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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    I guess dragonfire would work pretty decently to soften the ground as well. It is not like they stopped digging trenches during the colder WW1 western front winters. Besides, it is likely not all that cold. Nobody are wearing wool caps and barely anyone uses mittens. The North as depicted in the show (even many scenes north of the wall) look quite wimpy cold-wise by the standards of rural scandinavians. The books describe it better. But hopefully the books won’t give us last episode’s travesty.
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Well, yes, repeatedly. I served in the norwegian army. It is only a matter of manpower, and getting past the upper frost layer. Which can be softened by lighting a fire on top of it. i dug a trench in my own back yard this last November to replace the power cable for the pipe heater. Didn’t even need to light any fires, and there was a 30cm or so of ice.
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    It is a pretty basic and somewhat questionable analysis until he starts writing about fortifications and shows he has no idea what he is talking about. At all. Signs also appear early in his description of the use of the Dothraki. I read it mostly as a humour piece, with some actual analysis for obfuscation. It is very well written.
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Indeed it was a hack writing job. They managed to turn what could have been a climactic moment into fantasy cliché meets zombie movie of the week.
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Bean counting is what made it possible to win wars in the middle ages and it is what makes it possible to win them today. Any premodern commander worth his salt knows what he can move his forces and how to provision, or he is not going to have an army pretty soon. You harass for the same reason you harass the living: to disorder and slow the enemy, and to gain his disposision. Seemingly, they have something that burns for a very long time. And you have both static and airborne artillery. If they stand away from the outer ditch you wait until they’re on the move again before you light the next.
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    There was a lot wrong about the battle (on both sides, but to be fair the Night King and his disposable Other bodyguard doesn't seem to exactly have fine motor control over their wight minions, even the zoombie variant of the show, so there's only so many things they can get up to). First and foremost, it was somewhat ill-advised not to bring supplies for the army. In fact, it might have been necessary to leave parts of the army in the south, waiting for Lannister supplies that will never arrive, as feeding the vast force depicted in the marching photos must have been a tall order. Second, they had a giant light cavalry force (somewhat oddly, one that seems to have left all their bows at home) and a magical boy who can warg into flying animals. So a bit of scouting, perhaps? Once you have done these two things, neither of which they bothered with, they've got a really strong defensible position in the castle and (from the information gained from their scouting parties, who probably could have done a bit of light harassment, possibly covered by a double dragon formation that keeps a lookout for the undead dragon) an enemy force that seems to mass up and assault from one direction. So time to start digging a lot of ditches, behind each other, positioning them to funnel the dead into each other in a big clump well suited for dragonfire raids, and making lots of dragonglass and incendiary arrows, as wights burn well. Considering how closely the Wights mass and how combustible they are, the trebuchets and 19th century misunderstanding of mangonels the Unsullied drag around could probably also be used to fire into the wight ranks, positioned on towers. Springalds should be plentiful in the walls and on the smaller towers, spesifically to bring down that enemy dragon. The ditches should be filled with whatever magical substance you seemingly have access to that can cause a simple palisade to burn for a looong time. And we're talking MANY ditches here. The walls should be reinforced and loaded up with stuff you can drop on the enemy, as should the gates, likely using that nice dragonglass surplus you have a lot of to make a spiky affair that is difficult to burst through. There should also be prepared positions inside the courtyard and on the central keep, enabling you to use a defense in depth effectively. The civies get put in the crypt and for chrissakes, you seal the tombs. Everybody knows Team Evil can raise the dead. Since the Others seems to call up their blizzard only when necessary, it means you'd be unaware of it. So your Dothraki and Vale cavalry should probably plan for a flanking and harassament maneuver, relying on their speed to get out of the way of the dead wight-wall. If Winterfell has any sally ports, the cavalry might slip out there. If not, they'd have to stay on the move. Your weirdo brother Bran's plan seem to be a good one. He can try to draw the Night King in and ensure he commits to his wasteful frontal assault. Now the dead have to cross a myriad of burning ditches while being showered with burning pitch and the occasional dragon sweep (again, keeping a watch for the undead one, trying to draw it close enough to the walls to skewer it with a couple of springald spears, dragonglass-tipped or incendiary). If you can bring it down you will be able to really hurt the wight ranks with impunity. When they get close to the walls they get showers upon showers of arrows while crossing the burning ditches that you have a better way to light than trying to hit it with arrows. The sappers can probably fix that. Ooops. Blizzard. Ok, luckily that also means that the enemy dragon can't see anything either and the trebuchets can just keep firing blindly, ranging from the last ditch you lit on fire with prepared ranges as it illuminates the horde. When the dead finally reach the walls you already have them manned, and can distrupt their circus human pyramids quite badly by dropping burning stuff and rocks on them. They can't really form those under bombardment from the walls. Most of your infantry should have a field day whacking zombies on the walls. If the baddies break through, which they probably only will with a really depleted force, you have prepared positions to fall back on. It is really too bad about the cavalry, but at least you don't lose them in meaningless frontal assaults and if the storm breaks they can start hitting the flanks as the dead are funneled in. This sounds like a plan. Your valyrian steel-armed dudes can hunt others, as can the dragonglass archers and dragons, if you can free them up by bringing down Dragon McZombieface. Bring it on Mr. Thornhead.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    This was...not good. They get 3 for effort although it probably deserve less. Never mind the silly battle tactics and suicidal deployment. The writers turned what could a been a suspenseful ending to the whole Others arc into a substandard zombie movie clinched together with a cliche epic fantasy plot resolution. It couldn't have been worse resolved if they'd introduced the Macguffin of Otherslaying where the goodies throw speed bumps in the way of an unstoppable force so they can have time to find out how it works in the very final second before the baddies destroy it. Arya's final role was telegraphed with a loudspeaker, plot points were jammed into the episode like wedges being used to split a tree, and in an attempt to create some tension over the next four episodes of winning the game of thrones against the most incompetent queen pretender in the history of Westeros, they seem to have wiped out Daenarys' entire army. This was the death knell of any hope I've had for Denioff and Weiss finding a form that can be compared to that of the book series on an equal footing.