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  1. I'll take an explanation and, if wrong, admit I'm wrong. (I know, this is the internet, but I'm serious.) Let me say: I have always looked at the purpose of Stannis as an exhibition of the failure inherent in rigidity. As D&D even mentioned in the "inside the episode' segment, Stannis makes a choice and does not deviate. That is wrong. He may have a legitimate claim to the throne, or he may not. We can also discuss the "realism" of the portrayal, since the setting is a period rife with awful deeds and people. None of that changes that inflexibility is an trait possessed by the "bad guy." "When George told us about this" implies that Shireen will die, likely burned. It doesn't tell us it's Stannis. What is his arc? If he's a good guy he needs to deviate from some choices. I can't think of a better one than choosing to burn Shireen and then backing off. So I'll rephrase this: If I'm right, and Stannis is a bad guy, it will be him in the books. If not, it will be a turning point moment for him. All that said: Show Stannis actually *should* have backed down. He proved he can learn from his mistakes and even admitted it to Melisandre.
  2. It's clear enough to me. Shireen's going to die. What way will she die? An attack by Others? It has to be linked to Stannis. From a literary perspective, he needs to be definitively wrangled into the "bad guy" tent. Honestly, it's long overdue. I just wish they'd cut down the screams. Maybe focused on him and dulled the noises, then had the reaction from Selyse.
  3. Haha! I could hear her saying that, too! I think it's heading that way but his absorption of JonCon makes me wonder whether they aren't going to toss him to Bear Island to die ala JC to Griffin's Roost.
  4. I think the horn is probably out since the other one isn't in. And didn't Euron give it to Vic for his mission in the book? Normally I'd say, "Of course it's Drogon, what other dragon would it be?" My FB feed is full of, "OH MAN TYRION SAW ANOTHER DRAGON I HOPE IT TEAMS UP WITH DANY AND HER DRAGONS!" though.
  5. I liked Sansa's impression of Cersei at that meal, and Ramsay's bumbling obviously forced nice guy stuff.
  6. "Fear" (or what SeƱor de la Tormenta suggested)
  7. If R+L=J gets confirmed, then yes, I would be willing to bet the whole "song" is about him since he'd have both in his bloodline.
  8. Yup. I loved that fakeout ending, too. I can't wait for this. She couldn't get a shadow baby from Jon so maybe Stannis will Mannis up again? Good to know they are making LF so out of control. I actually feel worried for Fat Walda. Do you really want that question answered? He's the "Ice" in "A Song of Ice and Fire" to Dany's "Fire." Dany is repped by dragons.
  9. I like the pronunciation stuff, it's not really something you can convey through text and it adds some layers to the vocal development of various regions. In my story, I get around it by having a character with an accented letter and then one character corrects another's pronunciation (and then gets made fun of for caring about it). It's always interesting to see how people pronounce our made up names. :)
  10. I said this elsewhere but it seems pretty pertinent: outcomes regarding Sansa. 1) Sansa stays alive. Stannis takes Winterfell. With Sansa there, he gets Stannis off his back by explaining how he rescued her from KL. 2) Sansa stays alive. Boltons keep Winterfell. He rallies other northern lords to take them out after some prompting. 3) Sansa dies. Stannis takes Winterfell. He explains to Stannis how he tried to get a Stark in Winterfell. 4) Sansa dies. Boltons keep Winterfell. He rallies other northern lords to take them out with very little prompting. I don't think Littlefinger's planning for 5 & 6: Sansa escapes Winterfell. If Stannis wins, he goes after LF. If the Boltons win, they go after LF. I doubt he cares one way or the other about avenging the Red Wedding, and I don't think he wants Sansa dead, but he's willing to accept her as collateral damage. Because he's a sociopath. She isn't the be-all-end-all piece in his chess box. She's just another pawn. She is a valuable pawn, but if she survives by getting smarter she becomes more valuable. If not, she isn't an awful loss for him. For him. For us, it's another matter. We are invested in Sansa so seeing her being placed into harm's way is dumb. But I think that's what the writers are intending for us to feel. I think Littlefinger's choices in the show make enough sense in that light. (For me. I understand if it's too much for others.)
  11. Someone mentioned Harry the Heir is now Ramsay the Heir, which makes sense, so I think you're right. I like not being able to figure out show Petyr because his book counterpart is pretty transparent to me. Also, somewhere up the chain someone mentioned Ian McNiece for Manderly. He's perfect - and it looks like he was Illyrio in the original pilot, too, so he's already associated with the show in a way. I was trying to figure out where I recognized him from and finally remembered he was Baron Harkonnen in the scifi channel Dune series. Yes, a thousand times yes. Manderly is probably out but if they somehow kept that stuff secret and he's in, it has to be McNiece. EDIT Book and show Petyr have all the reasons in the world to stack the deck against Stannis. Both have actively plotted against him from day one. King Stannis would be one of the worst outcomes for Littlefinger. The post you quoted is very likely what's going on.
  12. I'm the first to admit that I like the show more than the books, but I also acknowledge that I don't share the same love that most readers do for the events in AFFC and ADWD - I couldn't stand the extra Greyjoys, Dorne, etc. and I've never liked Dany's chapters so there's obviously some bias on that side. But it's definitely disconcerting how people can't even voice a slight gripe about the show without what you described happening. Yeah, complaining about changing the line to "Olly, get me my sword," is juvenile but several other things people have pointed out are completely valid. Even though I like the show more I'm worried about the handling of Cersei and Jon this season, along with the despair that comes with acknowledging that Manderly is out. (One of the parts of ADWD that I enjoyed. All of those Davos chapters, really.) I like where things are headed with Sansa but I can certainly understand the concerns others have about it. Why do people have to dismiss those concerns without discussion?
  13. I hate to keep harping on it but: http://calliander.net/stuff/north-remembers.jpg Since her credit is only "old woman" could she be a repurposed, aged-up Lady Dustin, perhaps? Am I the only one who noticed how closely she matches the description (if you assume extra years added on)?
  14. That's Stella McCusker as "old woman." I had asked earlier if it was possible she was a modified Lady Dustin but that line and the cunning of Roose like you mentioned hopefully means we'll see more of her and find out soon.
  15. The "servant" who greeted Sansa and delivered "The North Remembers" to us: From previous seasons or new? If the latter... Lady Dustin?
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