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  1. Oh, I know. I just thought it may be interesting to include the coming Reach-involvement for speculations. Like, let's say, the twist may refer to a new Tyrell-someone alliance-by-marriage.
  2. Didn't George also complain the show did not mention the other Tyrell kids, cause they will be important in further stories?
  3. I totally agree with that. They changed his personality a lot, maybe cause there are´nt so many sexscene-suitable male characters left (rob had to earlier). My first intention when hearing of the missing greyjoy-arc was: But i´m sure we´ll see ALL the kettlebacks with Cersei. It seems i was wrong and it´s now Loras. Even so, that "we know he´s gay"-thing may be some kind of overreaction cause we are more used to sexualised women than men. I don´t remember many complainers when they changed Daarios first visit at night to another dany-boobs!-moment.
  4. I understand what´s your point, but i disagree. Of course, there have been many scenes emphasising his sexuality, and yes, his character is strongly reduced compared to the books. But so are many. And everyone will agree, that the show is WAY more sexually explicit than the books are (adding new naked prostitute-characters and changing the protagonists personalities). So, what´s my point? I have read many posts complaining about stuff like "to much guy butts this episode", whereas all the naked women showing everything seem to be quietly tolerated. Same with Lora. Why can´t there be a Tyrion-like (remember the whores in season 1) gay character, who answers his losses (Renly) and uncomfortable situation (Cersei) in a foolish way (indiscrete sex)? Loras is not one of the main characters (even they get not enough screentime), but hey, this is a storyarc, not "just him beeing gay". Remember, he also had a scene talking with Cersei. Properly dressed. So, while i widely agree with all the complains towards Loras, everone should check potential double moral standards. The show hungers for sex scenes, and others like Daario are also reduced in this way. We may be more familiar with him an Dany making out, because it was part of the books, but come on: The scene when he spoke of his past in the pits was about showing him naked. Ellaria was reduced to be the naked woman besides Oberyn. What was the purpose of Ros? :-D To come to an end: I am not a prude and i enjoy the show. We all will see more of Loras beeing gay, and (very propable) Loras getting problems because of beeing gay. Cause that is the way, the show works.
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