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  1. 55 minutes ago, Dragons Are Real said:

    Once someone dies in GoT the mere memory of them disappears from all who ever met them, unless the plot demands a reference to something they did.

    Anyone else think we will have a TON of unresolved/unresolvable character arcs?


    Absolutely. I see people asking how will they resolve Essos and the Faceless Men and The Night's Watch and Ghost, etc. These people are also insane.

    They will barely resolve 2nd stringers' storylines (likely with one or two sentences) let alone red shirt bench warmers.

  2. 2 hours ago, House Cambodia said:

    Okay, what you wrote was 'how come no one cares about Littlefinger dying?'.

    To this question I'd put it down to D&D packing too much into not enough time - i.e. bloody bad writing!

    Yeah, I think "cares" can be construed a few different ways in the question. I think, why has no one asked or is interested to hear about his death? He's kind of been an important person throughout Westeros to where everyone knew who he was. Yet, no one asks anything? Of course, some of these people are the same ones who have not asked about Rickon despite being related to him or asking about Walder Frey and his entire family. Jaime marched through the Twins twice. Jon and his army marched through on down towards King's Landing. No one seemed curious why all the Freys were dead?

  3. 13 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

    It was really mising a training montage scene like in Rocky 4. Emilia Clarke and Drogon off in the mountains learning how to fight magical giant crossbows to a pumping 80's soundtrack. Then that scene where they were suddenly no threat at all to Drogon would have totally made sense and been kind of awesome. Instead of being just kind of stupid.

    Also, how does a dragon breathing fire knock down a wall? Does a flamethrower knock down walls? I don't think it does. What they are implying is not only is it a jet of fire coming from the dragon's mouth but it also causes some sort of explosion when the writers feel like it should cause explosions. Walls don't exploe when fire hits them. Fuck this show, it's got me questioning the validity of dragon fire. I mean a dragon taking down an ice wall is one thing, but this is just absurd.

    Unless I'm remembering it wrong and Drogon didn't make walls explode by breathing on them.

    Haha. Has to be to Joe Esposito.


  4. 5 minutes ago, DMC said:

    I literally screamed at my television "No you fucking idiots that's not how it happens!!!"

    This is not only the most plausible explanation for how that episode has any connection to the books, it also explains why they centered (and titled) the episode around bells - which honestly I was like WTF?  Thanks.

    He also killed Dr. Frankenstein in the process just as an afterthought.

    Haha. I won't lie, seeing Qyburn get tossed into the rocks was my favorite part of the episode. Probably the only good part.

  5. So is Tyrion to blame for everything? He suggested the wight hunt. Dany could have just flown to the Red Keep with 3 dragons at the outset when she arrived at Dragonstone and destroyed the Red Keep only saving thousands of lives, and then she could have dealt with the white walkers with a unified Westeros.

    But St. Tyrion suggested she go north and capture a wight. He also has betrayed Dany multiple times. So can we all just blame him for King's Landing being in ruins?

  6. 52 minutes ago, Cas Stark said:

    What did they say?  I read they said that the Dothraki are dead as a people, anything else? 

    They talked about how it was not possible to have each death be a meaningful one in this episode, but they really wanted to focus on baby Mormont's death because she was "amazing". Edd and potentially Ghost and Rhaegal get essentially off-screen deaths. But Ollie Mormont is worth a heroic death.

  7. 48 minutes ago, alinoris said:

    Just my 2 cents on some reported tactical issues.

    Winterfell isn't a huge castle (just compare it to the Red Keep, or to the Dragonstone Fortress, for instance) and so are its walls...therefore you can't put trebuchets or big catapultss up there. Consequently also the courtyards aren't that large, so again...big trebuchets (u really need a big empty area for them to work) aren't an option there as well (to make it short, it's Winterfell, not Minas Tirith ^^). Catapults: if u place them inside, u need a very long space ahead to hit very far, otherwise u will hit your own walls, or u will be forced to aim too high (and that will shorten your shots a lot).

    This is all D&D's fault. They made Winterfell this pathetic castle since season 1. But at least season 1 you could blame it on the smaller budget. Winterfell is the seat of the north, and they treat it like a small little fort. There is nothing grand or spectacular about it in the show, and it has been a letdown from the get-go.

  8. 20 minutes ago, House Cambodia said:

    Talking of which, it occurred to me as Tyrion was in conversation with his brother, that Tyrion hasn't been with a woman since Shae. I think that's right, isn't it?

    Wasn't there that Volantene sex slave who loved him so much she was willing to sleep with him for free? Not sure if he did, but if there's one thing that's realistic on this show, it's that sex slaves will sleep with dwarves for free. :huh: :huh:

  9. 13 minutes ago, Suzanna Stormborn said:

    At least Tyrion took the time lol.

    I liked that scene, he was like 'Ok I am pulling up a chair, please fucking tell me everything, because I (and apparently no one else) am slightly curious as to the fate of the world and everything that has happened.......

    wouldn't it be funny if Branbot told Tyrion off screen that his father was Aerys targaryen... :rofl:

    Ah. You're right. Kind of forgot about the Tyrion scene. But yeah, nothing was learned. And yeah, the Ds love for things to be learned off-screen, so I am sure that is the case. Tyrion learns where whores go and his true Targ roots off-screen. hahaha.

  10. 49 minutes ago, teej6 said:

    How did Bran explain himself? He just said the same “I’m not Brandon Stark anymore” and some mambo jumbo about the NK making attempts on past 3ERs and how he’s the memory bank of humanity. I’m still confused.  

    I'm so annoyed at the entire Branbot situation. This is the first episode we get even a hint at what Bran knows with everyone in the room. Shouldn't all of them be peppering him with questions on everything he knows? Sam is the only one even attempting to understand and figure out what Bran knows.

    They literally have a omniscient demi-god sitting in front of them, and they care more about fucking songs, drinking and fucking.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Suzanna Stormborn said:

    I think that Jon/Branbot and Dany are about to beat the WW's in Ep. 3 and that'll be it for the WW's.  The last 3 episodes are dealing with the aftermath of who dies and then immediately turning to take on Cersei and the GC. Dorne is gone, Essos/Bravos/Volantis storylines are abandoned. The Eeyrie is abandonded. Casterly Rock is abandoned. After Ep. 3I imagine Winterfell will be abandoned as well. The last 3 episodes are all about the IT and that's it.

    You might be right, but that will be a weak-ass end to this series if that is true. I know Cersei wasn't in this episode and likely might not be in the next, or very little anyway. So the final episodes will be hugely focused on Cersei. Whatever they can do to get Lena the Emmy.

    But if this show wants something redeeming, it better have some twist. The fact that the Night King is just death and wants to bring death is dumb. So the good guys winning and beating death only to go and fight the next bad guy/girl/Cenobite only to squabble over the iron throne will be fucking stupid.

  12. 3 out of 10 for me.

    Pod singing was the highlight of the episode even if it was a ripoff of Mist and Shadow. And anything with Edd is great.

    But this episode just boils down to the writers not having the ability to write tension. For 8 seasons, we've been waiting for this - The Battle of Dawn. And yet, it felt so underwhelming. Not one time during this episode did it really feel like the characters were really in the moment.

    But as others have pointed out, the show now just proceeds to have big announcements be cut short by some interruption.

  13. 26 minutes ago, The Fattest Leech said:

    I know exactly what you mean. I come from a motorcycle riding family, and even I who hasn't ridden near as much as some others in my family have, even I know how unrealistic this is. It's one of the "turn the brain off" moments.

    Speaking of wind speed effects, it is good to know that there are secret curling irons everywhere Dany flies to because her hair is always perfectly coiffed, never windblown. And now with Jon, too, I suppose :dunno: Staying hot is hawt!

    Haha. I am pretty sure that awful wig Emilia wears is completely glued down on her head.

    And shouldn't hers, and now Jon's, delicate parts be a bit roughed up from riding on a dragon. Dragon scale-induced hemorrhoids have to hurt like a bitch!

    But if Tyrion can craft a saddle for a crippled boy in the matter of a day, couldn't he or someone have come up with some type of saddle considering the amount of time she has been riding them?

  14. 51 minutes ago, divica said:

    They killed the princess and the martells but cersei killed the queen and the high sparrow and a bunch of other important people and they know it! If they hate the SS then they must hate cersei!

    Agree. So they disapprove of one kinslaying, murderous leader(s), but the other one is apparently ok.

    But the dudebros are the absolute worst at consistency when it comes to the sake of plot.

  15. 5 minutes ago, Cas Stark said:

    I agree, and that would be interesting, as well as realistic.  If we saw angry mobs in KL.  If we saw, a Cersei who was, herself, melting down, paranoid, hysterical, using violence against the smallfok to maintain power,  instead of this regal emotionless, no facial expressions either version that Lena has given us the last couple seasons, and apparently not a single soul in KL cares that she has usurped the throne, killed the queen, caused her son's death, kinslayed, committed incest and so on.  Everyone is good with that even though there is no more Tyrell food coming for winter.

    It doesn't even feel like Cersei is even in King's Landing. It's like she is in this floating pyramid like Ra from Stargate and all her people are down below. When was the last time we've seen a normal scene in King's Landing? Every scene is either in the Dragon's pit or inside the Red Keep. There is no sense of her being the ruler of an actual city, let alone the 7 Kingdoms.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Suzanna Stormborn said:

    How did you get through the books/side books then? All Targs marry bro to sis across all generations. Ned's grandparents were first cousins, Twyin and Joanna were first cousins, Obvi Jaime and Cersei was happening the whole time and had 3 kids, there are like 1 hundred more examples..... incest is ok and happens regularly in these stories, it is not looked at as that big of a deal at all.

    It may happen somewhat regularly, but it is not ok. It is actually looked at as taboo. Other than the Targs, most other families did not practice it. Throughout the books and the show, the incestuous relationships have been foreshadowing downfall and doom. Craster was doomed. Jaime, Cersei and their offspring are/were all doomed. And Jon and Dany will likely be too.

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