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  1. Roose on the Loose

    References and Homages

    In 1311 Mali Emperor Abubakari Keita II set sail with 2,000 ships to see what was on the other side of the Atlantic. None of the ships ever returned.
  2. Roose on the Loose

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    The wolfdreams cause the Starks to experience life from the POV of a wolf, and eventually they take on lupine qualities in their waking lives.
  3. Roose on the Loose

    House Arryn appreciation thread

    Jon Arryn was quite a player in his way. The Targaryans were out of dragons so He united 4 of the greatest houses with wardships and marriages. What they call Robert's Rebellion should be called Jon Arryn's rebellion. He thought of it,and it ended with Jon ruling westeros. You'd think a guy like that would figure out that LF was screwing his wife.
  4. Roose on the Loose

    References and Homages

    Baelor the Blesseed = Edward the Confessor.
  5. Roose on the Loose

    Tyrion will go to Braavos

    Two of the ships that had been here yesterday were gone, Cat saw, but five new ones had docked; a small carrack called the Brazen Monkey, a huge Ibbenese whaler that reeked of tar and blood and whale oil, two battered cogs from Pentos, and a lean green galley up from Old Volantis. Yezzan zo Qaggaz?
  6. Roose on the Loose

    Big Walder Analysis

    At least a few characters can be seen as Claudius figures. Claudius was a Roman emperor who everybody underestimated until he was Emperor and all his rivals were dead. I would credit BW with just such a strategy. Other Claudius figures may include Bronn and LF.
  7. Roose on the Loose

    Big Walder Analysis

    Here's how I see BW becoming Lord of the Crossing: Forces loyal to Stark are inevitably going to hang every Frey connected to the RW and that's a lot of Freys. The only living Frey known to be wholly innocent of the RW is BW. As long as the new order clings to ancient blood rites as a sacred value, I like his odds.
  8. Roose on the Loose

    Small Questions v. 10105

    If sharp steel is contraband anywhere in the sprawling city of Vaes Dothrak, how does anybody cook, sew, build, butcher or shave?
  9. Roose on the Loose

    Obsidian under Winterfell?

    Yellowstone has both Old Faithful and Obsidian Cliff. I couldn't find a good map of obsidian sources, but I would expect it to be correlated with geothermal activity. The bit I don't understand is how the ground below Winterfell can have both artesian hot springs and multi story crypts that aren't constantly flooded.
  10. Roose on the Loose

    References and Homages

    Ghost = Lassie.
  11. Roose on the Loose

    What are the best quotes/lines in the book?

    Shut up, or I'll shove rocks in your big stupid mouth.
  12. Roose on the Loose

    References and Homages

    Edd Tollett reminds me of Eeyore.
  13. Roose on the Loose

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Anybody else notice the washer-women/spearvives when Sansa first arrives? About 5 or 6 stern faced women. Who knows what they are on the series. Maybe they're from Bear Island.
  14. Roose on the Loose

    Official Testing Thread