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  1. I agree 100%. DS9 is my favorite of the 90s era trek, but Season 7 goes off the rails with those Pa Wraiths and the whole Ducat undercover as a Bjorn storyline. Really hurt the finale for me, but the highs of DS9 still outweigh the lows imho. Of al the shows they bring back from the dead, this is the one I would like to see more of.
  2. You know after my most recent pass through Fire and Blood I suspect that the 'blood of the dragon' or the targ gene or what have you is in the female side of the line not the male, I don't even see any evidence that contradicts the theory that Aegon the Conqueror could have even infertile. Rhaenyra's blood was why the Strong's dragons hatched. Laenor or Harwin had nothing to do with it... If you look at the Targ marriages outside of the line - Valeryons, Baratheons, Martels a targ woman was married into that clan and then her daughter was married back into the Targs. Everything got sloppy after the Lysene Spring though. It would be interesting to try and rewrite the whole Targ bloodline matrilinearilly (?) and see what's hidden. Anyway, to get back on topic, it wouldn't seem inconsistent if Dany's being a woman was relevant to the rebirth of dragons given that whatever affinity exists between Targaryens and dragons seems to be carried in the Targ women. If this is true it may add another layer to Illyrio's 'The Blackfyre's are all dead in the male line' bit since the male line was only carrying the name Blackfyre, not anything essentially Targaryen. There were 3 dragons hatched, perhaps 3 lives were sacrificed? I count MMD, Rhaego and possibly Dany herself, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not she died in that fire. In retrospect, she probably shouldn't have snuffed out Drogo and saved him for the sacrifice, but she was operating without instructions and she probably didn't see any value in immolating him alive at the time. Anyway I'm pretty sure that Dany and the Pyre are another thread or 200 in here somewhere.
  3. These are good questions. I could only guess that it would be harder for Maesters to do their real work if they were supported by armed guards, they would certainly not be allowed the same freedoms and confidences that they enjoy with an armed shadow and if they have a greater agenda than just providing a communication net and some knowledge to the lords of westeros these armed guards would be counterproductive - except of course when someone came to kill a maester. So in a round about way it may be that the vulnerability of the maesters is part of their cover.
  4. I don't know how I'd end it. I wouldn't do half measures like tweaking season 8 though, everything after season 4 would have to be scrapped and rewritten, and we'd do Feast and Dance proper (3 seasons). Then we'd start looking at where this all ends.
  5. come to think of it I have no recollection of Arianne or Quentyn ever reminiscing about a scene in a godswood at any of their homes. you could be on to something.
  6. interesting. I'm going to try and hunt that down. question was prompted by all of the weirwood in the house of black and white. just trying to get a feel for how strange that is or isn't before I start reading far too much into it. thanks
  7. wierwoods appear to be native to Westeros. do we get any conformation of that or examples of weirwoods outside of Westeros? looked but never found.
  8. I think ultimately he'd be a troublesome king (which one wouldn't though?) but I would probably support Stannis. After he names an heir other than the dead girl of course. We don't need to do this again in 10 years.
  9. That whole thing couldn't have been deliberate, right? Greatjon couldn't have been manipulating Robb the whole time, right? I mean for all we know the 'dungeon' he's kept in is a manse across the water and he's retired and left winter and war all behind... Naaahhhhh....
  10. Arya doing it would be tragic too. Could she end up in a position to do it? Would she knowingly do it? I don't think the girl we know today would but who knows how the next novel and a half might change her? Euron seems like a candidate too, but as much as I think he would want to, I think that if it comes up he would be stopped. He's already a horrible person, so's Cersei, and I just don't think there's a lot of payoff by having a horrible person do horrible things. Having one of the 'good guys' go that dark though... that can be some strong stuff.
  11. Tyrion. Based on where and how we see him last and his comments at his trial. Part of him would enjoy it, part of him would see it as justice and I think the rest of him would see the horror of what he'd done about as soon as he did it. I don't have the handle on the next two books that some people do but he just seems to be getting darker and angrier and more prone to casual murder. Sometimes I think that something will happen to Penny and it will push him over the edge, but I wonder too if he won't go over the edge first and kill her himself. I suspect that either way, once she's done there won't be left any of the loveable dwarf from Game and Clash. It would be such a tragic point for so many of us who have followed the character for years, an ultimate betrayal of his victory over Stannis. I don't think anyone else pulling it off could have the same emotional impact for us readers. Maybe Dany, but that's just so obvious any two dimwits with a camera crew and a license could have come up with it, so I suspect that George will us hit with something a little punchier.
  12. Last one: Alliser Thorne will survive in the North and when he learns of Jon's true identity will do an about face and become one of his biggest boosters. He may witness something magical along the way which sways him a bit, but he will be loyal to Rhaegar's son - and of course Jon will accept him.
  13. Here's a double: pt.1 Salt and smoke doesn't refer to a place, but to a condition. We see salt used to illustrate proximity and family (salt wives, above the salt/ below the salt, eating host's salt and bread confirm hospitality rights, ect) and smoke is as obfuscating in Westeros as it is here. it hides the truth. pt2. Jon, Dany and Tyrion all meet this criteria due to the lies about their parentage: R+L=J, B+R=D and A+J=T. Voila, the 3 headed prince that was promised.
  14. Jojen paste is real, Bran eats Meera too just because he's learned to like the taste
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