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  1. Very true. The reports from the northern front suggested Robb rode Greywind into battle. Which kinda leans me to the goat side and not the unicorn. If Shaggy is living his best like he did in the godswood at Winterfell then this unicorn doesnt seem very rare. Like, if lots of these "enormous goats" are just hanging then what's Leaf lamenting about? Too much reasoning for my taste, but I fuck with @Seams symbolisms, and I can get behind Direwolves eating their masters rides is a thing, It does sound simple. But they're not wildlings, just wild, things. The freefolk don't care much about magic because they're a society of anarchists, but Sixskins still is ostracized and Rattleshirt makes some cracks about Jon and Ghost. So I wouldn't say they're the acceptive and if they were they're still not Skagosi
  2. Perhaps they were reversed? Like during the days of the Empire the sheep people shepard the nomads into slavery, which the Valaryins used in great numbers. After the fall of the empire maybe the Dothraki took their revenge and sold them to the Ghiscari
  3. Does it? Ok. Everyone else thinks so, so fuck it. Im not sure (I mean Im not sure about any of this but since its basically fact, ill humor us. I mean, Im probably wrong) the last quote from @BalerionTheCat suggests that the unicorn are the cavalry, but if the unicorns were just warhorses in service to their lord then I dont understand why Rickon is killing them. I assume Rickon is at war with the Skagosi and their unicorns. Luwin kinda told Osha that the lords are treacherous and the entire north is at, or soon to be civil war
  4. (She doesn't misspeak, maybe later in affc when shes constantly drunk but not in acok) But why lie? Cerseis story makes it seem that Sansa benefited Cerseis plans, this makes her look weaker in Tyrions eyes. Why do that? It can. However it can not be made with assumptions like But this is an assumption. Sure, but she at this time thinks it's Arya. And she thinks Arya is way worse then she actually is So Sansa misbehaved the Starks or disobeyed the Starks?
  5. But it's not an ordinary goat, it's an enormous goat. I gotta say I'm more then a bit skeptical but I appreciate you digging up the sources
  6. A distraction from what? We see her maybe exaggerate. I think it's closer to mixing up words. Either way she says Sansa might have saved her nothing definitive. Text makes it clear that Cersei jumped off after Sansa's visit, not the next day Sansa thinks she's wicked What word do you think we should use instead?
  7. That's because this forum is often ridiculous. She's clearly intelligent. What reason would she have to lie to Tyrion about that? Like, that's it. That's all the plans. She now knows when Eddard will strike and Cersei had the opportunity to beat him to the punch, which is why she massacred all those people like Syrio. She thinks she's wicked, defying her father. I don't understand, what's so wrong with admitting Sansa's betrayal? One act, specifically one in love stricken childhood, does not define her entire character
  8. Sansa apologists, huh? I mean she's my favorite Stark character, but largely because of a substantial backstory Lol queen just like you. She promised. Anyways, Cersei thinks it's on Sansa
  9. There's only one branch and no actual information that anybody has split, let alone Thoros. Maybe all dead. What I wanna know is who's going to repay these pieces of paper. Like what king or queen of asoiaf can we imagine would want to crash their economy on behalf of the honor of a bunch of bandits?
  10. How can Sansa betray the family? She is the family. Except Arya, she's a thing now apparently. Usurping the blood line marrying Bolton and reigning in Winterfell. Who's betrayed the family now? Stark needs justice for Robb even if that means warring on that sister she never liked. She did like Jeyne though, who is Arya. And she has a story to tell about her adopted father... This road is getting bloody but it's not wolf blood. Let's see if we can liven it up. Arya likes to steal faces, it's easy! Nobody identity is safe, not Weasels not Mercys not, Arya? Ok who's this now and why's she bunking with Bolton, that dude was creeps. And Sansa's allying with her her? Scuze me Mrs. Lannister? Ok this story's getting a little juicy. Stark needs justice for Robb. She used to be called Stark, Tully, before that, something new now. She can't even gurgle a death sentence without stepping on a Frey or Kingslayer. This is nice, but it's not justice. For that she must head home, plus things are getting confusing in the south. A Targaryen lol, he has no dragon and his hairs blue, blue! Wait, is Arya f too like Jaime said (probably), she also has no animal by her side. And now a fSansa? Like Lady your hairs black, wait, who's your dad, Mr. Bailish, you got some splaynin to do. Stoneheart is angry and confused, that's scary. But what is this? Girls only club, no boys allowed? Because my boy is back. And he's not playing now, he understands what it's like to be murdered by those considered brothers, brothers! Not girls who dress up as half sisters. The world's a dark place and filled with shadows. Perhaps Robbs will may make it's way north, the king has now come. He needs step momma's crown for that though and angry confused sisters to placate. But the sisters aren't the only ones angry. Like fJon this Stark comes with a wolf. He has the weakest claim consulted by a wildling and at total mercy of the high lords of the north. My bet? Bran
  11. Word, definitely. Man laughed at jokes he made in his own head now doesn't smile, got with lots of girls now gets embarrassed in their pres, etc I think it'd be cool if Jon had his own Reek but I don't think it'll be Arya or Jeyne as theyre their own symbolism. Maybe it'll be Theon or Ramsay, one of the former Reeks? Jon and Theons interactions would be interesting. Damn that's a scary answer. Lol. I'm kinda scared that Aryas nissa nissa for either her mother but more likely her halfbrother. Ancestral memories may be azor ahai like
  12. Pate the pig boy. He's the only believable one. Unbelievable! Let's take a close look Defending weak and innocent, I think that may be a big one. I see lots of Arthur Dayne, let's take a look at how contemporaries behaved And this is where honor dies. A knight may want to be chivalrous, but his lord will never let him. Davos may want to fight for the gods but he's dancing to Rhllors tune and even the idealic Dunk sells out his hedge for a cloak. I like that one knight, but not a knight, and probably gonna sell out to Catelyn because an oath given is honor betrayed.
  13. I think it likely that Ramsay crowns himself king in the north only for Jon to usurp him. But there's plenty of parallels with the bastards as is, except Ramsay's are always fucked up. Like Jon's a skinchanger and can relive in his wolf, this is very Bolton like. Bolton's themselves are kinda like shadows, thriving in the concept of a scary north while we just think of kind Eddards face On a personal level they also steal wives and abruptly leave them to die. It was an accident for Jon and he feels terrible about how it all went down where as I doubt Ramsay thinks about it at all. But both pushed Snow into the game. (Unless you count Domeric, but that's just a story, probably not true). Then there's Arya. And his love for her. I mean, love? Its not even the real Arya. Definitely interesting parallels with the two. But what's a Reek to a Jon? Also how do you think Jon's and Aryas interaction will go down? What'll be the result of their meet up? Why's Jon supposed to kill him? They don't even know each other. It should be Jeyne or Theon. I think Arya would be cool, but I agree it's probably Jon
  14. Which is how Houstoners (Houstonites?) view southern Texas, El Paso like, gotcha. But what about multiple breaks, like do Flints and Norrys view the Manderlys as northern? Probably technically, I suppose so lol
  15. Ahh, so my Texas analogy doesn't work? The neck is only technically the north? Lol that's like saying the confederacy was rebelling on behalf of Mexico. Or maybe even the king of Spain
  16. I think they were in the right to rebel but if I was KL I guess I would not, and breaking up MC would be a game changer, but still.... Your location is TX? They rebelled twice in 30 years, and while demolishing up like, the Alamo, wouldn't be a strategic win like MC would, it's still not a complete win, TX really doesn't seem to be wanted to be broken up. If northern honor forced them to rebel twice then I think they'll fight just as hard instead of being broken up.
  17. Define administration? Hope they pay their taxes on time and cross their fingers they aren't raping newlyweds and cutting their husbands tongues off? Sunset kingdoms aren't exactly known for their administrative departments. But, Balon considered it his and went through the proper steps to keep it I agree, lots of asoiaf boils down to local government vs central government. Balon definitely didn't seem the radical type like Aeron Yea so I don't think Balons Aeron. He just wants fame and power, not trying to bring back a culture. Even Aeron I'm unsure of, he doesn't want Theon or Euron on the throne, so he pulls out all these loopholes from a 10k year old, largely made up, history. But he's definitely got some sense of bringing back his culture. I really don't think conquest and pillaging and rape and such is one of the stand out ones because everyone in Westeros is like that. I think it's more about, like, local semi democratic govts vs being ruled over and told what to do with their own navy It's their type of honor. And every other Westerosi Again this isn't a specific Ironborn trait. The north conquered the fingers, they hate them. The Vale conquered it too and they hate them. Lannister recently conquered the RL and they hate them, except the Frey's who hate the Starks who previously conquered them. Nobody likes being conquered
  18. I think it's as you see it He wanted conquest. Right. So it's an ambiguous term that doesn't have a set definition? This is now or before? Because I'd say neither are true and that for the most part the only thing that put them into their place were dragons. (Greatjon says similar things but with the north) Every greatlord of Westeros is beyond rich. They rule over thousands of households, it's honor that motivates them not money. Especially with ironborn
  19. New way is mercantilism and old is classic Westerosi barbarism? But if this is all ancient history I don't see what it's got to do with Balon. Also in the history of trade, especially with vikings who were legendary traders and the inspiration of ironborn the main way they made money was human trafficking which sounds pretty old way to me Balon wanted to conquer the north, not just rob them. Theon, I'd say he did it on purpose lol Maybe. Idk, when people fight faith the faithful often fight back. (Also it should be the Father, the Stranger would just piss everyone off. Or maybe all 7 are just aspects of the drowned?) Word. Winter just means staying indoors and drinking hot coco, the time for fighting is before or after, and II are kinda winning. I mean the islands themselves haven't even been touched but unlike Vale and Dorne it's not terrorized by the indigenous in the hills with Lannister swords or having the public riot and forced to put the royal family in chains. (Well, the last parts actually pretty II too lol)
  20. Can you please explain one more time? Old way means reaving? But new way means conquering? But then Balon did new way stuff where as Andy Dalton Greyjoy was old?
  21. Not sure thats reasonable, but for sure, there are converts I suppose. Idk, to my understanding about Christianity (im not religious, or even if I was, im not Christian so I may be off) is the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism are interpretations, like im pretty sure they all believe there is one God and Jesus is his son and our savior. Drowned God is a different then the 7, maybe. I guess its possible to say they're all the same anyway That sounds kinda right. Balons dad or grandpa was bugging, made stupid laws. Had his son killed by a maester, good times lol. I like the concepts, I mean obviously being a thrall is horrible but that their kids are fullblown ironborn and able to captain their own ship where they bow before no man is just terrific. I also kinda like the concept of rock wives for the nobility. Like Oberyns gf or Shae. When politicians cant get married below their stations it can make for a depressing life (in Shaes case a deadly one), but like if Dany has to marry Hizdar for politics, well I think she and Daario would be happy if they could marry for love too Everywhere in Westeros has an uncomfortable history where they were on the losing end, and the country is hardly unified. It sometimes is, but its mostly fractured with strange alliances and backstabbing happening behind walls When they ruled the Riverlands threatening the entire south? What would you say the difference is between the old way and new way?
  22. Nah its not you, sometimes conversations are upsetting lol. (I'm confused by your allegorias because Tywins attacks on the Riverlands brought about the people's resistance of BWB and Aegon famously failed to submit Dorne) So to stay with the nazis, cuz why not, it's hard to destroy a religion. I mean the relationship between humans and their god is literally beyond this world, so I don't see the drowned god going anywhere anytime soon. The culture of thralldom and stuff, rock wives and what not, isn't going to be easy to extinguish. We've had this conversation not to long ago, but Westerosi are by and large an equally brutal bunch I'd say. I mean, asoiaf is probably the most fucked up thing I've ever read and Ironborn don't even make top 5. I think the old ways back, maybe lol. I don't think KL can function like it used to though, Aerys proved it. Robert was a temporary band aid (which Balon saw, surprisingly Viserys also saw this and wanted the GC to invade Westeros but Dameons men laughed) but the wounds opened all the way now. Aegon the dragon conquered Westeros because he was the dragon, that's not a thing anymore. Maybe. It might be again. Oh lords love breaking laws. Especially Lannister lol. But yea I'm sure there's more tounge cutters like Roose then exiles like Jorah. The populace too is convinced everyone they see is a bandit so I'm going to assume there's a decent amount of banditry too. But Westeros acts like they have laws nonetheless, like Tarly in affc. (Forgot to respond to this) Yea he's got cool armor, stupid helmet though. Yea, I mean medieval sword fighting anywhere, is pretty stupid to not do in armor. Like, drowning bad sure but stabbing bad too.
  23. Probably not. Genocide requires consistently thorough, time consuming work with a highly functioning bureaucracy behind it. Even the Nazis failed, thank God lol. I'ma be honest, this conversations pretty upsetting. Anyway, no. Hiding from the big animal in the sky isn't that hard. They're not rabbits. And Ironborn look like everyone else anyway. I mean the kids of thralls are Ironborn so the culture is already diverse and probably spread outside the islands anyway. I don't really remember tbh. I don't think Dalton was king but I only remember him because they said he had red hair so I always pictured Andy Dalton and that stuck with me. I only remember Stark going south around Andy Dalton times anyway, right? Idk, it'll be on HBO soon anyway, if these damn kids grow up already Westerosi in general? That's actually another good point on how interwoven in Westerosi culture the Ironborn are. The NW is filled with them. Big names like when Aegon the dragon landed the Ironborn kings brother was LC, now there is Pyke who had and has a very realistic shot of becoming LC as well. This shows that Ironborn resonate Westerosi culture enough to defend the north from grumkins and snarks, and that they are indeed capable of breaking a law and being punished
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