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  1. I used to play that game where you spread your fingers on a table and stab quickly in between lol, stupid kid. But I was never like Red Dead Redemption with it. I guess life was different when death was around so many corners like it was in middle ages or cowboy times. (What could be the life expectancy for Westerosi? Most women it seems like first pregnancy) I don't think that's even possible, just mad ramblings by Cersei. Like, you need zyklon b for that. Anyway, the Ironborn have a rich history to aspire too, their kingdom was drastically diminished since the dragon. I dont remember any other Ironborn king trying to bring back the old way like Balon and Aeron keep babbling on about though. Greatjon however, although never using the phrase listed basically all the obvious reasons why the old way is the only acceptable option. The Dornish populace is also very anti central government, and it's leaders are secretly too. They all cling for the old way because their all Westerosi, they just have different ways of talking and and get offended over different trivial things. But in all 9 of the 7 kingdoms it's warlords social distancing themselves from their constitutions while contemplating how Brandon the Builder designed his bedroom
  2. Ah nice! Ty. You also don't think it's Neds fault, got it. I'd say Dothraki. While Westerosi are undoubtedly stupid Essosi are just cruel. As Dothraki are as cruel as their neighbors they're also only a few slight step above hunter gatherers so I guess I'd go with them. (wildlings gotta be the dumbest though. Steal southern girls just to take em back to the cold?) Ironborn specifically aren't that dumb though, the whole continents inbreds murdering and robbing each other over their local idea of honor. They all live in ruins that are so elaborate they decided giants and magic must have built them. If anything the fact that they don't joust puts them a few notches up, although axe tossing isn't the most intellectual sport either
  3. Which is great because that sentence makes Victarion appear sane. When in fact if you look up madness in a pictonary it's Theon nuzzling at his rats. Which only leave Asha who if not the worst idea at the kingsmoot was definitely one of them. It's all a great joy. I mean, Greyjoy
  4. After Balon died and Euron ascended, Eurons was is not Balons. Iirc Rodrik didn't publicly back her, or anybody. Only people who agreed with her I think were her friends like Qarl and Tristifer. Yea maybe, she's all over the place. I guess that makes sense? I mean not much... I don't take much stock into to wiki or the maester books their allegedly based on. Anyway, maesters don't often do well in the islands and are bound to be biased and fraudulent like they usually are. It's probably more fun to raid then farm, fishing sounds kinda boring too though. But the entire populace being soldiers doesn't make sense in any functioning society. Like Sparta I guess got a way with it for a few centuries and had the Helots farm while they pirated, but even as dismal as the life of a Thrall is, they're a far cry from the Helots. It's confusing though for sure, because the idea of smallfolk I guess isn't as much of a thing on the islands because of the existence of thralls. (But like, can anyone get one? Qarl, Rodrik? They don't seem the raiding type.) You seemed to say it's legal as a justification for the abduction, or internship, whatever you want to call it. But I don't think that's the best reasoning in the savage Sunset kingdoms Fair enough, I just call what I see
  5. How would the Ironborn be driven out of castles? And there is no northern army after RW, especially when Vic conquered MC Word, but just her. No one else supported her view. Also I kinda think she was being political and took the peace platform because in democracies you have to be the opposite of the opposition Greyjoy are high lords and now kings. Of course they don't sow. Neither do Lannisters Starks or Targaryens. The smallfolk must farm or the islands wouldn't have any people on it But whoever you think is an alternative replacement would face the same situation. Im sure there's enough food, it's not Darry. In the barbarity that we know as seven kingdoms, being legal or illegal isn't necessarily the same as being moral or immoral
  6. Mountain clans? They're an auxillary force not tough enough to win by themselves. Robbs army was in the south No they dont Word, Winterfell is far After Balon died, after Victarion left with all of his best men, after Euron stopped caring about his brothers war However the world used to spin will continue. Ironborn can be farmers, why not? And the lands not that different, plus the smallfolk will do all the work anyway He's partly to blame, sure So was Gregor smashing Oberyns face off, doesn't make it any less disgusting
  7. I don't think so, only jewelrys mentioned. I suppose there's nothing stopping the captain from killing and taking but I think hes allowed to safely buy velvet, be comfortable and not get ostracized. Now if the chair has some bling to it?... What does the driftwood crown look like? Is it, just wet sticks? No bling? So I chose Harrenhal specifically because Arya was only able to walk out the gate through bribery and murder. Word. Dudes a straight dick. I thought he made a pretty good Ironborn king though, more then I think his children could be. (though not as much as his brothers) Hostile armies can't reach them, especially if the elements are a thing. Logistics confuses me, but however the old boss did the new boss will now do. If Ned refused then it would have been someone else's fault but he didn't so it is. Balon definitely has a large share of blame too, so does Robert. Neither abducted and imprisoned though.
  8. Stannis is in the field, Ironborn are in castles. The granaries and stuff then, like however the previous landlords got by will be how the Ironborn will. The whole situation would have never happened if Balons mother didn't fuck his father either. The final act was Ned taking the kid. Like Lady, it's obviously on him
  9. From whom? The northern resistance was crushed until Balon died. Land feeds itself, that's what smallfolk do Nobody forced Ned to abduct a child Yea, maybe. Whatever it is it's sustainable. I think he was more disappointed then mad. Balons a mean guy though, no doubt about it. But Theon did disrespect their culture in their first encounter
  10. Iron Islands are rich in, iron. Stoney stuff is good. It's all good though, I'm sure Stoney Shore got farmland to sustain it or it wouldn't be a thing. Why not? What happens in the winter, white walkers? It's Eddards fault because he forcefully took a child from his parents. Probably. He doesn't have to kill him, I think making nobleman yield allow them to get looted too. It'd look strange though, robbing prisoners for a stone that isnt actually worth much in a room of billionaires. He was basically lying by wearing jewelry, it's a stupid mistake.
  11. Strategic pinpoints though. Frozen wasteland? I understand the fandoms belittlement of Balon, even if I don't agree. But I never got how the North's useless, it is not a frozen wasteland. Not even close, it's a huge area that's bound to be luscious with forests that's can be used for carpentry and then the land for farming, it's got coastal towns to fish at or random animal wildlife outside the towns to hunt at. Only thing, you need a sweater. Frozen wasteland is like past the north, and way past like a half a (or a seventh) North plus to reach that. He did at WW (if he had any kills). And with the wildlings, if they had any jewelry. Not clothes, jewelry. Diamonds, rubies, gold. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Not clothing. Theon was raised in his culture and knew immediately he fucked up. It's Neds fault, he's the one guarding the exit door from a 10 year old with Ice, but Balon definitely played a part
  12. Wealth isn't the priority though, he's a warlord not a merchant. Others have, for sure. But others have also not. The second time? The one where he conquered like half the north? Balon did very well for himself, it's why the ironborn loved him. If Balon wasn't murdered or Euron continued his war the north would look drastically different then it does in adwd. He could have paid it, snagged something at WW. Or simply not wear fake tokens of honor when talking to your dad/king.
  13. Because he's a dick. Westerosi parents aren't as supportive to their children in embracing who they are or want to be as the 21st cnt reader either. His idea of honor I'd guess. Also the riches power and prestige that comes with conquest.
  14. I seem to remember KL having 500k, so 39.5 for the rest sounds like a lot, but whatever. Before the middle ages there were the Greek islands, who if not all out ruling the Mediterranean they were at least noticable enough to be accounted for. It's not the clothing that makes him look like a whore, it's the jewelry. It's not like Theon showed up in fishnets. He coulda taken some things after WW but there wasnt much or he forgot or something, Theon had an explanation. He was also upset that when he saved Brans life it was from savages who tend to be lacking the bling bling department. They came for Bran because of the jewelry. My man's was sparkling, that's how the rich do, they sparkle. Ironborn like to sparkle too, but they want a story attached to it. Being noble and rich isn't everything to Ironborn, which is why it's possible for some fishermen to look like a rapper and a lord to look like they did in HBO (got me so mad, birdshit on Balons coat. Like the dudes a king lol). Theons basically showing up with mad military badges on his chest when he's only fought one battle in a subordinate role He did. Which is why he wasn't keen on Theon returning and contesting Ashas claim.
  15. Not everything. Only jewelry That shipbuilder in acok seemed like he made a decent living and was somewhat respectable There's an economy in place. Euron utilizes it to sell slaves, which is against traditions because it's people not economics I'm from a collection of small islands too, population is like 8.5m Is it less awful in Harrenhal? There's an allure to being ironborn, definitely much more local independence then smallfolk in it's sister kingdoms. Starting with a fishing boat you can move to reaving and eventually someone who needs to be taken seriously. This is almost unreachable in the green lands. It was unbelievably disrespectful to show up dressed like that. It goes against his entire culture
  16. But arent they just terrific? Idk that. I mean, maybe with Kettleblack and getting arrested looks like some law was broken... But for the most part Id say kings (Cerseis also no king) cant give illegal orders, like Aerys ordering JonA to hand over the fellas was cruel and stupid but Jon was the one who broke the law. I completely disagree, Id say his major theme is his failure to take his (or any) responsibility. I see Eddard as he sees himself, not brother Brandon. I think his shirking of responsibility is most predominant when he dramatically throws his chain in front of Robert. Targaryens have always been an issue, dragonspawn, Ned ran away then seeing the murderers go free now he runs thinking Danys already as dead her nephew/niece. (even that didnt last) From putting a troublesome warlord on a dragons perch and being surprised of its monstrosity to knowing what Joffrey and his mother are while pushing Sansa further into their den, Eddards consistently riding the waves of misery, and the realm often follows. Eh. Wouldnt be much of a story then He acts like he is, or at least telling Jon to be one. I really respect Neds words to his children, (or at least the two that look like him lol) I just wish he practiced his teachings. Oh yea, guy was toats mcgoats. Mmm, ok. I guess. I find it difficult to complement Ned, especially here lol. Its definitely his perceived duty as lord of the north though. Ramsay, as lord of the north (2nd in command, but come on, how long can that last?) isnt interested in the same stuff as Ned (deserters of the wall running rampant in the north probably wont bug him as much as Ned) but he still has to show the North whos in command. Realpolitik is a thing, and the local politics of the NW isnt even on their radar. (i dont think we want to call it protection lol) So Jon suspects all this, but he also suspects it happened already with Alys he also suspects Mel is a liar liar whos pants are undoubtably, on fire. But regardless, when it comes down to it, I dont think a wife can ever legally escape her protection. (She was dying? Horse was grey, cool story, Honeymooner Ramsays back now) Jorahs wife successfully bounced, but that was already while living outside the law, Tysha too, but thats complicated, for the most part I think its death do you part. I dont really wanna go through the entire list, but basically its an infamous' traitors family and party and possibly valuable wildling hostages too. All legal and all tropheys for his realpolitik. And Reek. His greatest strength and weakness. I think so. I bet itll be hard for him though because the NW and his false defection in asos did a number on his mind I kept thinking that line, so I was like screw it, Ima post it
  17. Because twow is never coming out? Honestly, it all looks reasonable to me. Do we not want Jon resurrected and killing Boltons? Lmao. Jesus Homerun post
  18. Whatever authority the system gave Jon wasn't enough. Melisandre told Jon how he can get more authority, Varys told Tyrion too. It's longclaw. Jon made a few radical changes, eventually it stopped working. But I think he's gonna get up and try again and I hope he tears more of the system down. It's a flawed system that even if perfected it screws over the entire populace past the wall. Plus, it's evil. The regulations imposed on the life of a crow isn't human.
  19. It's pronounced wall. Such as? The many rights of Mycha. This is actually a point thats never been brought by any slave master The system in place means they'll never be at peace, which is why we see the smallfolk I'm Riverlands in revolution Most lords I'd agree with, however Beric and Edmure prove that some lords can indeed be human
  20. I'll take it Ask Cersei what the difference is, she won't have an answer (neither would her father, son, husband or moonboy for all I know) We know Gendrys a protagonist and targeted solely for his birth but Lorch just has an arrest warrant and doesn't know that he's recreating hide and go seek under the bed. I also think the NW should draw conclusions and when targeted as the enemy by absolute scum like Lorch it no longer makes sense to play neutrality. That's at least the decision reached by Yoren. (I do take issue that Ned is not a paid executioner like Illyn. True he has a tongue, which is why he opens asoiaf with Ice in front of the protagonist spewing "In the name of Robert of House Bara..." like the switch flicking executioner he is, who didn't get the pardon call from the governor despite staring at the phone. It's the eyes that get me. Jon didn't kill Ygritte because his father said before you flick the switch look in their souls. Jon did, Robb did. Even the 6 year old did. Gods know what Ned saw, like it matters. We all saw him hiding behind Roberts name. Lol ok, invertance over.) She said she doesn't want to and then they physically tossed her from the walls. But, I mean for sure. She definitely wanted out But Jon doesn't know this, for all we know Ramsay doesn't know either. (Of course he does) At the least he publicly says that's Arya. I was gonna say he wants his Reek back because I like that line but I didn't specifically because of the concept of slavery. You can't own men, but when you put a ring on it in this Westerosi patriarchy you most definitely can own women. (We see a similar situation with Alys where Jon chooses right over custom, another stretching of neutrality) Oh, them. Rams is a wild one. He pushes boundaries. I don't even know anymore. I used to think human wights vs other wights was just ironic but now complemented with the ridiculous relations with their southern kingdoms, I think it's also a mistake. Whatd the old school heroes do? Build a snowfort to keep a bunch of Ygritte and Crasters huddled up with Others, was the builder a Craster? What the hell were they thinking and why is Jon the first to decide to get the sheep away from the zombie wolves? I like to think of 10k years of fuck ups and not like, the old door that Sam found was created with an ulterior motive but either way, almost everythings fucked up. (No he certainly didn't, Stannis saved the realm because the superstitious nut wanted to kill Davos out of, like, sad fury? However the virtuous knight hit community chest last turn and had a get out of jail free card. Because Melisandre cheated and put the card there. Every thing Davos did in asos, from bumping and being charmed by big ears to creating his title to forcing his hand and making him free Edric was all because she willed it. Crazy witch) Exactly. Stannis is the best that's coming, so why is he playing the facade of a lawyer and bickering over fish? He should just end the watch because the system is flawed and broken. (I mean, so is Stannis') https://youtu.be/k8ws_APXilE
  21. But you do see that in this very specific instance, if Ned was less hands on with his duty and sent Gareds head with the body still attached, it could potentially be a politically shattering moment when the knowledge of others becomes a thing? Indeed. Lorch was ordered by the regent to apprehend Gendry. The king gets his way, according to KL Lorch was following the law. Ramsay is the true born heir of Winterfell, whatever that means, but he wants his wife back. A highlord getting his kidnapped wife back is understandably legal. Neutrality is just a fancy word for submission Truly. Honestly they may be my favorite interactions in the series. (I love how Stannis doesn't seem to have a sense of humor but keeps knocking these jokes out the park, which confuses Jon to no end because Starks definitely have no sense of humor) Benjin (obviously) is so mysterious. The Old Bear says Ben knew that Craster gave his sons to the gods. Then Gared is the the 4th or 5th this year, and we know that the brothers talk because Ben's in Winterfell telling Jon not to join the NW ( Mormont assumed Jon was sent purposely by Ned). Lots of questions here Inadvertently lol. I won't put anything past Jon, besides he understands the more dead equals more others Not his fault? He human trafficked so he didn't have to pawn jewels and could stay in bed with his wife for an extra half hour. But I see where your getting at. I think hes ashamed that Jorah didn't take the black, (his son would be his brother? I thought this wasn't KL) kinda morphing his before life and after life. I kinda think Jorah may go to the wall, if it's still a thing, but only after continuing his arc. (I'm like obsessed with Jorah, he's such an interesting character) But do they? King Stannis defeated Mance, he's also the one mining for dragonglass. The crows if anything seem to make the job more difficult. (It doesn't help that Stannis immediately marches south)
  22. Word, don't mean to bash Ned. Or not trying to, sometimes it comes out inadvertently. Just trying to point out the flawed, and in this case dooming, relationship between kingdoms and wall. But the king gets his way. Ned says we're broke and can't host a tourney king says fix it. Alchemists say they can't brew that much wildfire the hand of the king says fix it. Robert and Tyrion sometimes colored outside the box when it comes to honorable negotiations but Stannis consistently dumps his absolutist can of paint all over the canvas. And yet I do agree, he has to tread with the LC. Jon is definitely a shrewd politician which helps they dynamic but there is some type of legal limbo that they both navigate together in their dealings, which was always fascinating. Wait, that's also not what I meant lol. I think Mormont using the "he was only gone for 20 min getting some tail" is like an ambiguous statement. For instance when Benjin comes over for the family bbq without signing out I don't think he's going to arrive back to the chopping block. I'd even venture to say (though totally out of Mormonts scope) if Brynden Rivers comes back he wouldn't execute him for being a deserter because he's back. Mormonts men would have never let him go though, they were there (where, idk, probably not Moles Town but maybe, I mean why not...) waiting to ambush Jon and presumably put him back in that cell him and Ghost have grown to love until Mormont can get him to chill out It's like Mance Rayder, too valuable to kill. I'm beginning to see another problem lol. It's not even that Gareds skills at, whatever, is so valuable but he's seen shit that needs reporting. I also think Mormont realizes a decision made that can be unmade later isn't worth him making an irreversible decision. Like Sam wasn't planning on going Arya on Daeron, only smacking him up and getting him to chill out. (I can't see the Jorah correlation) (Basically the rest of the seven kingdoms is bad for business) He was. So was Amory Lorch and so is Ramsay. They do know they're hurting the NW, they're just awful people too who have their own agenda that has nothing to do with what they perceive to be defenders against grumkins and snarks Looks kinda right, idk, they sware loyalty to the order not the commander. It should work the opposite way but the wall always gets the short end, Ned publicly wanted to join the NW and nobody seemed to care. The trouble is the army needs the realm to live, it's people are it's blood and they're often filled with rapists murderers and other hardcore criminals, which doesn't bode well for the living conditions, let alone the respect the realm has for it's army. They give up more then that. Wife, children, the clothes off their back, that one tiny red fucking strip in the cloak that reminds of human kindness. It's too much. The Wall may be built out of ice but the NW was built with dynamite. Perhaps the builder (or last hero or azor ahai, take your pick. It was probably none of them) never wanted the NW to be an indefinite thing, or perhaps he just wasn't that wise. Maybe he was even a jerk, but probably not Don't have to justify Jon for me, he could kill Arya and I'll still love him (well... How about Dany?), especially if it's because he's breaking traditions implemented by like the nights king probably.
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