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  1. maybe this is well known and im just late to the party but I always assumed the Baratheons sigil was always a stag and once Robert became king it became a crowned stag but I was listening to A Knight Of The Seven Kingdom's for the hundredth time and at some point they mention The Crowned Stag of Baratheon so its always been crowned?? Why?
  2. Against Tyrion and his champion Oberyn why did it not have to be a kingsgaurd? It was a trial to prosecute The kings Murderer or even if you look at it as it was Cerci's champion (I thought she says as much when Tyrion chooses Trial by combat, Cerci says somthing like "ser Gregor returned to pledge his sword to my service" so it this was her champion it still should have had to be a kingsgaurd member as this turns into a large plot point layer for Cerci and Margerys trial
  3. Your original answer started with a explanation of how physics work in the flintstones to make your point that this is fiction and Grrm does not need to follow real world thinking. AGAIN it was just " Its fiction it's not real" just in a longer more drawn out way (imo maybe this isnnotnhownyou actually meant it). The op wasent so much about Tyrion or GRRM not holding to real world attributes of dwarfs as much as it was questioning as to why imo Tyrion dosent hold true to his self in other parts of the book. Like with his legs cramping at times yet being abel to hold his own in battle. This is why I asked the question. To see if maybe others shared my thoughts and/or maybe I had overlooked a explanation or anything else on the subject in my previous readings ( as has been the case before) I've learned a great deal from these forums that I can honestly say I would not have caught with a 100 reread. I feltnyour original answer to be " it's not real so stop asking questions as if it is" when I feel like these forums are here to ask questions and discuss stuff like this from the books. So that's my explanation not saying was right in how I took your answer so maybe the fault is with me. if I mistook you I apologize
  4. Sorry I did not read your post in full as it seemed to be a response by someone who's feelings are clearly hurt that I didnt find your explanation of "its fiction" to be very good. What post on this forum cant be answered with "its fiction and it will be whatever GRRM decides to write" - is R+L = J true. Well its fiction so no it's not true -how does the red god have power to resurrect the dead... well its fiction that's how... Sorry I just thought it was a lame answer that defeats the purpose on the threads of discussion of the books. No one needs to read my mind I asked a question and usally people respond with there opinions and sometimes a in story example by mo means didni say this was a requirement I'm just saying the answer of "its fiction" seems like more trouble than it's worth for both you the poster and anyone who waste. .5 seconds to read it. If you disagree all good there are about 20 thousand posts in need of your "expertise" and clarification that it is in deed fiction
  5. Just re listening to agot and does it strike anyone else s odd how good Tyrion seems to be at fighting? In the vanguard noless during the first battle. Going off what he says you would think he was almost helpless yet he is fighting and winning against soldiers. Even if some of them are just farm hands
  6. That is a excellent guess!!! I was thinking maybe GRRM had started off with them being made for Robert and never thought to change them as it woumd be a easy thing to overlook but even if that was the case your explanation fixes it really well
  7. I was always under the impression the "gold dragons" were obviously named such and printed for the targaryens and had been the standard for so long that Robert upon taking the throne decided to keep them. I thought he maybe decided to have the silver made for him hence "silver stag" but I just finished a re-listen to Dunk and Egg and they mention silver stags and even further back in The Rogue Prince also. So am I the only one who assumed the "Stag" in silver stag was for Baratheon?
  8. Great response!!! I never noticed the part at the end about changing the subject with Jamie
  9. Another good point! I guess I just didn't think Tywin hated Tyrion enought to falsely convict him (assuming he dosent really think Tyrion did it) and also why dont they want to figure out who really killed Joff? Tywin dosent have alot if time but it's never brought up.. maybe we are to belive that Tywin does think Tyrion did it?
  10. I agree with everything you said to a point. The thing is if he hated him so much why send him to king landing in his place? Cerci would Never!! put Tyrion in any position of power but Tywin did and actually expected him to check Cerci. Up until Joff's death I felt like Tywin had a relationship with Tyrion where he held a huge grudge for his mothers death and also held a grudge for Tyrion being a dwarf but still thought of him as a Son and Lannister and that made him better than anyone who was not a Lannister in Tywins eyes. And also saw him as capable and thought he could trust him in matters of ruling. Just seems to me all that goes out the window after Cercis accusation and I feel Tywin was smart enought to see throught that and would not really buy that Tyrion actually did it
  11. It always seemed a bit weird to me how Tywin acted toward Tyrion after Joffrey's death. Obviously we know Tywin had his issues with Tyrion but at the same time he had enough faith in him to put him in has Hand for a time. Marry him to Sansa in Hope's he would rule the North one day and then all of a sudden he ready to write him off to the wall or kill him. I get Cerci blaming Tyrion but always seemed off to me that Tywin actually believed Tyrion really poisoned Joff or are we to belive Tywin was using this as a way to rid himself of Tyrion for good? I just feel up until that point Tywin always had a use for Tyrion and seems out of character to me that he really wanted him gone for good
  12. Well look at how Tywin get his sword; he gets it by defeating a family in war who owned one in the Starks. So that's never happened before? With there being 200 of them I find it very hard to belive and ok he said blades. I think it's safe to say the sword is the most popular blade but let's go your way and say only half of the 200 are swords, that's still means there should be 12 Vs sword in the west alone but the lannisters as well as the other 2 houses Tywin destroyed (the Reines and tarbecks) didnt own one. If they had Tywin would have got it. Theres just not any logical answer for both there being that many and the most powerful man from one of the most powerful houses to not be abel to get one before he finally does
  13. 11 is far from 200. Even if the major houses had one wich I dont think they do what's that 30 maybe? I'd consider a major house to be one of the 7 rueling houses and the biggest bannerman to each of them like Tully's have the freys... and like I said if there where 200 you would thing Tywin could have got one easily
  14. I'm sure it's been asked before but I havent seen. Is it a mistake when tyrion says there are a thousand valyrian swords and 200 in Westeros alone, seems like alot when we've only heard of a few. And I find it hard to belive if there where that many at some point a house would have fell on hard times and/or been on the wrong side of a war and there sword would have became available for a man like Tywin Lannister
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