser Alester could go all Greatjon on Jon (if Jon is somehow legitimate) when he finds out that he's Rhaegar's heir. It would be an amusing turn of events. I don't think Jon would do him favours though or return him from the wall.
  6. I want to see more of the Citadel and read more about its role in the Dance. If they have the only copy of the Death of Dragons squirreled away in a basement there's got to be some secrets in there that they believe worth preserving, but never sharing. A confession? An accusation? Are the Targs really special? Is it just an affinity for dragons or is there something deeper? Was a major mistake made in the time of Aegon the Unworthy, or perhaps in the Dance? The seed of a dragon doesn't necessarily know the Westerosi rules of succession and those Blackfyres have to be there for... something... (recent threads have me doubting Faegon a bit) I want to see Kingsblood used in blood magic and I want to see regular folks' used as well. I want to know what magic accepts as a king. Does an Ironborn captain on his ship have blood as potent as a king's? Is the blood of an unknown royal bastard magic or does someone need to acknowledge a person as King for some transformation to take place? Is the whole kingsblood idea just a dupe to help bloodmages coerce otherwise good people into handing over sacrifices? How many more absurd psychotic jawdropping chapters from Victarion are we going to witness before Euron's use for him is exhausted? Yeah, and Dany and Jon and Arya and all of that too.
  7. I don't think we can close the book on Dany's skill as a leader until we see the manner in which she leaves Slaver's Bay and the state of the place when she leaves it. So far she's accomplished little in Mereen other than occupying the city and then being manipulated by its citizens.
  8. Arya doing it would be tragic too. Could she end up in a position to do it? Would she knowingly do it? I don't think the girl we know today would but who knows how the next novel and a half might change her? Euron seems like a candidate too, but as much as I think he would want to, I think that if it comes up he would be stopped. He's already a horrible person, so's Cersei, and I just don't think there's a lot of payoff by having a horrible person do horrible things. Having one of the 'good guys' go that dark though... that can be some strong stuff.
  9. Tyrion. Based on where and how we see him last and his comments at his trial. Part of him would enjoy it, part of him would see it as justice and I think the rest of him would see the horror of what he'd done about as soon as he did it. I don't have the handle on the next two books that some people do but he just seems to be getting darker and angrier and more prone to casual murder. Sometimes I think that something will happen to Penny and it will push him over the edge, but I wonder too if he won't go over the edge first and kill her himself. I suspect that either way, once she's done there won't be left any of the loveable dwarf from Game and Clash. It would be such a tragic point for so many of us who have followed the character for years, an ultimate betrayal of his victory over Stannis. I don't think anyone else pulling it off could have the same emotional impact for us readers. Maybe Dany, but that's just so obvious any two dimwits with a camera crew and a license could have come up with it, so I suspect that George will us hit with something a little punchier.
  10. I don't know how many people out there 'want' Bran to be ruler. Bran's actor from the show as well as Dumb and Dumber have confirmed that this came from the horse's mouth. Maybe George will change his mind, maybe he'll never finish the book, but the word out there that Bran will be king comes from him first. I just hope that by the time it happens it makes sense.
  11. That's just the sort of character that he's killed off in the past though, isn't it? Ned, Robert, Robb, Tywin, Oberon all had implied storylines attached to them and a clear roadmap forward (maybe not Robert) when they were snuffed from the plot.
  12. Varys' motives are very difficult to pin down if Aegon isn't a Blackfire. That tv claptrap about being Westeros' first SJW doesn't pass the sniff test and given his switching loyalties BF conspirator is the only conceivable piece that fits (he hasn't betrayed them that we can see anyway). My memory is a little fuzzy around Clash of Kings. What was the Undying's apparent plan for Dany at the time she had those visions? They wanted to keep her there as some sort of prisoner/ vessel right? I would expect that if the visions Dany had were deliberate manipulations sent by them that she would have seen a Westeros that was just fine without her intervention -maybe because Aegon VI was carrying the ball. I don't think a deliberate wedge between Aegon and Dany would be the solution for them, especially if their plan was that Dany would never leave Qarth. Quaithe is obviously Benjen Stark (ne Rhaego) the time travelling Faceless Man who built the Wall so her motives are much clearer.
  13. I'm not certain that Ramsay knows it's a lie already but it's likely that he does. Roose knows, Barbrey knows. Roose is colder than all of us so I don't think that Theon or Jeyne would even be hurt if Theon told the truth (which would make it obvious that Theon was right), but the person or people he told would be done away with. People he told would deduce this and wouldn't be able to deny and disavow Theon's calumny fast enough despite what they may have suspected themselves. Ultimately I believe the wedding would have happened the same way, perhaps with a few less witnesses. If Theon had spoken up, smart people with self interest would have stuck their fingers in their ears.
  14. Last one: Alliser Thorne will survive in the North and when he learns of Jon's true identity will do an about face and become one of his biggest boosters. He may witness something magical along the way which sways him a bit, but he will be loyal to Rhaegar's son - and of course Jon will accept him.
  15. Here's a double: pt.1 Salt and smoke doesn't refer to a place, but to a condition. We see salt used to illustrate proximity and family (salt wives, above the salt/ below the salt, eating host's salt and bread confirm hospitality rights, ect) and smoke is as obfuscating in Westeros as it is here. it hides the truth. pt2. Jon, Dany and Tyrion all meet this criteria due to the lies about their parentage: R+L=J, B+R=D and A+J=T. Voila, the 3 headed prince that was promised.
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