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  1. Have you seen that fug ass wig of Dany's in the teaser trailer? That is anything but cute as a bug.
  2. I agree. I may be wrong, but I don't recall him ever stating he has needed to shut himself away in a cabin to finish a book. But hey, if it worked for JK Rowling, maybe it will work for GRRM. However, I don't think he is that close to finishing if he feels it necessary to lock himself away to work on it.
  3. I'm pretty sure George said in the past he would announce once he has completed the book. Meaning, once it reaches the editing phase, he would announce it was done on his blog. Also, we've had translation rumors for years. And the cover art means nothing. ADWD had it's cover art announced a couple years ahead of when the book was released.
  4. Go read his recent blog post where he mentions TWOW. Although he is bummed about their records, he talks at length with excitement about his football teams. He then is giddy with joy about all the different TV shows and movies coming out based on his work. Then at the very end, almost as an afterthought, he mentions TWOW and how it is work and that he hopes to finish it. It's almost as if talking about writing TWOW is a chore. That is a person who is so mentally checked out on the series. We will be lucky if we ever see Winds in our lifetimes, let alone Dream.
  5. This means nothing. ADWD's cover was done a few years in advance. But if we're going by that logic, we should see Winds in 2021.
  6. He has already kind of prepared us for that. He said in an interview how the show version and ending is just as legitimate as the book's. The writing has been on the wall for some time that he won't finish the series. On his blog he was bragging about the new Funko Pop figurines of D&D and himself. The figures are called "The Creators". Each of them is equal at this point when it comes to creation. GRRM has made peace with that. The books are no longer the source material. The show, books, spinoffs - they are all part of a larger corporation. A Song of Ice and Fire is just one small part of Game of Thrones, Inc.
  7. Martin sold the rights to HBO back in 2007. Since that time he has published the second half of a single book in the series and is nowhere close to releasing any others. He hasn't had a grasp on the book series throughout the entire time HBO has been involved. Martin will never finish his book series. And he has said himself that the show's version is just as legitimate as the book's. Just different. So when the author says the show is legitimate, and we will never get the book ending, sadly I put full stock in the show's ending as the only legitimate ending we will get - as shitty as it will be.
  8. SuperMario

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    Dany stays in Essos. Frankly, I would be fine with that, at this point.
  9. SuperMario

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    It can't be anyone whose death was essential to move the main characters significantly forward like Oberyn or Tywin. Their deaths were necessary. I agree that Quentyn is likely the best bet. Maester Aemon is intriguing as well, but the Bran Bot will provide all the backstory we need with Jonny Targ.
  10. SuperMario

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Oh, I have no issues with George deciding to do what he wants to do. It's his life. But as others have said, fans have a right to complain. And we especially can call him out on his lies and misrepresentations especially in the face of white knights who defend everything he says and does.
  11. SuperMario

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Because the truth always hurts. Not even Baghdad Bob could spin this as positive. The most telling thing is that he thought in 2015 he could have finished within a few months. Now, here we are in April 2018, and he already knows it won't come out this year, with presumably 4 good months left to write before it would need to be sent to the publisher. 3 years ago he is 3 months away from finishing. Fast forward 3 years later, and he is at least a year from finishing. Whoever can spin that to cast GRRM in a good light, please step up.
  12. SuperMario

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    100%. I'm not saying it's surely the case with him, but absolutely it could happen. And with a story as detailed and intricate as ASOIAF, it's very plausible. Personally, I feel he wrote himself into some very tough corners with ADWD, and he got stuck and is bored with the material. Writing about Targ incest history was a nice reprieve for him and was more fun. Editing Wild Cards is more fun. Being a co-creator of a GoT spinoff show is more fun. Trying like hell how to get Dany back to Westeros that fits with the timeline of Jon and (F)Aegon and The Others and Euron? Not so much fun.
  13. SuperMario

    GRRM foresight about currencies

    When potential completion of the series is dire, and every reasonable theory has been discussed to death, these are the types of threads that start to pop up.
  14. SuperMario

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    George told us he would post on his blog when he has finished it. Not when the publisher is working on it, but when he has finished. Taking him at his word, I can say he is not done and the publisher does not have it.
  15. SuperMario

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Except he told us he would announce on his blog when he has completed it, meaning it was sent to the editor for final edits. Publication dates need to be announced ahead of time to boost sales. I have no idea how much, if any, he has written of it. But the one thing I do know, is that the publisher does not have it yet.