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    As much as I want to remain skeptical about this, you have to think he wouldnt have said this unless he was beyond confidant that it would be done within a year.
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    Rant & Rave Without Repercussion [book and show spoilers]

    The show truly has topped itself week after week this year. Every week I don't think it can get any worse. Every week it does. Nothing makes any sense anymore. No one acts in character ever. Mad Queen Dany came out of nowhere and just serves as an excuse to create tension in a now tensionless story. Cutting away from Sansa and Arya's reaction to the news about Jon shows such a cowardice of writing that it is utterly unbelievable. GOT/ASOIF has just become a lesson in pain. Pain that Martin will never finish the novels. Pain that we will never know which parts of this ending are Martin's and which are not. Pain that this is how what was once of the great TV shows of our time is going to go out.
  3. I feel pretty strongly that it is the pace of the writing, more so then the overall story structure, that is the problem. If Martin were releasing a book every 3-4 (or even 5) years, we would be at least a book or two closer to the end by now and the end would be in sight. While I agree that the structure of AFFC/ADWD is certainly not ideal, I don't think we should kid ourselves into thinking it's totally unworkable. I think a conclusion COULD'VE been written and certainly the plot could've at the least been progressed just by the publication of more material over time. Like many others here, I've lost allmost all hope. The show will finish with its fanfiction conclusion, Winds may or may not be published, certainly Dream or any other future books never will, and that's all there is to it.