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  1. @devdame oh my god so jealous of your D&D games. i bought All the Books a few weeks ago and am in the process of getting a group together <3

  2. @badlydrawnhugz jrpg's forever

  3. RT @trevortimm: On the left: Trump's remarks on the Internet & free speech everyone is making fun of. On the right: Hillary Clinton https:…

  4. Completely agree. I had posted in the previous threads in previous seasons when LSH was skipped that there was absolutely nothing that would preclude them from bringing her back in the future. I fully expect to see her back with the Riverlands plot in full swing, and this makes way more sense than a random LSH cameo in one of the random proceeding seasons. Furthermore, for the fans that haven't seen the rumors and have read the books, I think it has the potential to surprise with an element they had already given up for lost.
  5. RT @VisionsOfMe: #SusanSarandon @SusanSarandon http://t.co/hPxe3utPB3

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    If you have all of the old assets there is probably a way to supply a custom CSS stylesheet with some tinkering.