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  1. Ice eyes (whatever his name was). It is stated that sometimes the Boltons 'wore the skins' of the Starks when they were weak, but somehow the Stark line remained and appears essentially unbroken. Roose is often defined by his pale eyes and it's the trait that he identified in Ramsay which convinced him not to 'throw him down a well'. So what I want to know is if any of the historical Starks were subverted/ skin changed by Boltons, and a guy named Ice Eyes seems like a good place to start looking.
  2. Maybe Sansa would have seen it on her way to tell the Queen about the Starks leaving Kingslanding... Hey, this could have been a 1 volume tale.
  3. Probably. It depends on at what point 'inbred' becomes 'horribly inbred'.
  4. I wonder what the process would have been had they decided to remodel. How would they have taken down the twisted towers, for example? Charges made with pressurized wildfire perhaps? fling stones at them with a trebuchet? Rent out a dragon from King Targ? Presumably the space to do a lot would have existed inside Harrenhal's walls, but I suspect that remodeling a castle is no small endeavor. How long did that curse give Harrenhal's various occupants? I wonder if any have died with plans to remodel that just hadn't been started yet. We're only talking about stone here, right? Given the Bolton's example in Winterfell I can't believe that some renovations and replacement of wooden structures took place as regularly as needed.
  5. Sansa would be tried and executed. Dontos would get the same treatment except that he would be killed before the trial, I would guess he wouldn't survive a single night in Cercei's custody with all of those Kettleblacks hanging around.
  6. He's a twisted little monkey demon. if you'll trust one of those, you'll trust anything. I don't think the term 'ableism' has been coined yet in Westeros, but it probably applies.
  7. 'Worst is first' Jamie's the Volanqar if anyone is. Honestly though, if her death is anything like her life, Cercei is going to be responsible for her own undoing. She doesn't need to be betrayed by some family member to get her just desserts and she's pre-emptively betrayed them all first anyway. btw. Does anyone living other than Cercei know the prophesy, did she tell Jamie about it?
  8. Jon and Cat on the same council would have made for some interesting minutes. Maybe his presence would have been enough to send Cat back to Winterfell instead of kibitzing Robb, but I don't think he would have had any insight or wisdom to offer in her stead.
  9. I think that Manderly has it. I believe that the resolution of Robb's argument with Cat wasn't spelled out because Robb actually heeded his mother's warnings against Jon and did not name him heir to the crown of the north but rather honoured Ned's original intent that the North would support Stannis' claim to the throne, possibly with Jon inheriting Winterfell, but the wording there could be open. Manderly is making deals with Stannis by way of Davos that he has no right to make on his own, eloquent as they are to read. He is either winging it and hoping that his heirs can square things up with their king after the fact ( I doubt he plans on surviving his visit to Winterfell - or at least isn't taking his survival for granted) or he is following a guideline such as Robb's will.
  10. I want it to be Tommen (all due respect to Lord Varys' disqualifications). I suspect when it's over and Cersei's actually dead (I'll totally miss her chapters, I hope her end comes late) there will be a couple of people who possibly qualify depending on how one looks at whatever events surround her death. Someone told me once that expecting things to unfold the way some person prophesised is a good way to get your prick bitten off - or something to that effect. Ultimately I believe that the person most responsible for the fall of Cersei Lannister will be Cersei herself no matter what roles these potential volonqars play.
  11. What is 'morally reprehensible' anyway? Tywin would probably be correct to assume that if Robb won at least one of his direct kin, if not most of them would end up killed. Whether he thought Rhaegar's children's fate was just or not he must have assumed that a similar fate would be visited upon his own grandchildren were the Lannisters violently cast down. So, how far is a father and grandfather justified in going to prevent the extinction o(r great humbling) of his family? I think he was perfectly justified and the notion of 'guest rights' and 'hospitality rights' are always going to take a back seat when the very lives of a person's children or grandchildren are at stake.
  12. Nimble Dick and the tales of Clarence Crabb are some of my favorite parts of the story. Does Victarion count? I understand if the POV chapters disqualify him, but it's not like he gets many. I appreciate Victarion the way I do Cercei's chapters. Not necessarily cheering for the guy, but I enjoy the insanity of his chapters.
  13. Wow. I never considered this. This is why I come to these forums. Sure you see the same things posted day in and day out, but sometimes you come across a really original idea like this one. I tell you, if you turn out to be right and Jon isn't Ned's son that could be huge.
  14. No I hate these books. I only spend time reading online about stuff I hate. I also buy tonnes of copies because I hate my friends and give them ones for every excuse I can find. I have a lot of money and a lot of friends so I may be the guy that's skewed those sales numbers you're looking at. Can you believe that they're making my idiot friends yet another hardcover illustrated edition of Storm of Swords? I can hardly wait... They're going to really hate that one., I mean they hated the original hardcover I sent them and didn't like any of the paperback editions (I'm gonna miss all of those TV show inspired covers) so I'm sure they'll go nuts over the pictures of people they don't read about.
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