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  1. Settlers of Catan is a great gateway game to get into much better board games out there. I used to play Catan all the time years ago, but now that I play other games, it's hard to go back to it. My favorite games currently are: Sapiens La Isla Smallworld Don't mess with Cthulhu Don't mess with Cthulhu is a great party game if you have 6 people.
  2. I gave it a 3. My highest of the season. Sandra was stupid. Davos was stupid. Tommen was stupid. The wildfire scene was the only one I liked.
  3. Except the show was inconsistent with this as well. The Glovers don't join the Starks because Robb betrayed them, yet they fail to remember Roose betraying them first. The whole reason Robett was captured and put in Harrenhal was because of Roose's failure and betrayal. Not to mention the Red Wedding.
  4. Yes, because it defies logic. Sansa refused to talk about the Vale troops and got Rickon, almost Jon, and a whole bunch of others killed, needlessly. Yet, she is treated as a hero. Anytime things defy logic, it doesn't deserve better. People need to look past the actual fight and death and when you do, the logic breaks down quickly.
  5. 2 out of 10 for me. The fact that the entire Vale army can get to that perfect point in the battle without being spotted beforehand makes the whole battle ridiculous. And D&D bragged afterward that it was the best battle ever put on screen.
  6. For the people who give it 10s, you basically are saying it was a perfect episode with zero flaws. Even biases aside, I hope you realize practically no medium - book, show, movie, video game, art, etc. - is perfect. Flaws can be found in every single thing. From where my avatar comes from, people have said Super Mario Brothers 3 is a perfect game. Yet, even the creator himself has said he wishes he would have done things differently with it. But back to the show, if you take your emotion out of it and look at it objectively, how can you possibly give it a 10? You essentially are saying that they perfected the episode and nothing could make it better. If you think that is perfection, I'd like to see how you respond to something that is actually perfect. Your heads might explode.
  7. I gave it a 2. The King's Moot scene alone merited that low of a score. D&D are the among the worst writers on television.
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