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  1. And dont forget the Daynes of both Starfall and High Hermitage
  2. So with the casting news for the GOT Prequel that is going to be filmed by HBO, it got me thinking... Which houses are going to appear in this new series? and what ones would you like to see in the series?
  3. I sure did and I hope you did as well
  4. BINGO!!! Hristos Vaskrese Risto!!! Christ AND Jon Snow have risen
  5. Welcome aboard Midwesteros, Narvi and VoteTyrion :cheers:
  6. I've seen a lot of people who thought they were cool, But then again, Lord I've seen a lot of fools

  7. Why thank you honeyed chicken for the warm welcome.... I love Ancient Egyptian history as well and could not help but make that my Av when I saw it. :cheers:
  8. Thank You King Tyrion I :cheers:
  9. Hi Everyone! I am Steph and I live in Australia :) Enjoyin in my free time (when I am not at work) going on long drives with the Hubby, going to the beach, playing around the interent and watch movies/doco's I also enjoy a great drop of beer too :)
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