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  1. I missed that. So with the Others gone, the planet gets regular old winters like any dull old dirtball? Damn the Children of the Forest messed up in more ways than one.
  2. Not really. I might still have some quibbles about the coming books, but the show is the show and the books are the books.
  3. Previous attempts at exploring the Sunset Sea have probably failed because of their lack of face-changing assassins. I wish her luck. Those krakens won't know what stabbed them in the ink sack.
  4. I have always felt most stories are about the journey
  5. I don't really think we'll get all our questions answered, or the books are going to be 4000 pages each. Perhaps he'll publish some Appendices after A Dream of Spring. Buy an add-on to your book, turn ADoS from 1500 pages to 6500 pages.
  6. I am guessing we'll se a LOT more from the Children and Bloodraven in that department before Bran goes south again. Perhaps this will explain why the Others are so obsessed with killing the greenseers, Bran in particular.
  7. Could be we get an elegant swerve with some bumper damage instead. I have never believed the ending scene was going to be the Big Fantasy Battle Against The Hordes of The Dark Lord. I don't think that the showrunners have wildly deviated from the main plot resolution. But it can be handled well in the coming books. For example, one of the central themes of Cersei in the books is that she isn't really clever. She thinks she is, but in general she has, as Varys says, ridden on her looks and family connections. She's also been EXTREMELY lucky (all those golden shrouds excepted) in the show, presented as her own strategy, but mainly her successes have been based on fortitious events and blind luck. Incompetent people can do well, if they are lucky at the right time and chaos serves as their ladder. So if her journey is handled like that in the books it will make more sense. Only at the end will Cersei come face to face with her own incompetence and inability to form close alliances, and if she is true to her character, she will go down blaming everyone else, as many loonie dictators do.
  8. Climate change or nuclear winter or marmot apocalypse as the source of inspiration for the others, I believe the books likely will end like the series does in the overarching storyline. But I also believe a Song of Ice and Fire (assuming George finishes it) vs Game of Thrones will be a good example of why the main overarching story is secondary to good and consistent writing and creative intrigue along the way - it is the journey that matters, not the ending.
  9. The issue here is that if the army of the dead just ran straight to Winterfell, washing over Last Hearth on the way, it would likely still take at least two weeks. It is 630 miles as the crow flies. If they had an army of Usain Bolt zoombies sprinting at 28mph on a concrete trackway built from the Wall to Winterfell, it would take a day. Of course, the wights don't really run all that fast (average semi-fit human running speed on a flat surface is around 6mph, wights seem to move somewhat slower than that) and they definitely moved cross-country and stopped to attack a castle at least once. With this pace, they would not really have time to run around overrunning holdfasts to bolster their numbers. So unless the population north of the wall was insanely big and they got them all (a people that burn their own dead), they'd need to do this too. This would take weeks if not months. Even with zoombies running flat out and falling apart as they do (they're quite brittle, as we've seen). But it doesn't really matter. After season 4 or so, the concepts of space and time has become meaningless in Westeros. Anyone will teleport anywhere they need to be, anytime.
  10. This was...not good. They get 3 for effort although it probably deserve less. Never mind the silly battle tactics and suicidal deployment. The writers turned what could a been a suspenseful ending to the whole Others arc into a substandard zombie movie clinched together with a cliche epic fantasy plot resolution. It couldn't have been worse resolved if they'd introduced the Macguffin of Otherslaying where the goodies throw speed bumps in the way of an unstoppable force so they can have time to find out how it works in the very final second before the baddies destroy it. Arya's final role was telegraphed with a loudspeaker, plot points were jammed into the episode like wedges being used to split a tree, and in an attempt to create some tension over the next four episodes of winning the game of thrones against the most incompetent queen pretender in the history of Westeros, they seem to have wiped out Daenarys' entire army. This was the death knell of any hope I've had for Denioff and Weiss finding a form that can be compared to that of the book series on an equal footing.
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