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  1. Maybe, then it'd be useless. But I thought the ruined castle and the adjacent mines are different just same name. But for sure, Greatjons not mining, just taking the gold thats laying around, or simply destroying Lannister industry for the sake of it
  2. Tywin used fear to force other into submission, it's why he kept the relic of castamere next to the highway. He used fear again in the RL which didn't seem to do the trick that time but he kept at it because that's all he knew. Robb went west to lure Tywin into a trap so while burning his home may get the trap sprung the fact that Robbs capable of mayhem probably sufficed. Karstark and Mormont made a big deal of counting cows which was probably ordered by Robb but he himself wasn't out there tipping cows but capturing the Crag and fighting in Oxcross
  3. Probably No, but to be honest he was only sent to the wall because his father didn't want a butchers son ascending to the hall of kings I guess? It's kinda brutal but I guess that goes with the job
  4. Why doesnt Bezos buy the Mona Lisa? Its not even about not finding a For Sale sign (although it mainly is) Tywins not Bezos. Sure hes rich, but theyre all rich. Bran was sparkling when he took his stroll through the park, Cat hands Brienne like a million dollars without really thinking about it. Compared to all these vulture lords hoarding their 10,000 year old treasures are the ones who actually live in Essos and do "business" in the free cities
  5. No. Thats a strange thing to do, not romantic at all (Cat didnt think it was romantic with Ned at least) Good for Robb, hes not really tied down. Good for Walder, hes not either. Good for the teenaged girl not getting raped. Walder played his hand correctly there, yea So then what? Well as it stands he was murdered by Janos' friends, so if the plan was murdered, then theres no mistakes here. lol, sorry. Thats true, but it was temporary and under the guise of seeing her father off to the seventh level of hell (eh, maybe 5th) Woah, madness and cruelty encouraged Karstark, those two kids werent Jaime. The whole Riverlands is bowing to her now, shes one of the smarter ones of asoiaf. Robbs plan wasnt that bad, although sending her back to the the land of ghosts sounds fucked up too, but I agree having moms along just to complain about not making peace, giving the throne to Jon, and eating your veggies sounds annoying. Its a delicate situation, but the silent sisters has to be the worst option. Like I have nothing but loath for the NW, but at least they can talk! I doubt thats in the book, although it makes sense that its in the show, its dramatic. Look I got pissed when my mom smacked me too, but to order a hit for that is just insane. Thats like some Nero shit, and he didnt last long. Tyrion used to slap up Joffrey, he did it in the KG presence too. When they protested Cersei told them to shut up and confront the mob, a few slaps aint hurting no one. Justice Swept under the rug like so many grumkins, snarks and dust bunnies. Janos was found guilty (by judge/jury/hand) of murdering a baby, a heinous crime. The people would love a show like they had with Eddard, but instead of random hand its hated cop, oh theyd sell out the whole sept. But that spectacle would lead to questions, what baby, and who would order that? Janos isnt worth the gossip, better to just send him to the lands of grumkins and away from KL (and Harrenhal). He didnt gain anything by executing Karstark, but he kept his legacy intact. If he sent him off to retirement itd look like he sanctioned the murder, and for a hero like Robb thats unacceptable. A statement has to be made and it cant have the word grumkin in it.
  6. Kings mom. She got pull, it's borderline treason to disrespect her. Then Brienne knows how to pack a punch
  7. Roose murdered him in cold blood after his son conquered Robbs kingdom. Do you honestly believe Walder wasnt preparing to betray Robb once the war took it's first turn? Killing Janos arresting Karstark and sending a king to track a princess is not necessary. Logical yes, but not necessary. Lol umm.. what? Kings locking up their mom is bad p.r and also really terrible Robb needed to show force, prove to the world that Robbs an honorable king. He took the public relations way out instead of sweeping it under the rug like Tyrion did with Slynt.
  8. Robb married Jeyne because growing up in his happy home he just loved the interactions between his mom and brother. He didn't marry her for his honor, nor for her honor but for the maybe baby's honor
  9. Robb was a traitor, as lord of Winterfell his clear cut mission was to swear fealty to KL. The boy had no honor, loyalty only owed to himself, not to his coercive Freys not to his murderous Karstarks. The Young Wolf didn't play by old rules, his bravery, nobility and goodness redefined this phase of Westerosi politics and his butchering now defines the next. His father was different. A slave to his honor, a victim to his loyalty. The ancien phase of Westeros is owed to Eddard and his war on a drunkards behalf. Then and later, war murder and carnage washes over Ned Stark and although he's the only man to mend the realm his code chains him from setting the world right. Jon? He wears his chains tighter then a maester. But for the good of the realms of men and the small slave crew of crows he commands, I hope he'll follow his brave dishonorable brothers lead and not that of his negligent honorable father into saving this world and creating a better one for tomorrow .
  10. Character? (Love em) 1. Tyrion (hysterical) 2. Sansa (enthralling) 3. Arya (inspiring) 4. Daenerys (regal) 5. Catelyn (captivating) 6. Davos (righteous) 7. Theon (addicting) 8. Cersei (devilish) 9. Brienne (heroic) 10. Victarion (anti heroic) 11. Melisandre (mystical) 12. Quentyn (adventurous) 13. Asha (macho) 14. Bran (eeire) 15. Jaime (laudable) 16. Jon (vibing) 17. Sam (under dog) (Don't care much for the rest) 18. Barristan (old school) 19. Arianne (mischievous) 20. Griffin (rude) 21. Aeron (lunacy) 22. Arys (suicidal) 23. Aeron (brain dead) 24. Eddard. (infuriating)
  11. Surprisingly a tough question. Not that many friendships in the main series. Like Nedbert, toxic af man. It killed them like Cats vision said, but even so the whole boss employee line was always there. Thats even the case with Lord Snow and his maester in training which is kinda sad. Bran and the Reeds maybe, but again its kinda master student or young boy pretty older girl whos always there and friendly. Speaking of pretty girls, Gendry and Arya seems to leave the friend zone. So my top three, or four. 4. Tyrion and Lemore, she generally seems to like the little guy idk if its a great friendship. They dont really know each other (hugor and lemore lol) more an acquaintance I suppose like Tyrion and Jon. 3. Tyrion and Bronn. Definitely still boss employee thing going on but Bronn named his kid after him, respect. Also, mainly, disrespect to Cersei but still respect. Tyrion seemed to have the same sense of humor as Bronn, they drank together and he cut the man slack, Id call em chums. 2. (you guessed it) Tyrion and Penny. Very similar and of course couldnt be more different. One of the pleasures of of adwd is seeing this unlikely friendship build. They genuinely care for each other. Penny kissed him so maybe a little more then care but I think that was a one time thing, although maybe not. 1. Davos and Saan. They really do care for each other, and Saan has no problem holding back those kisses lol. But pirates are just flamboyant like that, its strictly platonic. When Davos thought it was that old scoundrel who snitched him out for the attempt on Mel he was really crushed, like a good friend betrayed so heinously, but of course Saan would never do that. Its kinda remarkable that when Saan betrayed the cause Davos took no cause in escalating a confrontation, like the admiral was just cool with losing all is boats despite being cunning powerful and completely in the law. Although not nearly as remarkable as the pirate who betrayed his vengeful king took no interest in the valuable hostage on board and in fact took him to the nearest dock to continue his journey. I like these two, very different from each other in terms of being a knight and a buccaneer, but theyre all smiles when in each other's company, and look out for each other without thinking
  12. Theyre fun to compare to as theres lots of similarities. So yes Dany, through the politics of her ancestry, hatched the dragons, and although its ambiguous how she knows its clear Dany knew what she was getting into when she gave birth. Jon did not give birth, but he did find Ghost, all of them really but somehow more specifically Ghost, frankly in the face of his ancestry. (white like snow) Immediately theyre playing by different rules, Dany doesnt even mention the old folks home anymore and is free to not retire at 15 and Jons life along with his LC is saved by Ghost. Its almost the same story. Not much happens in acok except for Ghost saving Jons life again by pretty much killing Halfhand, with Jon getting a few stick em with pointy ends in there, and in asos Mance is talking about his Stark face and reminiscing on all those three good times they had together. After Jon gets tired of the good times, Summer not Ghost, shoots lightning out of his paws or something and Jon retakes command of his life where he soon wins an impressive battle and eventually takes command of his new kingdom. Like I said not much happens in acok, Danys looking for baby formula for like half of it, and like Jon trekking north shes back on a boat riding somebody elses destiny, until Jorah asks why. Dany has little answer for this and trojan horses the fuck out of some fellas begging for it. Targaryen naturally likes the vibe of conquest and after two other impressive battles the first done to her shrewdness the second to the valor of Jorah among others, and like Jon hearing his name shouted by a crow Dany takes her kingdom. Again, very similar. The pet and the ancestry still play a part and the story is pretty impressive. Jon famously receives help from Summer at a key part but Dany has a whole retinue of wise and strong advisors, notably the first. So if she owes much, not everything but clearly not nothing, to her advisors and pet then we must be coming to adwd where she interestingly throws all of it away (she throws Jorah away earlier i know, but its practically dance) Jon, whats she doing? Literally locking up her guardian and expelling her supporters... Jon? Right off the bad shits looking ominous. Not to mention their subjects inherently despise them, battles have been won but the war is not over and theres a straight up humanitarian crisis of mass starvation and disease ripping through the fledging kingdom. Well, through sublime governance the populace did not starve nor all drop dead of disease, the war against all repeated odds reached huge overtures of peace thought impossible (the war is still looking likely, but its a fraction of what it was. Danys is a bit stronger then Jons but her uneasy alliance with Aspator though improperly administrated did not create the absolute worst results) I mean they really checked every box, well, except for their subjects despising them. Dany tried to address it but eventually, after a knee jerk reaction, said fuck it and peaced. Jon truly turned a blind eye, despite Mels nagging, to his subjects, i mean brothers, hatred. If only they didnt start their reign by exiling their friends and caging their greatest mythical asset. But, thems the breaks.
  13. But Quentyn has his seal and if his father led him to believe he'd honor it then I'm sure sure he will Right, Doran will expect Danys assistance in taking Pentos. Probably later but maybe not at first. I don't see how Illyrio can publicly back any Westerosi as he's not there and has no army Of course not, more of the reason to honor his sons last vow. He may back Aegon over Dany for the throne but he'll back Dany for Pentos. I agree that Young Griff's not long for this world
  14. Then why would his son say that his father would honor the seal? The man's a prince and a knight, I think his oath has to be respected in at least some shape or form Same deal. It's all about Pentos. What other issue besides her "voices" word? Oh Aegon? Yea maybe but probably not. Even if Illyrio had other reasons for Danys success he's still responsible for them And it's not just Daario, it's also her blood of her blood (and a eunuch) these are extremely valuable hostages that will dramatically impact Danys feelings Why would she want that? I think your right, I think the triple alliance will lead to a bloody war in Pentos which wouldn't help Doran at all and he'll probably wish he could just leave that war and publicly back Aegon but he can't and it'll all be rather amusing
  15. It's not his style. Ramsay however, fits like a glove, or boot.
  16. But their title still dignifies honor and respect. Besides, the two witnesses knights also had credence to the legality Hand of the queen cosigned it And it is possible for Dany to sack Barri and call him an old kook or something but from Sunspears view there's very little leeway Probably not. But she showed him the dragons and talked to him about his Targaryen ancestry. There was something going on there I think But Quentyns dead and co will be responsible for the safety of a top commander, her blood of her blood and her salt husband. If successful they'll be nothing short of heroes in the eyes of Dany
  17. I think he believed it because that's what it is. The frog was obviously given lots of leeway to speak on his father's behalf because as things stand Viserys is in no condition to get married. Then two princes seals were stamped with two Dornish knights as witnesses. Everything eventually gets cosigned by the hand of the queen. There's so much legal mumbo jumbo involved here I don't see anyway Sunspear can go back on their word What treason, the dragons? Dany was all like "the dragon has three heads" she basically invited him to take one. (One, not two lol) Anyway, he's dead now and his accomplices have received their chance for pardons
  18. Princely seals and all that. Doran has no tangible way of getting out of this. The pact wasn't about personal dragons, just that Dany needs to be brought onto their side. Well if there's an alliance against Pentos then I suppose Frog succeeded
  19. Dany may be able to get out of the alliance, if she politics. The king was arrested. A coup launched by a disgruntled knight resulted in deaths and war. Dany may have to put her foot down and declare Barris tenure as illegitimate, thusly saving face in Essos, and more importantly in Magister Illyrios Pentos. Ok, cool. She can weasel. But this alliance didn't just involve Meereen and the Windblown but also Sunspear. I don't see anyway Doran can weasel his way out of this without losing face
  20. He should lay down the law before his lords tare the kingdom apart, which is the entire job of a king Only in numbers but in experience and morale its definitely going north, and presumably a bit west (but probably not lol). Robb inspires confidence, his men charge into greater numbers and come out victorious, Renly inspires games like jousting and rape the goofy looking girl It unnecessarily stirred the pot, and it had no chance of success any way you look at it. Very much look at me vibes like old maester said (i know you find flaw in his reasoning, for whatever reason, but GRRM gave us this backstory to better understand why he is how he is) Only when masking the egregious I concede that like, in some situations the govt taking children from their parents should not be called abduction, however I would only say thats the case when direct danger to the children is probable. Under any other circumstance Ill say its abduction, kidnapping, human trading and any other colorful words thatll crop in my mind. Slave trading for instance, the reasoning of the government does not get to dispute the dictionary. The children will be forcefully taken from their mother and confided to the constant supervision of that taker, to be used as will. It is what it is. Renly cant be king with a living Stannis, that doesnt make sense. Stannis had to be in his mind, not even Renly was that stupid. Its honestly why he crowned himself so fast, anybody with a vague understanding of dragonstone history knows Stannis fled to launch a rebellion so Renly had to declare himself king before the stormlords declared for Stannis. Kinda surprised. He did attack a war camp after all, Mance thought it was a last ditch from Eastwatch but still not some veteran knights but still, there was 10 times the men. Its insane, and innacurate because not all were men. No not spearwives (although...) but giants riding on fucking mammoths. Not just Roderick or Stafford but every single soldier in the story (that doesnt drape himself in steel and fur when visiting the 90 degreee brothal like some kinda Jorah) is a fresh peasant leavy. (some are fresher then others, sure) Oh, except the Essosi, theyre all slaves. Misplaced vengeance for his sons I think. Probably misplaced because it was easy to see the murderer of his sons and the abductor as the same Alright, the kings murdered. Princes flayed. Princess raped. Armies blown into dust. Lots of time has passed, the StarkTully faction is not the same thing it was, one might say it was defeated. Yet still, the lords rise for Rickon, still the Vale knights stir at Harrys wedding. The lords in their heart remain loyal, the separated soldiers of the North remembers and, you know, winter is coming. Does the North look weak? Or the king is dead, after launching an unpopular war that caused many victims and now prepare to descend simultaneously on two of the greatest cities in the world, Oldtown and Meereen. Does Greyjoy look weak? Robbs fault? Obviously not. Wouldn't blame Edmure either, although its understandable why someone politically had to get chewed out. Robbs few men were undefeated and Edmures policy of kicking men off his land left them with enough food. Brynden had mad food for instance. Numbers are for arithmetic, as I started this thread off implying by stating the three biggest one sided cocky generals battle. Tyrion did not, he hoped theyd fight Stannis' men and wasnt given a no but the real outcome he wanted was to force an abduction of Cerseis child. For some reason he thought thatd calm her down, maybe it did? Probably not possible. It perhaps cost Euron a dragons egg for Balon. (you know he didnt really call it off, right? Like, he gave the order a half a world away, how could it be reversed?) Strange, a minor character in a series of heart wrenching books, but ok. He did. I dont understand how the death of a fictional character is a reward, but you will be. Yea you said that, but we knew Stannis was the sea guy so hence the point of the chain
  21. How much would king Robert have to pay a faceless man if the SC minus a Ned went down that route? Also, for the fun of it, how much would the king (pick a king, any king) have to pay post mother of dragons and queen of Meereen?
  22. Mainly because theyre his subjects. But also because its giving them momentum Its certainly possible to be cruel and pragmatic, like say Tyrion knocking down houses adjacent to the castle walls before BW, but its also possible to be cruel and stupid, as Renly demonstrates. (you agree that his Marge/Robert plan was ludicrous?) Tywin is the enemy, not Cersei. All Renly doing here is a half measure forcing Lannisters hand. Lol, you and your semantics. Yes its the same thing. Taking children from their mother is nothing short of abduction. If Neds the legal regent then Renly has to listen to him, not turn traitor because he enjoys stealing his brothers birthright. 100 fighting men would have been more then enough to chop Janos down Every army is just Covid on wheels But numbers dont mean shit. And theyre not getting weaker, the Riverlands are going gungho on Robbs war, the West continuously raises more armies and Tywin and Robb both remain with their elite force Very much alive. Mance had 10 times then men as Stannis, Rodrik 5 to Ramsays 1. Numbers are useless because all these armies are just a bunch of peasants anyway. Greyjoy is attacking Robb and breaking off into an independent nation. Robb has done a tremendous job of defending the RL, although I should say Edmure who was more hands on. Doran will act, although Renly thought hed show up because Renly was delusional like that. Because it worked so well last time? We get some nice things. Like the death of Renly We knew Mel had magic and we knew Stannis was going to win, Tyrions not building a chain for his health you know
  23. Nope. (If you're forcing me to be serious I'll chalk to to 20% of the knights, though 35 may hit the margin too. Obviously if it was most or all of them she'd be dead already.) Neither one are knights. Looked a lot like sitting around. They should be out fighting men, not losing to a woman. I am not throwing shade at Brienne, only her peers. Gotta be one of the most unsuccessful characters of asoiaf. Maybe Little Walder. How? I mean something about Lynannas, but what? Cersei is a pain, not ugly. Robert knows damn well Cersei is infiltrating the govt but is unable to do anything because he was weak as fuck. Ned believed twincest would reinvigorate his friend which is plausible but a pretty face is just fatuous. If your talking about arresting a mother and her three children then it gets obvious he's not just fatuous but downright cruel. He actually could have made a difference here Mace could have done all this by himself. He is the joke of Westeros, so idk what that makes Renly He's eating the land bare. Large armies just hanging out tend to get sick as we see in Danys pov, social distance and such. Who's getting weaker? Robbs soldiers and Tywins are becoming veterans, along with the Greyjoy and the random dog walkers of Riverlands. He's losing momentum as fast as Mace gave it to him. Win what? He may have defeated Tyrion if Stannis never came knocking, may, but then what? Defeat either Tywin or the Young Wolf? What about Doran and Greyjoy? What about Dany? What? I disagree with all that but if I didn't how would that bar him from the IT? Not the first usurper to get assassinated nor the first brother to have received a hitman Handful of garlic and a couple of Hail Marys should do the trick
  24. Roose seemed amused by that. "All you have I gave you. You would do well to remember that, bastard. . This is quite a statement coming from a man who owes everything he as to his son. Id call that dangerous thinking, so would Hornwood, Theon, Ser Rodrik, Manderly, etc, Maybe not, the preliminary talks back at Winterfell made it clear that the Hornwood debacle was ambiguous Possibly. If the crimes were on Ramsay and Reek was just like a slave/witness he may have walked. Why do you think that? Roose gave Ramsay armor and hes known in the Dreadfort but I highly doubt he was given command of the Dreadfort Kinslayer and such, besides, Ramsays good for Bolton. Not a chance. The logistics cant add up. -Roose goes to Winterfell to pay homage (lets say he leaves his child bastard in charge instead of an adult with a title) -Robbs in the south and wants Greatjon to take hes footmen, but changes his mind to Roose. (ok, its possible Roose told Rams that) - Roose is running away from Tywin, his P.O address is somewhere in the RL, how can he message Ramsay to occupy Hornwood, or vice versa? -Roose is the lord now of weasel soups but his son is in jail. Once again the logistics dont add up on how they can communicate. -Ramsay escapes Theons clutches and arrives at the Dreadfort. Now seriously, how the hell could Roose have left a message to Ramsay about conquering Winterfell! Ramsays game was driven through luck, almost exclusively, but the bit thats not is nothing but guile and shrewdness from Ramsay, not Roose.
  25. Ok, but the whole scheme is still ludicrous, which is why I wondered why you called Renly pragmatic. From the dishwashers to Marge herself. Seriously, we're talking more then 75% of the knights regarding both the melee and the wager. Cats not doing a rollcall because thats not an interesting read. But if the entire chivalry of stormlands and reach is in Renlys pavilion then there are lords or possibly even knights there whove seen combat. That was the past, and he probably couldnt have helped anyway. Robert who belives nobody ever would call Stannis a liar and Lannister would be on to him. He cant inform Ned because Pycelle goes through his mail The law is. In his mind he definitely has an obligation. You may disagree but he does not. Not really. Robb knew he was a rebel, Tyrion knew he was sending agents to free Jaime instead of following the law and being peaceful. Perhaps he made a right move, but the momentum was certainly lost by acokk, where he sits around getting drunk and watches his best soldiers lose to a girl. We have no idea what they think. Saan thought they were going to go in though Like Robb whos situation was more pitiful then the Lannisters made it seem, although hes certainly badass No they dont. 0 free will there. Loras follows Renly, Mace follows Loras and Maces mom follows him. Its an entire kingdom of lemmings. Where Ned famously wasnt, interesting. But like most SSMs GRRM is clearly holding something back so I dont think we should give too much credence to it, like all other SSMs lol. Jaime thought of crowning his dad, Robert being the only option is some Renly type thinking Before WW. 10 days?
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