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  1. barristan-b

    Board Issues 4

    Something I've pieced together this year is that other Invision Powered MBs seem to be at least 2 upgrades ahead.  Have you guys contacted or looked into your Invision power settings that auto-adjust to traffic surges?   
  2. Good episode. I'm a believer Stannis will eventually get what he wants but at that expense of the realm and is going to be the most loathed person left. The show is leading on to the idea. tWoW can't come soon enough!
  3. barristan-b

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I wonder now if they take over KL before Dany even arrives.
  4. barristan-b

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Yeah this was amazing. Tyrion-Dany, Jorah seems he could be the dragon releaser after he finds out mayhem is ensuing in the big pit, Cersei going nuts, the battle was freaking incredible. The real fricken Night's King leading the army of the dead totally confirmed by the way. Did I see correctly that the dragonglass blades didn't work but the Vlryian steel did? BC, I'm thinking when dragonglass is further forged by dragon flame is the kicker.
  5. barristan-b

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    This is a bipolar season. 504 and 506...wtf then they give us 505 and 507...wow. I don't get it haha
  6. Last week was good for me like a 8.5+...but this sunk back down to the likes of 504. I gave it a 6. Arya was good. Tyrion & Jorah was solid (the slavers thing is interesting). Kings Landing is still Kings Landing...just meh. Winterfell was just difficult to watch but I'll see what happens. I set my expectations at a very cringe inducing level so at least it wasn't insanely awful. The kicker for me: Dorne just seems so out of place. What does it? (1) the dialogue (2) costume designs (the sandsnakes look is sooo stiff; the Burqas don't mesh with the high shoulder pads...just looks too comical) Also no Jon or Dany :( I try to stay optimistic but the best word I can place with this season is 'unsettling'.
  7. barristan-b

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I gotta say, I did not like last week and was starting to get worried about the season but this episode brought it. There was a good balance of book changes and the newly added. I mean, Jorah and Tyrion cruising through the Smoking Sea. Yes. Oldtown being discussed (hopefully included next season)+Stannis and Sam shooting the shit. Yes. A lot of good stuff IMO. Probably the most rewatchable of the season yet.
  8. barristan-b

    Board Issues 4

    The quoting notification thing is still an issue. It's turned on in my options.
  9. barristan-b

    Board Issues 4

    I just don't get any notifications at all anymore when I quoted. This is happening on 2 other boards that are running off Invision Power. One had to turn off the help/suggestion forum b/c of too many people wondering about all of the sidebar issues.
  10. You mean #Goodell can't get a group together and figure out a policy in a few weeks? This type of thing shouldn't require so many "experts"