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  1. Jay21

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    I think to this point we have a deliberately incomplete picture of the man. We know a lot of his actions, but we know very little of his actual motives. We also don't know what he knew, or thought he knew, so it's difficult for us to square things like the betrayal of his wife with this idea of a chivalrous noble's noble. Was he off chasing prophesy with his his prick bitten off, or were his actions, perhaps even up unto and including his fall at the Ruby Ford part of a plan? I think that most of what can be gleaned from the published books has been analyzed to exhaustion and any real answers will come with more revelations in future books.
  2. Maybe if he survived he would have faked his death and made his way to the wall and joined the NW under an assumed name to keep an eye on his wee bairn being raised by an uncle Rhaegar only half trusts.
  3. Jay21

    What if Robb knew Arya Escaped KL?

    If things were different they would definitely not be the same.
  4. Jay21

    Why isn’t House Hightower more important?

    I think that they are involved. None of our POV's are privy to their actions though and they are choosing to appear to be unimportant right now, but they are too powerful (even if distracted or addled or whatever's going on upstairs in the tower) to be as much on the outside looking in as they seem.
  5. Jay21

    ASOIAF Themes: the Rebirth of Magic

    Hey, you read that computer generated ending they did up a few years ago didn't you?
  6. Jay21

    Endgame for the Kettleblacks?

    Every time I read the name Kettleblack the wee voice in my head says 'the pot calls the kettle black'. I can't help but thinking that they're going to miss something really important because they're sitting around on the couch blowing spliffs while something really important that they're supposed to be a part of unfolds outside.
  7. I spend the long cold march rereading Cantuse' Nightlamp Theory and exectute pretty much as written. I'm not inventing any wheels today.
  8. Jay21

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    It's gone so far past ridiculous that it's a miracle that there's still an audience for Winds. And then we're going to do this all over again for DoS? SMH. I wish I never picked up the book Game of Thrones. I might have enjoyed the last 4 seasons of the TV show and I would have moved on to other things years ago. No matter how good Winds is, it's going to be over in a week or so and then right back to estimates and graphs and New Years mea culpas and on and on and on just so we can see Stannis actually burn Shireen and Bran crowned Bran the Broken and Jon killing Dany and whathaveyou. Yeah, I wish I never picked up Game of Thrones. Great book though.
  9. Jay21

    Best incredibly minor character

    I love Nimble Dick. When people are moaning about Feasts I always have to bring this guy up. One of the great secondary characters in the series.
  10. Jay21

    Best incredibly minor character

    Guy named Shitmouth
  11. Golden Hand the just I think that the fact that that goofball Daario seems so strong is that they needlessly killed the better characters (and actors) around him. Selmy should have been making those calls in the aftermath of Dany's Neverending Story not that guy. And I thought that the original actor looked more the part- this guy's kind of plain.
  12. I'll give it a 7. it was as good as any episode this season, but that's about it. I would say though that Cercei's walk of shame was magnificent. It would have been nice if they had done that in a different episode so that it wasn't upstaged by all of the deaths in the finale. I sort of get giving Brienne the chance to avenge Renley, but since they were clearly writing their own script on that one I would rather have seen Stannis shake his head at Queen Sylese' hanging body and then run and found and strangled Mel before facing his own end. I'm sure HBO's narrative could have handled killing her off and sliding up Moqorro or Thoros or just making up a new priestess. Arya/ Trant was fun in a revenge porn sort of way, but I thought that they would have jumped ahead to the end of Arya's time with the god of many faces not just blinded her for her transgression. We all know that she's coming back to Westeros with Needle and a thirst for blood. So there's no point in dragging out a meaningless storyline. I really didn't like the way they left Tyrion and Varys in charge of Mereen. We know that V has an important date back at King's landing, but the whole thing was too neat and easy. Darrio and Mormont say that T+V are in charge of the city so that's what goes? Whatever. That scene between Jamie and Marcella was starting to get creepy when her nose bled, so thank goodness for that. Still, I thought that Cercei's children were all supposed to be crowned before their deaths according to Magy. That Eleria Sand is a bloody poor loser in the TV show, Oberon made his own bed (in one of the most spectacular TV fights I've seen).
  13. Weird event though, maybe Connington will pass the Greyscale to Danny instead of Jorah. It's interesting that the only thing that the producers though about Con and Griff was important enough to include was Greyscale. It's also interesting that the only part of their journey that was important enough to include was Tyrion's massive greyscale exposure in Valerya (originally the Rhoyne). Mormont is uncharacteristically indifferent to Dany's protection in that last scene, but would he really be careless enough to pass such an affliction to her? I have been of the belief for sometime that Tyrion 'the gargoyle' has contracted and will begin to transmit greyscale (though I wouldn't be surprised if he's himself resistant - death comes out of the dragon's mouth it doesn't go in, and yes, I think Tyrion's a 1/2 targ) in the coming books and that the disease is more than a side story but will be somehow intrinsic to the story's ultimate resolution, but could it be Typhoid Dany not Typhoid Tyrion? Or will it be Typhoid Dany and Tyrion will be somehow involved in a cure?
  14. Wow you're really personally invested in these ratings, huh? I didn't vote it a 1, but I can understand people's (especially readers') frustration with where this season's horribly truncated storylines are going. There's a lot of pretty eye candy left, which makes the show enjoyable, but ignoring disappointment after disappointment when characters you wanted to see or storylines you enjoyed in the books are completely omitted in the mad quest to turn 2 massive books into 10 hour long episodes gets to be irritating.
  15. 7 as good as Hardhome and really as good as this season gets. I found the finale in the fighting pits to be underwhelming ( great special effects and all, I just thought that Danny and Miss standing there waiting for the axe - which you didn't have to read the books to know wasn't coming was kind of dumb and worse kind of boring). The rapprochement with Mormont was as awkward as it was perfunctory - and Tyrion, I don't recognise this character at all. WHERE DO WHORES GO!?! This little guy seems altogether too much at peace with himself and his lot. Despite those complaints I enjoyed watching the episode. The mood at the wall is perfect- you don't need to read the books to have an idea of how the next episode will end, it was all over Holly's face (that's the kid KW's name, right?). I don't much care for the way Ser Thorne is being portrayed since season 4, but the guy playing him does it amazingly. Perhaps that's the strength of the show (with the exception of Doctor Bashir) when the script and the story get weak the actors sell the Hell out of it. The whole Jamie and Bron in Dorne idiocy is only sustained by the strength of the two characters and some pretty pretty sandsnakes. Oh I almost forgot. Stannis torching his daughter was very difficult to stomach. Make that a 5 not a 7. Not because it was sensational and unnecessary but because it will be an unmendable rift between the King and his Hand. Without Ser Davos on one shoulder balancing Mel on the other Stannis is just a bad guy who's end is coming. With Davos around he sometimes appears to be the wronged man of destiny who will reclaim his rightful throne. A rift that wont heal between those two likely means that the character Stannis Baratheon is going to die sooner than later. I don't like the TV show telling me where the books are going.