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  1. Becca, can I flip-flop on my previous notes? I've found out the other "U" copies are held by a bookseller, so there is no need to restrict my two books anymore, given that, strictly speaking, there is no owner. And on Knight, I now know the letter, and it is "T". I also know that somewhere out there is a person who has an otherwise complete "T" set, so I'd like to switcheroo the restriction to Knight. In other words, I'd only like to sell it to the owner of the "T" set, and otherwise it'll stay with me. Thanks again!
  2. Ah sorry, it's not U. The ADwD holder exercised their right on it, but I managed to snag a copy anyway. I don't really know what's coming!
  3. I have a lettered KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS incoming I would be interested in selling. I also have the SP lettered editions of the first two books. They are both letter "U" (no u), and I would actually only like to sell these to an existing "U" set, to keep - or connect - them with their family. Becca, could you add these to the list, please? Thank you!
  4. But can I wait? Well, I did manage to wait for the collection with regard to the novellas. But I feel the urge to read... rising.
  5. ! Excited for it. And damn the Two Swords publishing scheme. I may have to finally take the plunge with an e-reader now. Thanks KJP and Orbit. Belly of the Bow was indeed slow, and I think it felt more so because of the PoV change. I still think Pattern and Memory are the slowest of the books, though.
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