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    Can we talk about Jon?

    It bothers me too. Dany simply coming to Jon's rescue is not enough to prove she'd be a worthy queen over the North. That just proves her willingness to use her dragons as weapons against the army of the dead. She also used them as weapons against the Tarlys... two men who defied her because she brought a Dothraki hoard (known for their culture of rape and pillaging) and an unsullied army to Westeros. So she has proven that she will kill proven and effective leaders without even having any kind of an honest conversation with them for not pledging blind loyalty to her. The Tarly's betrayal of the Tyrels was a weak excuse to execute them. Randyl Tarly did what he thought was necessary to protect his country from an army he perceives to be rapists and savages coming to destroy their people and lands. That's not treason. That's doing his duty as a leader of his lands and defender of his country. Dany does not have the imagination or empathy to see a situation from the perspective of the locals. So... Dany came to her crush's aid. That's not enough to bend the knee. Now think about the Northeners and what they suffered. They suffered death and destruction at the Red Wedding and the Ironborn invasion. They suffered through the tyrannical rule of the Boltons. They suffered through Ned Stark's execution... their worthy and tested leader who served his people as loyally as they served him... because the ruler/subject relationship is a two way street. Now Jon bent the knee to her because he's in love with her and she came to his aid. He's a whipped lovesick puppy. (I hate to say that because he is my second favorite character next to Arya). He even told her she deserves it. Love makes people do stupid things. She doesn't deserve it. Not yet. The north has been betrayed, slaughtered, and truly suffered over 6 seasons. Being a king's daughter, romantically involved with Jon, and willing to help fight the Night's King is a lot, but not enough to bend the knee. Proving to the North, not just Jon, that she can rule justly with dignity and respect like Ned Stark did is a good start. Don't get me wrong, Dany did a lot of good in Essos, but that's Essos. It's not the North. She needs to do right by the North if she wants them to bow down to her. Her own trials and tribulations don't mean squat. She wants to sit on a throne above everyone else. In order to do that, she needs to think about the pain and suffering the people she wants to rule has gone through. She needs to do right by the people she wants to rule first. Aegon the Conqueror built the Iron Throne on the concept that a rulers seat should never be a comfortable seat. She honestly doesn't seem like the type of monarch that gets that concept. Burning people is with dragons is easy. Having the vision and ability to set aside her pride and win over the kingdoms before deciding to execute them without so much as a trial (a concept she understood in Mereen) is hard, but the right thing to do. So yeah... I totally agree with you. It bothers me that he bent the knee to Dany without her really proving herself. Helping with the Night's King is a good start, but still not quite enough. It's a little disappointing how the Jon/Dany romantic subplot took this fanfiction/fairytale turn. It's like who cares about every other injustice that's happened in the story, white walkers are coming and the hot hero and the hot heroine are in love, so let's make them the good guys no matter what. And that concludes my rant.