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  1. TrueOrFalse

    Board Issues 4

    I'm also not getting notifications when someone quotes me. It's been happening for about 4 days. (I'm using Firefox on my laptop, just letting you know)
  2. TrueOrFalse

    Favorite POV Character

    My most favorite POV's came along in later books but in AGOT my favorite was probably Tyrion. I also enjoyed Jon's and Sansa's. I really wasn't a fan of Catelyn and Bran chapters.
  3. TrueOrFalse

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I watched the Tv show first and thought it was excellent. So then I wanted to find out more about the characters I found most interesting like Jaime, Theon, Sansa etc. and so I bought the books and realized they were about a million times better than the show! I still love the Tv show but yeah...the books are much better.