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    References and Homages

    I realized that one just yesterday, replying to a thread Madmartigan may be in some way inspiration for Bronn :D
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    References and Homages

    Very good read, thanks! I was going to add other "replace x with y" adding Bowen-Bruto... they even share the same initials: BM (Marsh and Marco) :D But i did'nt seen at all that Wick-Casca wich imho is the coolest part, is not even "inspiration", GRRM straight used his character as actors to replicate the scene
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    References and Homages

    "Beware the Ides of March" Melisandre trying to save Jon from the daggers telling him her vision but get ignored, resulting Jon get stabbed in his own headquarters, by his own subordinates/allies You can just change Melisandre with Spurinna and Jon with Julius Caesar
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    References and Homages

    Yes, i've think the Yezzan/Jabba resemblance too Also Yezzan remind me that Dune obese dude, Vladimir Harkonnen -He's rich -he have slaves -he's super obese(over 440 lbs) to the point that he can't stand -suffer from disease that sfigure him and smell like shit
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    References and Homages

    -Sellswords from Free Cities look like straight ASOIAF version of italians Condottieri's mercenary companies during Renassaince in Italy -While Bravos is Venice, Tyrosh remind me a mix of Genoa and Florence Some points common of both like mercenaries, bankers, artisans Sailors definitely Genoa Avarice/greed again Genoa, is a very common sterotype here in Italy That strong artistic influence remind me Florence, in particular the thing of artisan specialized in animal/bird helmets and ingenious devices sound like straight hints at Leonardo Da Vinci http://wa2.www.artehistoria.jcyl.es/v2/jpg/LEH04346.jpg -the rivalry of bravos swordsmen with each other remind a lot the one there was during renassaince between italian schools of fencing (wich of course lead to a lot of duels and call outs) -Bravos name is took almost the same from "Bravi",from wiki Bravi (sing. bravo; sometimes translated as ‘bravoes’) were a species of coarse soldiery employed by the rural lordlings (or dons) of northern Italy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to protect their interests. The word derives, probably, from the Latin pravus (bad, wicked, evil) via the Spanish bravo, in the sense of violent, savage and impulsive. Their fame—and their reputation as frightening and domineering bullies—rests in part on their striking presence in Alessandro Manzoni’s historical novel The Betrothed, which became one of the best-known Italian works of fiction of the nineteenth century and which opens with an extended description of the phenomenon. They were not, however, a fictional invention: his research into local history enabled Manzoni to ascertain from the dates of publication of various proclamations against the bravi that they had been present in Italy from at least 1583 and until at least 1632. -Daario remind me a less negative, good looking (and younger?) version of Bluebeard BB as name suggest have a blue beard, is a rich aristocrat, he's feared and have a passion for women, collecting many wives. His current young wife have three brothers who sworn to protect her Daario got a blue beard, he's probably kinda rich, no aristocrat but love his fancy style clothes/jewels, he's feared and have a passion for women, collecting many fucks Daenerys got Barristan, Jorah and Gray Worm Of course, BB is a serial killer of his own wives, and on that point the two characters definitely split... but i'm more talk about kind of image/character Also will be interesting see how thing go on, if Daario betray or even threat Daenerys, the character inspiration may be even closer In the fable when BB is going to kill his young wife, she call her three brothers who quickly arrive, kill BB and rescue her Now imagine if Daario threat Daenerys and Barristan, Jorah, and Gray Worm save her killing Daario :D "Bluebeard" (French: La Barbe bleue) is a French folktale, the most famous surviving version of which was written by Charles Perrault " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebeard