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  1. Good point. You're allowed to create one if you want to, I think it's a good idea!
  2. Let me start by stating that I agree that there are several plot holes in the show, many scenes are not necesarry and other (possible awesome) scenes are left out. However, I understand some of these things, but I'll get back to that part later. I picked out two parts because I feel like you didn't look at those parts objectively. (1) I agree that there was a lot less emotion in it, because they didn't recreate the scene properly, but bashing the missing of emotion because his 'resurrection' was so obvious isn't in place if you ask me. (2) With this part of your post you're contradicting yourself. You pretty much hate everything the writers thought out themselves. I guess that's because you expect perfect recreated book scene's. Now they decide to take the ToJ and recreate it, and you suddenly say the writers that they are only able to copy stuff GRRM already wrote. Can't you see those statements contradict eachother? What do you expect from them? You don't want them to change the story (let's not get into the reason why they change it for now), but you also hate it when they copy GRRM's work. What should they do? Stop the show entirely? I understand that many bookreaders have certain 'hate' for the show, because they 'screwed' certain parts of the story. However, those decisions were made a couple of seasons back, and they can't be introduced anymore. Just accept that the show changes from the books, and accept plotholes. For your comments about plotholes in the show are dozens of readers that see several plotholes in the books too. Just enjoy the show, and if you don't enjoy it anymore, don't watch it.
  3. And that, of course, is the most important point of this scene. Maybe they listened to some viewers complaining about the Sansa scene from S05 and decided that there has been enough bad situations for her. Because it is very out of character for Brienne.
  4. Yeah I guess you're right. In my mind Brienne didn't knew the Hound. In some way I was right, because I checked the scene and she doesn't, but podrick does and tells her (well actually he says 'sander clegane, the hound' in general, not specific to Brienne). So yeah, she knew and she should've said it. And I think you're right that they tried to avoid Sansa's reaction about it. But I guess if you would asked the writers, they would probably explain it as Brienne protecting Sansa from the truth.
  5. And you really believe that after some training and a couple of words they suddenly are all men with great honor who would never betray the NW. The NW was in decline before Jon joined and it went worse and worse. They killed two LC's in a short period of time (book and show!), and you say they are all very loyal? I'm sorry to see that you don't want to 'waste your time', but I got a feeling you just realised that you're dead wrong about this. Maybe use the saved time to read the books and watch the show, because it seems like you only read summary's. You're right, but I get it. They need to move forward now, so they skip some details and make the decisions without any clear character development. They should've used S05 to create more character development. Oh, pretty sure Brienne mentioned The hound, just not by name. Lol, that expedition ended with them killing Craster (well I can't say that I hated that, but I agree with Mormont, they needed people like him for their expeditions) and their LC. I mean, yeah they follow their LC around, but when things get real they desert as soon as they see the chance. Even loyal bannerman in both the show and the books have deserted their Lords. For many, the only reason to listen to their LC is their fear of death. Once that is gone, they don't follow orders anymore. Agreed, however they should've done this scene in S03 or S04.
  6. Think about it this way: Many of the 'men of the nights watch' were thiefs, rapers, etc. They chose to join the nights watch, because they valued their lives. Some of them didn't support Thorne, but were afraid to be killed (just like Jon) if they decided to speak againt Thorne. However, the moment Wun Wun breached that gate, those men knew the odds were with the wildlings, so they (still valuing their lives) sided with them to fight a common enemy (Thorne & co.) I don't think that's odd at all.
  7. Edited my post, I was mixing some things up..
  8. I actually knew this much and I know the theory about the 'legitimacy letter'. I just didn't expect them to play some sort of 'spy.' I've also seen some people expected them to turn on the Boltons during the wildlings/boltons fight. However, that doesn't make sense IMO. I mean, if you really want to screw the Boltons, just kill Ramsay right now. However, I don't buy the Manderly story. The Karstarks joining the Boltons seems possible, but I don't understand the Manderly's. But maybe that's because of the books. But wasn't the GNC theory about Rickard Stark? Edit: Checked it myself, but that was the 'southern ambitions theory'
  9. I really don't understand the hate. If you hate the show, stop watching. If you hate an episode, don't just say it sucks, but at least bring some arguments why the show sucks. My opinion: Great episode! I didn't hate the first episode, because a show requires some time to build up. They skipped some parts in the previous episode, but this episode really picked up the pace! Yeah, some things could've been better played out, but I really think they want to wrap this show up in 7 seasons. So I guess there will be less talking, less (irrelevant) screen time for some people and more action. Not bad for the show IMO, but I guess if we look back when it's done, they could've done better (season 5 could've missed some scene's which could've been filled with some season 6 stuff). Back to this episode, some short remarks: Bran: Great stuff on a young Ned (and benjen), with some lyanna stuff. Really excited to see more stuff about that (ToJ in episode 3 according to the teaser, I guess we will know why Jon has to live!) ALso, Bran isn't going to stay in the cave! Awesome! Davos/Thorne/Olly/Ed/Wildings/Wun Wun: Loved this scene, it was shown in the trailers and teasers already, and Ed showing up with the wildlings wasn't a suprise, but I loved it none the less. Funny to see that only Thorne and Olly were picked up (or were there others?) Kinglanding stuff: Tommen/Cersei scene was nice. I love the question about the 'shroud' (yes it was gold). Jaime + HS is going to become fun too. Arya: Pot doesn't move forward as fast as I expected. I guess there will be (a lot) more screentime for her. Well, that's never a bad thing IMO! Boltons: I actually didn't expect Roose to be killed by Ramsay already. The Walda scene was a reminder how big of an A-hole Ramsay is. Sansa: Hurray she knows Arya is alive! Sansa letting Theon go isn't very smart IMO, but I guess it was required for the plot/Theon's story arc. Jon: As expected (I guessed episode #3), he lives! Not a great scene, but they did what was required! And how would that play out? I'm not familiar with the details of the GNC
  10. You're putting way to much thought in this. Yes it's odd that they find the circle & the ring, but what would you rather have? Scenes of Jorah & Daario not finding anything? They come back to Tyrion & co and just say: Yeah we've been away for days and found nothing.. Oh btw the ships are gone, a what a bummer. Don't freaking overthink every single thing. Just assume they saw the dragon fly in a general direction and followed that. With some help/luck they found the dragon. Oh, and a small remark: Comparing it to planes is stupid. Planes make huge turns (because of taking off & landing) and follow fly routes, where the dragon most likely did fly straight to his lair.
  11. As far as I can see, it's mainly the people that give low ratings (1 to 3) that also give a clear explanation why they don't like it. And pretty much all of them can be translated to: I still hate that D&D removed certain parts of the book (and all the things they had to change to make it fit again). I can't say you don't have the right to complain about it. But I think you should accept the fact that this is the show and your constant crying (about 'were are the greyjoys', 'Sansa didn't get raped in the books', 'Why is the Jamie plot different', 'Where is Arriene and why is the Dorne plot different') won't change anything. Just accept the show as it is and forget about the books (I know, it's hard). Yes there are plotholes, but there are plotholes in GRRMs work too, if you just dig deep enough you will always find things that won't matter. But that doesn't make it a terrible show. I'm just sick and tired that people rate an episode basicly on arguments like 'Doran & Hotah got killed off so easy, but they are so badass in the books'.
  12. Does anyone has a screenshot of that scene?
  13. Exactly. I understand that people hate the fact that the stories don't match up, but they don't realize that it was impossible to do so. Putting a 1000 page book in a 10 hour show in a year is really hard. So IMO people should accept the flaws and the differentation from the books.
  14. I can understand that you as a show watcher only don't care about the books. I am starting to see the books & the show as separate stories. That way is the best I guess.
  15. If tWoW will come out before S06 (I hope and think so), and it reveals that Jon survived, he can still be killed of in the Show.
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