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  1. UtherSnow

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I was really impressed with Max Irons in his role of Edward IV in "The White Queen." Alex Pettyfer doesn't get much credit elsewhere, probably because tends to pick "teen-angsty" movies, but I feel he has potential in other genres. Could this open a door for someone else? Is Daddy Irons about right for a certain character?
  2. UtherSnow

    Errors in the WOIAF

    Did anyone not see who is supposedly the author of this book? Who is intended to read it? How could you miss that it's written by a maester (with interjections by another maester)? Also, it's been written for Tommen. It is known that maesters often question others' interpretations on events, and names. That's nothing new. It happens in our world today. You're not seeing errors, per se. Didn't anyone notice how certain parts are far more brief than others? Some people grasped it's back to this maester simply leaving parts at his discretion. Other parts have comparatively more detail. Plus, there's a bias in the way some information is presented. Just remember that you're looking at it through Tommen's eyes.... Or a successor centuries after, finding this book and simply sitting down to read it. BTW - How does it feel to sit The Iron Throne?
  3. Been playing over the anticipated Battle For Winterfell. It's supposedly an issue to be resolved as early as possible in WINDS. Thinking about it, this isn't strictly ONE battle. It's more likely to be a series. First of all, where do The Boltons have to go? It's something like The Alamo without a greater cause. It doesn't have glorious defeat written all over it. Roose Bolton is likely to leave his beserker former-bastard in charge. Ramsay is crazy enough to say he can hold it, and defeat Stannis. Where does Roose head? Towards allies at The Twins. Where is a good assembly point for his forces? I can't see them all heading in the same direction coming out of Winterfell. Chances are Ramsay won't hang on to be slaughtered in Winterfell, unless he's a classic damned idiot and.... That boy can't be from calm, quiet Roose's loins. (As Boss Hogg might say.) Torrhen's Square. It makes sense. Asha suggested this to Stannis before but he chose Winterfell. It can't be left now. Another battle here, I'd say. Bolton forces are twindling now. They need support from The Freys at The Twins. Meanwhile, at White Harbor, Manderly is still thinking. Davos being Davos will prove loyal to Stannis, who places Rickon under his protection. That should be plenty for Manderly forces to commit to Stannis. It also allows Stannis to send Rickon out of harms way, with Davos. Freys receive news of old pal Roose being banged about by Stannis. Freys have a taste for killing Kings from the North. Of-t they jolly well go, riding to rescue Roose. Once they're clear of The Twins..... Into a trap they fall. The Vale commit forces. Not to head south, as LF wants. What experience does he have of battles? None to persuade those who have to follow him. They're better going towards The Twins, but not to storm it. Houses Bolton & Frey defeated, Stannis can claim The North.
  4. Will Jaime know the whereabouts of Oathkeeper's other half? (We know it was given to Joffrey by Tywin.) Re-forging Ice complete makes sense to me. It sounds like something Lady Stoneheart would want because it's so closely associated to Ned. Gendry may the one to re-forge it as it ought to be, I think. For it to become Lightbringer, whose heart will it need to pierce? When Azor Ahai created the original Lightbringer, it was specific about a sacrifice being made. It must pierce the heart of somebody close and dear, meaning deeply loved, without question. Is it one way traffic between Brienne and Jaime? What if it's something more? What if it's another sort of act concerning love?