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  1. I'm just relieved its over, and we got some major plot points confirmed.
  2. Gomagoti

    Podrick Payne

    so,Pod left with Bronn & was never seen again. what do you reckon has happened to him?
  3. Gomagoti

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    excellent,you should write the script from now on ,better than whatever idiot is doing it now. EDIT: quoted wrong post, meant the one above yours fairwarging.
  4. Gomagoti

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    these are the reasons I gave it a score of 1.
  5. Gomagoti

    The Drogon appreciation thread

    my only small,tiny thing is his neck is so...thick,and...prickly. i hope theres a less prickly bit where Dany perches
  6. Gomagoti

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    i think he recognised him, he just didn't want him to kill himself by charging a dragon,he is his brother after all.
  7. Gomagoti

    Dany's Next Move

    I think she flies back to dragonstone (& teleports the dothraki there),seals the northern deal (i know, i don't want to see it either, but its coming), & we get some Tyrion/Jaime scenes whilst she decides what to do with Jaime & Cersei plots revenge.
  8. Gomagoti

    Discussing Sansa XXX: Sun and Moon

    my take on the look is that Sansa felt she was going to have to adjust herself to a reduced lace in her world again, because both her remaining siblings have become strange beings with special abilities,who she cant really relate with. there may be a touch of resentment there too because she just gets to be lady Stark, the one with all her girly dreams shattered.
  9. Barring an appearance from Ghost, Drogon is one impressive piece of cgi'ed dragon arse. His scenes were impressive, his swooping was impressive as was all the flaming and roaring and even the funny squeal when the ballista went through his wing. I'm rather upset he is hurt to be honest.
  10. Gomagoti

    The Bran Thread

    what's his endgame though? whats his purpose now?
  11. Gomagoti

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I generally liked this episode because...dragons, and things moving in the plot, and ...dragons. BUT; 1. Bronn(or is it Dickon?) appears from nowhere and with enough force to knock a fully armoured knight off of his horse sideways with enough velocity to... 2. land in very very very deep water. Very deep. When they were that close to shore.I mean, it looked like Jaime was sinking into the marianas trench 3. Dany risks Drogon getting hurt by flying straight at a massive ballista... 4. and then LANDS casually in the middle of a battlefield to pull out the arrow 5. she is tiny, the arrow is big. need I say more? 6. Teleportation of the Dothraki hordes & Tyrion to surround the lannisters 7. Bran zombie face being all cold on Meera.