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  1. This post involves both this new POV and one of Jon's spoiler chapters. The whole situation with Ramsey seems strange to begin with. Why would Roose want his tainted blood, bastard son who obviously has some serious issues to marry a real (or fake, doesn't matter) Arya Stark in order to become a new lord of Winterfell? Why wouldn't he arrange for his fat Frey wife to have an unfortunate accident and marry Arya himself, and leave the Dreadfort for the bastard son until the fake Arya bore him sons to then replace Ramsey? Wouldn't Ramsey ALWAYS be a danger to Roose and offspring until he was killed? This ties in with Jon's chapter with Mel, although not directly. I was just wondering whether the "enemies that smile at you" was referring to Theon and danger from Theon and Ramsey (Theon has been described over and over as smiling all the time in the series). If fake Arya is presented to the world as being real, the only one at this point who would have any power to refute that is Jon Snow. As far as anyone knows, the rest of the Stark children have disappeared, but Jon Snow is not only alive and well, but a commander of the NW now, so has some credibility. I see a potential danger to Jon from Ramsey and Theon, especially if Jon hears that Arya is at the Dreadfort or rebuilding Winterfell. Especially given what Roose has done with the Freys in betraying the Starks. Perhaps this twisted situation will make the story more interesting, but I would find it a bit of a stretch given what we know about how Westeros society works with trueborn children vs. bastards.
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