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  1. Hos the Hostage

    Any gay female characters?

    GRRM has said that a few of his female characters who try having sex with other females are 'experimenting', and I'm sure Cersei and Dany fall into this category because neither wants to continue it. In the show, D&D may have intended to make Yara as gay, idk, but the actress said that in her view, Yara is open to anything, so she could still show interest in men. There could be exclusively gay women, but they would be more secretive than gay men, considering the social situation.
  2. Hos the Hostage

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Joffrey vs Arya was in AGOT. All these four trials are supposed to be in ASOS. Looking back, I wonder if the fourth is Jon vs Janos Slynt - Slynt brings Rattleshirt as a 'witness' and charges Jon of treason, so it was at least a mock of a trial. Martin said these are not necessarily proper trials - (paraphrasing) "Don't expect Ser Perry of House Mason to turn up and debate the finer points of law". If Tyrion vs Cersei was a single trial, there is one more trial missing from ASOS.
  3. Hos the Hostage

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I was browsing SSMs and came across this question about ASOS Which are the four trials? All I can think of are (1) Hound's trial by combat (2) Tyrion's trial by judges (3) Tyrion's trial by combat (4) ? I suppose the other categories refers to Weddings: (1) Sansa-Tyrion (2) Edmure-Roslin (3) Joffrey-Margaery (4) Lysa-Petyr Funerals: (1) Hoster Tully (2) Joffrey
  4. Hos the Hostage

    Who do you want to get to know better in the next book?

    The Baratheon bastards - Mya, Gendry and Edric. (Not interested in Bella) The Tyrell boys Loras: What's happening in Dragonstone? Will he be a Kingmaker? (Unfortunately I don't think any PoV is going that way soon). Willas: We've been told he's smart, but is he smart enough to defend the Reach against Euron? Garlan the Gallant: What's his plans to fight the Ironborn? Gerold Dayne: Because he's a Dayne The 'smart' (subjective) Sand Snakes (Tyene and Obara can drop dead on first page for all I care). Nymeria Sand: If Doran trusted her to represent Dorne in small council, she must be witty in addition to dangerous. Sarella/Alleras: What's she up to? Would she and Sam be able to solve Aemon's sphinx riddle? Brotherhood without Banners: Because I absolutely love the Riverlands storyline. Bloodraven: Because he's bloodraven! Thousand eyes and one!
  5. Hos the Hostage

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Are there any theories which says Arianne is not really Doran and Mellario's daughter? The more I re-read Dorne, the more I wonder if Doran truly cares about Arianne. I know such a theory exists about Quentyn because he was the one whom Doran sent on a dangerous mission with insufficient escort. However, if Doran wanted Arianne to be queen or had great ambitions for her, why did he never teach her to be smarter and more adept at game of thrones? This was Dorne - where they gave more respect, power and responsibilities to women. But Arianne seems less trained in politics than Cersei or Catelyn. Tywin and Hoster were also ambitious fathers, too. Doran only actively starts to prepare Arianne for ruling after the Queenmaker plot.
  6. At the HotU, Dany drank shade of evening that enabled her too see the visions. Black and Blue. The effects experienced by Dany upon drinking this are italicized. The Warlocks wanted to steal Dany's dragons (it is implied). In ADWD, Bran drinking the weirwood paste is remarkable similar, and seems to have opposing elements. Instead of black barks and blue leaves, we have white barks and red leaves. Bran and Dany's reactions, before and after eating the magical substances, ring similar. Initially the drinks taste foul, but later they taste like everything(every good thing in Bran's case) they ever tasted. Dany and Bran had grown up in totally different surroundings, but both of them have tasted honey. When Dany drank the Shade of Evening, she felt fire-tendrils coiling around her heart. It was a like a tree of fire was growing inside her. But in Bran's case, the paste was used to wed him to the trees. He became part of the weirwood network. Did Bran drink from the cup of ice? There is this quote - cold preserves, fire consumes. The Shade of Evening appears to have a negative effect on the health of individuals who take it regularly, and Bloodraven is 'preserved' (in a better state than the warlocks, at least). We have two magical drinks, one taken by a Stark and another by a Targaryen, both rendering the the drinker the ability to see through past, present and future. Are they the cups of Ice and Fire respectively? I don't know. The 'cups' may not even be actual cups, but something metaphorical. While on the topic of magical things that causes the consumer to remember their favorite things, there is one more example, this one to do with sense of smell rather than taste. One thing that connects all three places is death.
  7. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Do you think much of Aeron's tragedy could have been averted if he told his father about Euron's nightly visits?
  8. Hos the Hostage

    [Spoilers] EP608

    @Bluesnow Jaime still being in love with Cersei is irritating, I keep hoping for something to happen and he finally snaps. But Jaime might have exaggerated his love towards Cersei while talking to Edmure, because Jaime's aim was to break Edmure in any way possible - better to threaten to kill him and his family than actually kill the Tullys and breaking his oath to Catelyn. Jaime tried his best not to take arms with Blackfish (he looks disappointed knowing that Blackfish died fighting). I think Brienne's presence in the castle was also a strong motivation for him avoid the bloodshed - in the books we can know what is going on through his mind, but it is not possible to show it on TV - so they used Jaime's feelings for Brienne. After Edmure lowers his head, we see Jaime looking satisfied - he know he has Edmure, which means he can win Riverrun without taking up arms. tl;dr Show!Jaime still loves Cersei, but he also cared about Brienne and his oath to Catelyn.
  9. Hos the Hostage

    [Spoilers] EP608

    There were a lot of oranges for sale in Braavos - was it a dig at Lemongate?
  10. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    No, I made that comment before the details of chapter came out. The three brothers Euron killed are Harlan, Urri and Balon. Aeron's chances of survival are very thin, but his death is not confirmed. But I think he will die, because he fits Dany's vision 'a corpse on the prow of a ship, grey lips smiling sadly'
  11. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Thanks you, Ser. I found this passage interesting: Azor Ahai? Jon foreshadowing? Another person who got drowned and set to make a strong comeback is Tyrion.
  12. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Irrespective of to whom the throne belongs, this is a great observation!
  13. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Probably. There is so much going on KL without Euron's help, anyway. But where is Euron currently sailing?
  14. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    So, Euron took Shield Islands, and may soon raid Oldtown too, and he gave it to his vassals. The Redwyne fleet which is the major sea-power of the Crown, is sailing West to capture Euron's minions. Doesn't that mean King's Landing will soon be undefended from an attack by the sea? Looks like Aegon will win the throne first, only to be defeated by Euron.
  15. Hos the Hostage

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Thanks for clarifying, and more thanks for your notes!