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    Spoiler (Knowledge of 2nd book and the complete series)
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    Hi there, my name is Antiheld I am 24, I live in Germany and I am studying history, economics, political science and soon additionally ethics and philosophy for becoming a teacher. I searched for a big German Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire-Community, but there was none. Therefore I decided to register here, so I could Talk about the franchise and additionally I can improve my english. As a nerd I know a lot of fantasy/middle ages fans, as a Rock/Metal fan I know a lot of fantasy/middle ages fans and also as a history student I know a lot of fantasy/middle ages fans, you see I am surrounded by them but I am none of them. I never read fantasy books (Harry Potter was an exception) and seldomly whatch any fantasy series, films or anime. What I don't like about fantasy? To make it short here is is an excerpt of an interview with GRRM: Surely there also is other fantasy literature that does it like Game of Thrones and more realistic and does not cherish monarchy but a lot of mainstream fantasy and a lot of fans (and I know a lot of them) cherish the middle ages and the concept of monarchy. Even if you talk with them about it, they think it is a good concept if there is a good king. Especially as a German (who views himself on the political left) I have a huge problem with that and I think especially the Germans should not think that one unelected powerful leader is a good idea. Game of Thrones (I always call it Game of Thrones because I watched the series first) broke that for me and made fantasy watchable. I am a huge movie and TV series nerd (and gaming also) and I watch a lot of movies and some series with my girlfriend. After Breaking Bad ended we began catching up with all the HBO series because many of the best series are HBO ones. We hesitated with GOT because we both don't like finatasy that much, But We did it anyway. That was in January. Now this year is the year we watched less films than any year before that, mainly we are on the fourth rerun of Game of Thrones. We now got the books (the editions where Book 3 and 5 are devided into 2 books), I am reading the second one and my girlfriend reads the second book of the third one. Additionally we read the first Collection (6 issues) of the comic and we even play the boardgame. We have a really nice Artwork of the Game of Thrones map over our couch and sometimes talk for hours about the universe. You see that it really caught us. If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)