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  1. That's another Eddard hypocrisy thing. Actually by far my biggest pet peeve with The Ned (and most asoiaf folk, but they don't have pull like Eddard) Why do you follow a fool like Robert? Why do you want to hand the realm to a tyrant like Stannis? Why are you hesitant to destroy Tywin? Your the fucking Hand, use it! You made Robert! You took KL! And now you don't wanna be a traitor to some archaic ass laws despite being a traitor in the past? Well too bad, Jon Snow says hi! Such a hypocrite, a sad hypocrite.
  2. Kinda. The story is Jaime escaped, so it's understandable that Robbs upset, so in the eyes of the world, Robbs (Karstarks) in the right, but fuck that world man. I'm sick of arguing semantics in Bradon the Builders world. Killing innocents who's balls haven't even dropped yet is cowardly and immoral, fullstop.( no matter what the consequences are. Again Eddard pops up here, arguing in favor of the mad king's grandson and his horde of dothraki) But when it comes to Theon, his life is for the taking
  3. I'm down, especially if we keep it Tywin related. Yeah for sure. Threatening Tommen to save the virtue of a whore, we know Tywin would do anything rather then admit defeat. Lol I don't think this is hypocrisy, it's just classic bullshit. But there's none of that holier then thou, Eddard style Again not hypocrisy, just stupidity? Ignorant willingness? Or maybe even a bit of looking the other way like Cersei did with Joff He never told Joff to forgive them, just allowed them to serve. Which he honestly did to the "murderer" of Joanna too. That doesn't make it any less terrible. What Theon (and his mother) experienced was just awful Ok, dragonspawns murder. But what was Joff, if not a hostage to make sure Cersei and Tywin don't act up? Karstark slew 2 non infant hostages, Robb deemed this disgusting
  4. Is Tywin a hyprocite? There's his Harry S Truman approach, that a massacre is better then war, and I kinda agree. A better question would be was the RW/Abomb ruthlessness worth it? And I'd again say yea. Then ruthless Tywin hates the comparisons to ruthless Aerys, and I agree. Aerys thought he was untouchable, hence the ruthlessness, while Tywin was ruthless to become untouchable. So, I don't think Tywin was a hyprocite, he knew what he was. Then there's queen, don't compare me to daddy. And, idk, both aren't that smart, both achieve tremendous feats, so maybe Cersei is kinda hypocritical. (Well she certainly was with Merryweather) I'd also like to include Roose and Victarion, judging their kinslaying family and thinking of doing the same, plus acting like they're not monsters too. Freefolk, or as we call them now, knealers. But the number one hyprocite, hands down, Eddard. Thou shall not kill children... not named Theon. The judgment that Eddard lays on Tywin and Cersei is the judgment Ned should lay on himself. (And kingslayer, who the fuck cares who killed Aerys?) The treatment of Theon is disgusting, unfair, and in line with Edddards contemporaries. There were many things wrong with The Ned, but his hypocritical stance on childslaying must rest on top
  5. Ramsay is the true born son of Brandon Stark and idk, someone, maybe Shiera Seastar
  6. Word, Cao Cao famously claimed to attack Red Cliff with a million, historians and contemporaries say it's only 400k lol. That was around the year 200, mad feudal. In the west was my boy Severus-Septimius Severus who manged to rule all the entirety of the Roman Empire (for like 15 min lol) because he bought it from the cops. History is weird, there's no constant. And when dealing with magical skinchangers I think we should just accept their semi ridiculous standinga
  7. The westerners didn't go as hard as Kublai and his dynasty true (Kublai loved a good bureaucracy) but there was just so little of them and so far away so it's hard, but no I'd say they ruled and I think so would their subjects. There were full fledged rebellions to kick the Mongols out in the centuries to come
  8. Ok but Peter the Great or like Cathrine the great or Alexander (not the great lol) led Russia with its massive army without railroads and steamships, (and maybe some without shoes too) Speaking of Mongols, they ruled the size of, whatever, with hardly anybody. (The Russians had a larger army then the Mongols)
  9. No he didn't. It's tragic stuff. R+L= Sad Ned. Sadder Cat. Saddest Jon. But Robbs somewhere in the sadness. Not always, kid had a nice-ish childhood, remember those happy times? Oh good times. Jon though, well his childhood was like, saddest, What a jerk. I mean his vindictive mom probably told him to say it. (blame it on the sadder) Still how you gonna say that to your brother and not feel shame? He's so moppy. Half the family's a wreck, it does a number on this child Young Wolf. ('Shoulda been you' was the "very kind" bit) Oh sad-ish Robb, absorbing his families sorrow like some demented spongebob squarepants. And why? What does R+L= (Err, thanks for that Tormund) Robb wants to be as honorable as father (whatever that means, let's say good) but he doesn't want to have some emo ass snow as a kid, that shits tragic. So he marries the girl. And it costs him his life and kingdom.
  10. I know you didn't ask me, buuut, A child who still plays with dull swords, who dreams of being a great knight like his cheerful brother Unfortunately the cheerfulness in his brother drops, and with it, Robbs childhood ends. But 14 or 40, Robb is the Stark in Winterfell. He must lord, even if it that entails juggling psychopaths But father is not here. Nor mother or Jon or the girls, and with one final white lie, Robbs childhood is finally shattered at 14 At 14 Robb is an adult At 14 Robb is a man The boy turned juggler is now a warrior. His father, his uncle and grandfather, their houses and honor is now on a 14 year olds shoulder
  11. Margaery Tyrell was weeping in her grandmother's arms as the old lady said, "Be brave, be brave." Most of the musicians had fled, but one last flutist in the gallery was blowing a dirge. That's hysterical. The audacity of this guy! Like, the king was just murdered and this flutist has the nerve strum a little funeral tune. Wasn't he scared that's inappropriate? Or is it the most appropriate thing? Musicians are crazy
  12. For sure Ima go with no. Like I said, Aegon the dragon got the septons to look the other way, so all Tyrion has to do is become the most powerful person ever and the septons should fall in line.
  13. Perhaps. Aegon the dragon never cared about semantics though Word Tywin gets septons to say all sorts of crazy shit There were witnesses, kinda. Speaking of Tyrion and multiple spouses, his spouse wants to get married too, maybe Petyr will create a fTysh to tell the story?
  14. No. I think the list comes in as, pillaging kid who grabs Arya as if she was treasure, greedy for silver Bolton soldier at the gate, Tickler and his squire, Daeron, and the greedy for gold old man
  15. The OP supplied the quote, there was no duel, just Jaime lurking in the shadows and kicking Varys to his knees
  16. And Tywin and Cersei would question the hell outta him, because its his job to answer questions so that road looks dangerous Jaime would kill him. Maybe Cersei too in her rage, also dangerous. Well thats no good, KL is where the action is, outside the walls or in em. He may be a moron but hes a trained killer who managed to stealthy kill all of Aerys' agents, and Aerys. Hes dangerous. Aside from the knife and the promise of execution?
  17. Varys wants to free Tyrion, but hed prefer not to live in the walls. Unfortunately Jaime left him with little choice Varys wants to destroy Tywin and Cerseis government not Tyrion and Jaimes person. Hes not samson. His strength is in his training, not in his hand, half a life time of training didn't evaporate. Besides, Jaime had him by surprise
  18. That is the case. Varys was not whistling and Jaime used his warrior tricks to put Varys in a compromising situation. For the past 20 years Varys has played a dangerous game in the open, cause discord until Aegon turns 21 or some shit. So yes Varys wanted Tyrion freed, but he also wanted Ned freed and didn't do anything about that. Varys fears and respects Tyrion, he knows what he's capable of, it just too hot. Imp ain't worth it( honestly he shoulda never gone). But with Jaimes knife under Varys' throat the scales get shifted. The game of kingslayer and mouse is on, so either way the life Varys has known is over, so why not free Tyrion? It can't get hotter then this, and if Illyrio and Jon approve, how much damage could Tyrion do? (Lol)
  19. Convenient for Aegon and Jon C? Who cares who frees him. She won't believe him, plus they hate each other these days anyways. I don't see Varys talking to Cersei about anything and living through it Its not a fair fight, its hiding with a dagger, Arya style pretty much. Its not about strength, its timing and technique which Ser Jaime surely has I think Varys wanted to save Tyrion, just not enough to do anything about it. Jaime would deny it and Varys would be dead by morning. It was his fall back situation. For the past 20 years the Spider has been lying and scheming to the scariest and most powerful people in the nation, he's always had a back up plan
  20. Why does Varys need Jaime to free Tyrion? Ok Varys grew up in the streets, Jaime grew up in fucking kingslayer land! He's the greatest warrior since Symon Stareyes, another cripple. Yes Jamies a cripple, but he's still knightly trained and his kicking legs and knife hand work fine. Why murder Jaime? Look, either way the world shifts and Varys has to hide, if he doesn't free Tyrion but kills Jaime instead he's still just a spider in the wall. Perhaps Jaime didn't literally force Varys' hand, but he pretty much did.
  21. Varys doesn't whistle but he is pushed around by cripples. At the sound of footsteps he stood beside the door. Varys entered in a wash of powder and lavender. Jaime stepped out behind him, kicked him in the back of the knee, knelt on his chest, and shoved the knife up under his soft white chin, forcing his head up There's no indication that Jaime didn't get the drop on him
  22. True. Theyll also be the ones to tell Doran hes already in an alliance with Dany over Pentos anyway, subdued or not. Yea probably Greedy Frog
  23. Nothing nice. . Ser Gerris punched a wall. "I told him it was folly. I begged him to go home. Your bitch of a queen had no use for him, any man could see that. He crossed the world to offer her his love and fealty, and she laughed in his face." . So the two Dornish knights are totally free under one condition. With the help of some Windblown sellswords they are supposed to infiltrate the slavers camp and rescue the second most important unsullied, a bloodrider of Danys and of course Daario. So thats all pretty important, especially because Tyrion and Jorah are in said camp. Quentyn also used the Windblown during his heroism on the condition of Doran of Dorne supporting the Tattered Prince in the conquest of Pentos (even if the Frog fails, spoiler he does), which upon his death Ser Barristan quickly adds Danys cosign. So things are happening If that were the case shed probably not because she calls Frog over to the pits to tell him "A dragon has 3 heads" which Frog immediately took for have a free dragon. Of course Quentyn did not try to steal one dragon, if he did it actually might of worked, but he tried to steal two
  24. Ten thousand of your children perished in my palm, Your Grace, she thought, slipping a third finger into Myr. Whilst you snored, I would lick your sons off my face and fingers one by one, all those pale sticky princes. You claimed your rights, my lord, but in the darkness I would eat your heirs. I feel like theres a middle ground
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