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  1. Lady Isis

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Helllll No!
  2. Lady Isis

    Least favorite theory?

    The "Varys is a female" theory to me is one of the absurd theories I have ever herd!
  3. Lady Isis

    Will Brienne give Oathkeeper back to jaime

    Call me Crazy or Tinfoil... but I can see both swords going back to the Starks. I can see Oath Keeper becoming a sword like Dawn is to the Daynes in that it is not passed down from ruler to heir of the house but to a "Knight" (or in the Starks case family member or servant) of House Stark who is deemed worthy and who has sworn a oath to House Stark, hence "Oath Keeper". Widow's Wail on the other hand can be then passed on from Father to Son of the ruling branch.... But I think for that to be achieved they would have to rename it from Widow's Wail to something else and possibly modify the look of the sword. I remember reading somewhere that the original Ice would have been too be to be used in battle so hence the size of Widow's Wail would be perfect for use in any future battles.
  4. Lady Isis

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    You Rippa... just across the ditch! Very Tempting indeed..
  5. Lady Isis

    Blackwood or Bracken?

    Blackwood.... Though I would love to know the reason why they were exiled from the North though.
  6. Lady Isis

    Can anyone PROVE that Varys is a eunuch?

    THIS! I have re-read the books a few times and I just cant see how Varys could be female. The idea that he is still a intact male sure I can see that angle but not being female. And besides... as far as I am aware where there at lease 2 female "Mistress of Wispers" in Targaryen Dynasty?
  7. Lady Isis

    Alternate Varys theories ?

    I also think he is Brightflames descendant for those exact same reasons as well.
  8. Lady Isis

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I sure did and I hope you did as well
  9. Lady Isis

    [Spoilers] EP602

    BINGO!!! Hristos Vaskrese Risto!!! Christ AND Jon Snow have risen
  10. Lady Isis


    Welcome aboard Midwesteros, Narvi and VoteTyrion :cheers:
  11. I've seen a lot of people who thought they were cool, But then again, Lord I've seen a lot of fools

  12. Lady Isis


    Why thank you honeyed chicken for the warm welcome.... I love Ancient Egyptian history as well and could not help but make that my Av when I saw it. :cheers: