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  1. There were rumors, but I don't think so. Appears everything is a prequel.
  2. And don't forget about the "numerous" sequels and prequels that may be coming down the pike. There may be plenty of crap to come to rant about.
  3. Yep. The things we've been saying for years, some people are now finally saying it for season 8 as if the same crap was not happening for years before. I saw someone on io9 complaining that Arya's white horse scene was what finally put them over the edge with the show. I mean, yes, that was crap. But did they not watch shirtless Ramsey killing soldiers in season 5? Or the Sand snakes? Or Gendry running hundreds of miles back to Eastwatch in the matter of about an hour?
  4. Oh, most of us ranters have been hating this show for several seasons. Personally, I would say the first four seasons ranged from decent to great. They all had their issues, but season 4 started to suffer some big issues. And then season 5 went off a cliff and continued down towards the abyss that was season 8.
  5. SuperMario

    Loose Ends

    So after it's all said and done, let's compile a list of plotlines, stories, characters that received no end resolution: Faceless Men Essos/Daario Ellaria Sand
  6. I agree. I'm glad this scene was in there because the final episode deserved to have one of the worst scenes in the history of this show on it. Everything about the scene was pure crap. Sandra being a bitch to Edmure and then Yara and Bran by saying his thing doesn't work. And then declaring herself queen. Yara sitting by forgetting she was promised queenship as well. Tyrion, in chains, running the whole council. Prince Dorne sitting there like he doesn't give a fuck. SweetRobin looking like a Jonas Brother. Tyrion telling them Bran should be king because his story is best. Uh, how about the guy who fucking died and came back to life. That's a pretty good story too.
  7. Another awful line from the episode was when Arya said "I know a killer when I see one" referencing Dany to Jon. Uh, no shit. She just slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone knows she's a killer. If I didn't know I was watching Game of Thrones, I would have guessed that was a line from Airplane or Naked Gun.
  8. Because they explained everything so well in the final episode that there is no need for them to further tell us what we should be thinking.
  9. SuperMario

    Numbers of Dothraki and Unsullied?

    Yeah, apparently they can replicate as easily as the ships they use to take them back to wherever.
  10. I love how they first offer The Reach to the Unsullied and claim it is unoccupied. The Reach is the most fertile and most populated region in Westeros, and they make it seem like it's Greenland.
  11. SuperMario

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Except Sam never finished his maester training. And he abandoned the NW. So Jon gets sent back there, but Sam gets to be a grand maester? Sure, ok.
  12. SuperMario

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

    Wet fart. Shoot that's two words. Wetfart
  13. Can I just ask how did Sandra know that Bran's not able to get it up anymore?
  14. SuperMario

    The third twist

    It had to be Jon killing Dany. King Bran was some stupid shit I am pretty sure the Ds invented.
  15. SuperMario


    Because giving it to Gendry would make too much sense and we wouldn't get the St. Tyrion speech about how amazing Bran is due to his "story".