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  1. Stannis was a secondary character at best and got MORE than he deserved.
  2. Production value one wouldn't make that episode a 1. You obviously don't take everything into consideration when being critical. Stannis fanboy i take it?
  3. From the start? He's one of the greatest characters and his end was beautifully tragic like in Greek mythology. Have you read any other literature before?
  4. You just did respond. And what I said are all facts. This man sold his unfinished work and chose these writers himself.
  5. Martin sold his unfinished work (which is his fault) to HBO. He handpicked these writers himself. Is there a reason you aren't understanding something so basic? Maybe Martin should have vetted them better? Maybe he shouldn't have been greedy and waited until he finished his story? Maybe he should have vetted other, more experienced writers?
  6. Are you still watching? This is an honest question.
  7. Ramsay used the knife he was cutting the apple with. How did you miss that? You are ranting just to rant and that proves it. Please be more careful with future posts.
  8. Couldn't have asked for better showrunners. Thank you Beinoff and Weiss for my favorite show of all time.
  9. There's a reason why the show is busy setting records while Martin is busy releasing Arianne samples...
  10. Just as consistent as the last book.....oh wait....
  11. It actually makes a ton of sense. What has Martin done with the Kingsmoot and Greyjoys since? What aren't you understanding about this?
  12. Greyjoys obviously have a part to play. Beinoff and Weiss wouldn't have introduced them otherwise. Yara and Theon are going to Essos and that is how Dany will get another fleet. Not sure why you don't understand that.
  13. I should add Osha to the list of strong powerful women. She did have agency and tried to survive.
  14. There hasn't been Dorne since the premiere.
  15. Kudos to Beinoff and Weiss on the strong powerful women theme this season. Awesome stuff. From Sansa, Brienne, Ellaria, Sand Snakes, Olenna, Cersei, Margaery, etc this is a great message that they are sending.
  16. My favorite episode of all time. Just brilliant.
  17. My friends have been asking me if the show is canon now. We're enjoying it more than the books. I'm nervous about Winds for many reasons, not least of which is the weak ADwD. I'm i interested to see how George brings back Jon. Can't be via warging into Ghost. Too obvious. George has a hard on for Dorne right now, so we'll see how that pans out. Beinoff and Weiss did an amazing job of trimming the fat there, which is no small feat.
  18. I think NK/WW will get to the cave this season and kill the 3ER. That's how/why Bran and company will flee.
  19. The rest of ToJ will obviously be revealed in the next few episodes. George is letting the show spoil/confirm one of the biggest theories ever (R+L). If that's ok with you then that's cool, but George should be doing more to combat big revelations like that. He's more concerned with showing how Dorne is different though...
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