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  1. Lord of Nutella

    Dragons vs. WW (who NEED an ice dragon)

    Rise, Sindragosa!
  2. Lord of Nutella

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    Can we please stop making the Dothraki out to be this formidable force? Weve only ever seen them with sabers and bows. Not even spears. I cant recall if they have shields, i believe not, and they certainly dont have armor (leather is fine, but not when it covers only half of your body ...). They are crap. Completely worthless. Yes, im hating...they obviously arent worthless, but they arent soldiers. They are marauders. And pls stop comparing them to the mongols, they are nothing like the mongols.
  3. Lord of Nutella

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    The Lannister armies seem still pretty solid, same goes for the Tyrell armies. But there are obviously only a few thousand men-at-arms and even less knights for either one of those houses, the rest would be drafted smallfolk like in the Wot5k. So yeah, not too good i guess:/ Do we know how many Dothraki she has?
  4. Lord of Nutella

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    She will definetly rely on allies. She has dragons, but they are not so big yet that a nice ballista shot or simply enough spears/arrows couldnt kill them, and her actual army is lackluster. Light infantry and light cavalry. Im not saying Unsullied and Dothraki arent good at fighting, but the moment they meet a formidable force of heavy infantry and armored knights, they are on the backfoot. That is, if the show bothers with battlefield realism , which it probably wont.
  5. Lord of Nutella

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    hey guys, i bet you didnt know this! Sean Bean is in "The Fellowship of the Ring"!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. Lord of Nutella

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    i have an idea. what if Stannins sent the Pink Letter because he knew that he needed more men? i mean, Jon always told him the Nights Watch is neutral but gave him shelter and advice and obviously hates the boltons. Stannis knows or hopes that Jon cannot live with Arya being Ramsays wife. it could be possible that Stannis wrote the letter to provoke Jon as hard as he could to make him come and bring as much men as he can gather, because if Stannis just wrote " dear John we could use some help here" Jon would go "sorry i have to stay neutral".