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    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I got hooked on the TV series and found myself constantly pausing the show to consult the Blu-Ray guide that HBO embedded in each episode. After watching season 2, I decided that I would read the series so I would understand it better. Since I'm a teacher, I work pretty hard from August-May reading a lot of academic books and students essays, and I have no time for pleasure reading during the school year. I finally got around to starting the series this summer and I am really enjoying it, having just finished book one. But given the complexity of the mythology and the huge cast of characters, I am going to move through each book very slowly. Unfit, indeed. Does this teacher still have his job? I cannot imagine trying to justify this in any school I have worked in.
  2. johnnyonthespot

    Favorite POV Character

    As far as enjoying the full scope of the narrative, I'd say that the Daenerys and Eddard chapters were the best. I found the Tyrion and Arya chapters to be the most enjoyable to read. After a while, I began to dread having to read another Bran or Jon chapter, but I'm sure they'll pay off in the long run of the entire series.