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  1. Episode gets a solid 1 from me. Horrible. They should have called it A Song of Tyrion and Tyrion because this episode was all about him. This was the Peter Dinklage Emmy reel.
  2. Absolutely. I see people asking how will they resolve Essos and the Faceless Men and The Night's Watch and Ghost, etc. These people are also insane. They will barely resolve 2nd stringers' storylines (likely with one or two sentences) let alone red shirt bench warmers.
  3. Yeah, I think "cares" can be construed a few different ways in the question. I think, why has no one asked or is interested to hear about his death? He's kind of been an important person throughout Westeros to where everyone knew who he was. Yet, no one asks anything? Of course, some of these people are the same ones who have not asked about Rickon despite being related to him or asking about Walder Frey and his entire family. Jaime marched through the Twins twice. Jon and his army marched through on down towards King's Landing. No one seemed curious why all the Freys were dead?
  4. Haha. I won't lie, seeing Qyburn get tossed into the rocks was my favorite part of the episode. Probably the only good part.
  5. And aside from how Drogon did not burn anyone else but Varys, how did he even hear Dany say it? She spoke pretty quietly and monotone with that "Dracarys". Her tone to dragon firing a close advisor is like how I react to my wife asking me to do the dishes.
  6. So is Tyrion to blame for everything? He suggested the wight hunt. Dany could have just flown to the Red Keep with 3 dragons at the outset when she arrived at Dragonstone and destroyed the Red Keep only saving thousands of lives, and then she could have dealt with the white walkers with a unified Westeros. But St. Tyrion suggested she go north and capture a wight. He also has betrayed Dany multiple times. So can we all just blame him for King's Landing being in ruins?
  7. 2 out of 10 for me. It gets an extra point for the effects and cinematography. But everything else was horrible. How can anyone be nominated for an Emmy this season? There has been practically zero dialogue. Lena Headey has had about 5 lines the entire season. If this is George's idea for bittersweet, God help us all.
  8. 2 for me. It only gets above a 1 because MissWorm finally is over.
  9. They talked about how it was not possible to have each death be a meaningful one in this episode, but they really wanted to focus on baby Mormont's death because she was "amazing". Edd and potentially Ghost and Rhaegal get essentially off-screen deaths. But Ollie Mormont is worth a heroic death.
  10. This is all D&D's fault. They made Winterfell this pathetic castle since season 1. But at least season 1 you could blame it on the smaller budget. Winterfell is the seat of the north, and they treat it like a small little fort. There is nothing grand or spectacular about it in the show, and it has been a letdown from the get-go.
  11. 4 out of 10 for me. The only things that increased it were the visual effects and Baby Mormont finally biting it. The rest was a complete jumbled mess that was barely even able to be seen.
  12. Wasn't there that Volantene sex slave who loved him so much she was willing to sleep with him for free? Not sure if he did, but if there's one thing that's realistic on this show, it's that sex slaves will sleep with dwarves for free.
  13. Ah. You're right. Kind of forgot about the Tyrion scene. But yeah, nothing was learned. And yeah, the Ds love for things to be learned off-screen, so I am sure that is the case. Tyrion learns where whores go and his true Targ roots off-screen. hahaha.
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