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  1. Does Stannis have a magic sword? (lol) Hes not Symeon Stareyes, he let Robert die to save himself and to be able to rid the throne of Lannisters. Anyway thats the past, if he failed Robert it was in the past tense. Now in the present he can avenge But only because he has an obligation. If Renly did hed be singing the same sad tune Its honest but its also a brake of protocol and the basic law, unlike Stannis who is following the rules. Cruel and craven it may be. Slightly more acceptable usurpation though. We see Robb would have likely thrown his support behind Stannis if the roles were reversed. Theres other things then shadowbabies that can assassinate, everyone in the sunset knows Stannis is dangerous except apparently his brother. Dangerous and desperate, bad choice to make an enemy of. Stannis and his army are a bunch of fundamentalist nuts, they believe all sorts of weird shit. Anyway, my point was the author is clearly sewing some doubt in the readers mind But all together is even better then apart. But for sure, everyones fucked either way, if they had common sense theyd bend the knee to Sansa and get it over with. They killed all his enemies and gave him a kingdom but there was never any doubt that Robert would be king. After kingslaying the western lords ask Jaime if he wants to be kingmaker and his thoughts go to Robert, not Jon or Ned. We dont know much about Jon but Neds entire arc is just running away from his responsibilities despite being the only man able to do the job, so he definitely didnt desperately want the throne. Closer to a week I think. Quite the character. It seems to be based off of her appearance to Lyanna. Neds all like wtf? And he doesnt even know the real scheme And does whatever he wants ??? Everysingle one of them had money on the line on when they will rape her. After beating them up they cried trickery and every other excuse they can think of. They were clearly humiliated The entire chivalry of the south was there. Thats more then just Loras. Lords bannermen. Plural Ok
  2. He is a usurper and traitor who as a child was known for being eccentric and vain always demanding the center of attention. As an adult he orchestrates a scheme to replace Cersei under the incorrect assumption that Marge is Lynannas doppelganger which would reawaken Roberts one true love, or some nonsense. His entirety of work at the SC was to be a yes man to his failing king. The only thing worth while he did was allow Brienne to fight beside him, and that's after she beat up and humiliated his entire army. Why do you think he's pragmatic? I don't think so, the chivalry of the south was there. Like Lord Rowan for example. He calls them onion knights and codfish sailors Another factor. Renly is making this a decisive battle which could go horribly wrong The entire cavalry needs to graze, these goddamn knights travel with squires, camp followers and other useless mouths. Also foraging during battle means men being averted. And majorly if the train burns Renly will eventually starve. Small thing, he says he's praying and nobody cared so its not a big deal. In fact his brother was at that moment also praying, err fucking. Still, I think it's worth noting. Because she's a non combatant by a battlefield. Then why did GRRM include Catelyn's notes and Randylls? Why did GRRM write about the Lannisters perceiving Stannis as the greater threat? Well, it's kinda true. Right? I mean that's what it is. I agree Stannis is kinda playing the victim here but he clearly thinks his honor dictates him to avenge Robert and reinstate Baratheon rule. Where as his brothers had no honor to fall back on (not saying theyre dishonorable like that) and their only campaign speeches seems to amount to fuck that guy. He can take a ship to his brothers fortress and pay homage like a good little brother He offers two things, one legality. The other, being not making an enemy of Stannis. In for a stag in for a dragon? Because gambling doesn't always work out. Bullshit. Ned made Robert sure, but he didn't crown him. So pretty quickly. Of course, my guy desperately wants the throne. The Edric debacle can be written off as Stannis believed he was desperate to save the world, not just sit on a chair. Theyre warlords who rule over barbarians. They desperately want the throne like they desperately want food and water. Does Dany desperately want the throne? Balon? Euron? Joffrey? Cersei? Am I forgetting anyone, how about Roose Bolton?
  3. Yes. He says it's not a question of wants. That's not saying he doesn't want it at all, just that being king is his duty. Stannis never emphatically denies he wants the throne. Ned was the first, what Roberts will said. But the second should have been Stannis. I mean, he's clearly jumping the lines of succession here. I think it was an applicable summary
  4. He doesn't say that, he just changes the conversation. Of course Right, but Ned says Stannis so Renly had to change his plans, which immediately was a coronation because he... (All together now) desperately wanted it. I see what your saying, and I agree Stannis desperately wants the throne (like he's not the rightful king. Targaryen is a thing) but I'm also confident his brothers wanted it too
  5. Exactly Everybody thought Eddard was going to be defacto dictator, well everyone but Eddard and Cersei that is That because he was a lethargic abusive drunk whom nobody loved, let alone liked. That is of course except Eddard although he tried his best to alienate his newly created Hand at every moment.
  6. For sure, Loras is adequate. But still the appointment was done with favoritism in mind or at least it was a political decision, not a military one. And for all we know the knight of flowers woulda killed it, but theres no way anyone could have known that. He was green while other notable commanders were passed over. If not a lethal mistake its still a factor worth looking into. Renlys army appears to be far better, but my point was Renlys still underestimating the competition which is never wise. This too is a factor. Renlys army was massive. Medieval armies were like locusts to the fields they were staying in, Renlys size was like the spotted lantern fly. And if it was not over quickly then Renlys royally fucked, his battle is not only against Stannis but also time, this surely counts as a factor. His queen and her father. His mind is elsewhere Im sure he did too and it would have if Eddard, like usual, didnt bail him out when he was literally knee deep in some instead of fighting. Thats what im saying. Its not a crazy thing to spend your final moments of your previous life with your lover before embarking on your lifes climax, but it clearly is a factor, and with all the other minimal factors in place (not choosing the place, the time, the experienced generals not up front, fighting time, far from the train, unable to protect Marge if she is in jepordy, etc) Renlys win was certainly far from guaranteed would probably not. (its all sus) The logistics dont add up. Stannis had to have sex to kill Renly, the man is fucking insane no doubt there but I do not believe he was able to get a boner while contemplating his baby brothers death. This whole scenario is so weird its borderline comical, (like Euron and the dusky woman) The more oblivious explanation is Stannis belived Renly would die if he sailed to SE and Meli just seduced him when they got there like she tried with Davos and Jon she does not mention any shadowbabies to Snow, so we can assume thats how it went down with Stannis too, probably both times but definitely the first time
  7. The lance is good at first wave, but after that its all hand to hand. Swords and stuff, things that Garlen is good at. Also if Randyll must lead the rear then another veteran lord would have been the more conventional choice for the front, being not a teenager whos actually seen combat. Its unwise to underestimate the opponent, onion knights? We know that dudes badass. Renlys men look bigger and stronger, sure, but that alone doesnt write victory. Sure, battles are chaotic by nature and many factors will be at play, like how he left his supply train, along with valuable hostages, distant from the army which Catelyn noted as a red flag. Another factor could be that instead of finalizing battleplans or boosting the morale of his troops at the eve of battle he was getting laid. Of course he would. Dude was straight salivating for Winterfell, who knows how he'll act for KL. But I agree with the similarities, majorly being they crave duty more then a crown, it just so happens that theyre the same thing
  8. I guess that makes sense? Won't they be susceptible to trips and tumbles? And Loras is an adequate warrior, in fact one might say good, how he dealt with his rainbow brothers but by his own admission even his brother is a greater warrior. Not to mention they're both green while there are veterans of war like Tarly whom one would assume would have lead the van. Loras is adequate, but there are better options then what Renly decided. For sure, but what is the similarity is one side went through great lengths to choose the field while the other didn't seem to care because of the numerical advantage. Also, while I do think Stannis is gifted militarily ( how he managed to survive without calling a retreat at BW before finally when the reinforcements arrived is impressive, though one may say ludicrous. Then his win over Mance is straight legendary) he clearly is not Hannibal, Zhuge Liang or Napoleon because frankly nobody else in the world is (all 3 in the long run are military losers, that's interesting) I don't think Stannis was guaranteed a win, but I also don't think Renly was. I don't think any battle is guaranteed but with Renlys compounded mistakes the odds looks worse.
  9. If the horses charge into the sunlight the animals could lose sight, let alone the knights He agreed to every preparation Stannis made. Under no circumstances should the opponent choose the field of battle. Cannae, Austerlitz, Red Cliffs, these are the greatest battles in history. All incredibly one sided because the opponent choose where to fight
  10. Citation? He wonders why his brothers desperately wanted it, that's not saying he doesn't want it Perhaps you should say likely to win? Four to one is a lot but it's not as much of a difference as BW or the Wall, Stannis' other battles. Numbers don't mean everything, in fact in asoiaf the smaller army usually prevails. Also Renlys war council was just, no.
  11. He denies that he wants the throne? He sees it as his duty, but I'm sure he also wants to be king. Who wouldn't? I think Stannis believed he took all the reasonable steps in helping Robert but after JonA was murdered and Robert continued whistling along like nothing was wrong Stannis fled for his life in preparation to fight Lannister
  12. Imagine the statue is the only thing left standing lol. I agree with everything, Tywin even more so then his children wrote the fall of Lannister. It's possible the house falls, the twins and the kids are gonners for sure. I want a good ending for Tyrion and Shakespeare made it clear only death can bring that so that's probably a thing to.( Maybe my boy Tyreek Hill will calm the fuck down and change his name back to Lannister to save the house lol)
  13. I think Tywin cared, like how could he not? I see lots of Michael Corleone in him, and although thats just speculation on me Mike certainly (probably lol) cared when he died alone. (there are differences, hes a kinslayer and his house does looks good for the future) His interaction with Jaime was probably hard on him, possibly not the Cersei one and definitely not the Tyrion one. Posterity is for him though. The fact that the sacker of KL is now the savior, with a statue posthumously built for that event is, obviously infuriating even if your not a Tyrion fan, but its brilliant writing. For GRRM to rewrite his own history in front of us is nothing short of epic. Thats why these topics confuse me to no end, (like why are you guys here?) for the piece of shit he is, the tale of Tywin Lannister is definitely worth dissecting for the next 50 years, and hes like one of the weakest badguys in asoiaf. (more interesting then Walder but less then his family, greyjoys or boltons)
  14. Im not sure if she paid for her crimes, idk if thats even possible under Cersei (although I may have said that about Theon or Jorah, and now I would not, so I suppose its possible for me to forgive her crimes, but doubtul). And its true shes still alive but many characters are still alive. From Breinne and Davos to Ramsay and Walder, id say GRRM keeps more characters around then kills (especially Gregor and Catelyn) but few have suffered more then Cersei. Present day like Bran and the girls? Theyre the main characters and a good protagonist needs some suffering to beef up any story. Or good like Robb? He was good but the hero's hero dying is corenerstone stuff for must epics. Like old Ben Kanobi. (I would seriously contend that Eddards a good person although his moment of death kinda helps me forgive him for his previous crimes, like Jorah the ex slaver slave) Word. Cerseis tragedy is already written, and she knows it. Thats also pretty depressing from her point of view. Idk about easy. He got very lucky how he managed to win his campaigns, but the rest of his story is sad. His favorite son disownes him, his daughter he plans on banishing and she hates him and then the third kid is the author of his fate, I mean the end of Tywin Lannister is the end of a man whos alone and hated
  15. Asoiaf has good characters? Some are less awful then others but almost all come with some serious baggage. I don't think any character can truly be called competent. Perhaps Varys. Cerseis firstborn is dead, her daughter sent away and attacked and disfigured. Her brother/lover has left her and while arrested and sent into confinement she experienced a terrible ordeal. After all this was the walk of shame, I think Cersei knows what punishment looks like
  16. How can he prove that? It's really not. At the end of acok Cat calls in Brienne and asks for her sword to kill Jaime. That's obviously not what happens, I assume something similar here. Out of all characters of asoiaf these three are pretty prevalent and I can't imagine any dying at such a random non plot moving scene
  17. That's not how most epics end though. LOTR ends with magic and elves leaving the world to man, whom we know is weak. Like the shire turns into a sweat shop. The Iliad ends with a thriving culture wiped off the map, the Odyssey ends with the very gods and Olympus losing their power. Eta, upon reflection these are still kind of a bright future, except the Iliad, so that's probably what GRRM meant when he said bittersweet
  18. Nah Duncan is the man and even an unbeliever like you deep down knows it. Lmao, Dunk was the man. But there are no men in the KG, only shades of a dragons slave
  19. It'll pass... Although I'm still here so maybe not lol. It'll get better though I agree So obviously if it's finished by GRRM it'll be a great read for the years to come. So yes I do think it'll sweep the culture for at least 50 years. Aside from asoiaf my favorite epic is rotk. Like the epics of Homer we think we know who the author is. A 16th century poet named Luo Gunazhong, although historians believe it could be a century or 2 older then that and Luo Gunazhong just published it, like Homer. Regardless, in the 17th century, long after a Romance of Three Kingdoms shocked the culture waves of China the father and son Mao edited rotk by adding 120 more chapters among poems and stuff, this edition is the one that's most commonly read. So, if Liu Bei can still inspire/entertain/think way too much like @Aejohn the Conqueroo 500 years after his publication (and 1,800 years after his death) then i have faith in the longevity of Lord Snow
  20. I hope you're right but I bet you're not. Duncan would put hands on Egg? Ok bad example, dudes always getting clouts to the ear. I can not picture Dunk allowing injustice if he's able to stop it, nor can I picture Egg descending into tyranny and madness, however Kingslanding has no saints. Neither did Summerhall
  21. Exactly. Some dubious statistic about a momentary time in parts of western europe. Sufficed to say I was never impressed. (iirc imperial china was closer to 5, and while grrm totally gets inspiration from western history I see lots of china in westeros as well)
  22. And hes ostracized as a child, as soon as his magic became known, hes only allowed to hang out with the normals because Mance needs every sword or claw he can. Unicorns are cool. I think Rickon warring on them is cooler but whatever. I dont think theyre anything like freefolk though, like the wildlings of the vale are totally different. (who are more democratic then anarchists. Maybe the Skagosi will be marxists? Thatll be a fun market)
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