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  1. That's what he DOES. In the novels, that's what he does. He does it so often that Roose has to tell him to keep his fetish hidden. What I found disturbing on the show was the endless Theon torture scenes last season (I think). That was gratuitous, is not shown in the novels.
  2. This is why I don't believe Jon is dead, either on show or in the books. If he's dead-dead, then, as you say, no one's left in the North to take up the slack. Sansa/Brienne are not strong enough to take over. Boltons are villains in both, and without a lot of layers; Roose is a bit more complex, but that's about it. Bran is a crippled little boy with godly powers, which means that he's perfect where he is, working the way Varys did, in the shadows, but he can't lead people or prepare a defense. Well, he can, but I can't see it. Others who could--Jaime, Dany, Tyrion--are far away. Littlefinger is also far away, and his motives are mysterious in both show/novels, but he's another villain, and he's not going to lead the North. That leaves Jon. If Jon's dead in the show, then he's dead in the novels. It's one thing to change Brienne's plot, it's another to kill one of three leading characters. If he's dead in either, I'll keep reading/watching, just to see how they carry on.
  3. 1-3, Battle was over quickly, as Stannis was outnumbered. Brienne found him after the battle. As to how, plot gift, the same one that sent Arya to the RW just in time to see it all happen. As for Brienne's oath, we don't know if she killed him. She may return to help Sansa. 4. She kissed her on the mouth. She had to take an antidote after. 5. I guess the same way they find her in the novels. It's so written. 6. I agree this is a huge hole. It makes no sense. 7. Davos says in previous episode that it would take him a couple of days to get to CB. He leaves the day before the battle. I think the implication is she gets there maybe a day after him, which works. 8. FM have no true identities. That man is neither the old guy nor Jaqen. He's no one. 9, 10 Given what he was into, screams from his room would be expected. As for why he didn't fight back, he wasn't expecting an attack, and Arya was fast. 11. For the same reason he doesn't in the novels. He's one of the sparrows now. He's atoned. She isn't and hasn't. 12. There's Lancel's evidence, which would include fornication and regicide. There are rumors of incest. 13. Theon and Jeyne make the same jump and survive in the novels. It seemed unbelievable there, and seems unbelievable here. 14. I agree that his failing to note the sellswords leaving was crazy ridiculous. He was, then, completely outmanned, outgunned, the works. 15. Sansa couldn't hope to take on the Boltons with a corkscrew.
  4. Since fewer people have returned from the dead on the show than on the books, his death seems more final, imo. He'll return, though for the reasons you mention.
  5. 6/10 I liked the Stannis bits very much. ftw worked for me. Arya's killing Trant was cathartic. Dorne still failed to make sense, but it made slightly more sense than last week; vengeful Ellaria is at least consistent. Cersei's walk was good. As with every episode but Hardhome, there was a problem with disconnected plots. In seasons 1-3, when they jumped between Tywin/KL/Robb/Stannis/Bolton, etc., there was the connection--war of the five kings, with Meereen and the Wall as extraneous bits There is none, here, so that when they went from the North to Dorne, it was like jumping from one show to another; there's no connection. Same with the story in the North, and KL. There's no connection via Robb/Stannis/Tywin/Tyrion. I can't blame them for this, as this is the nature of the novels they're based on. I'm glad they left the Pink Letter, winter's raven, etc., out, as they had no time to spare as it is. Here's to hoping they return to form, and that they are based on a work that returns to form, too.
  6. tbh, I'm really torn between cursing D&D and sympathizing with them. Filming the last two books was always going to be impossible without rewriting them from scratch in a way that made sense for tv, yet put everyone back on track for season 6. You need very good writers for that, and this they didn't have. otoh, given good material, they do very well--see seasons 1-3. The shows fell off track when the novels did, so limiting the criticism to D&D isn't quite fair to them.
  7. That should be the obvious Martell move: Kill Tommen, take the crown. Trystane, though, is not the type to pull something like that off. All we know of him is that he's pretty, and Myrcella loves him. Maybe he'll surprise.
  8. This. Stannis MIGHT burn Shireen in the books. If he does it will be after appropriate character development, etc., not like this. Episode sucked.
  9. 1/10. I would have given it a 0 but that was not available. 1. If you're going to have a loving father sacrifice his daughter, then you need more of a lead up time. It has to be in character, or the character must work himself to a state where he would do something this horrific to save himself, his men, blah blah. None of that happened. Horrible development that could have been brilliant, if done well. It was not done well. 2. Dorne. Ew. 3. Dany and the Dragons. You are a group of assassins. There are hundreds of you. You are surrounding the queen, whom you want to kill. She has two indifferent fighters protecting her. You: Stand around, waiting, staring, doing nothing, waiting, staring, rinse and repeat, until the magic dragon lands. The magic dragon and the pretty queen have a magic moment. They smile into one another's eyes. You do not kill her during this loving moment, cuz she's SOOOOOOO pretty. She rubs the nice dragon-pooh's tummy (no she doesn't, but she might as well have; she had the time, and the dragon looked like he would have gone for it). She gets on the dragon, flies away. I'm officially siding with the Boltons against Stannis.
  10. ty! I also loved the way they showed the danger of the white walkers and their wights. There have been a few threads on how their armies would be easy to defeat, and this episode showed, that these guys will not be easy to take down. Other hints I found interesting: The WW and their wights sound like they will be the big bad humanity must unite to fight. I really hope the novels add something to that; as things stand, Mordor's coalition had more nuance, what with its alliance with misguided humans.
  11. Thank you. I haven't read any D&D interviews; perhaps it's time to branch out :)
  12. Was that the Night's King? I agree that the last scene was great. I could have watched those two watch one another for a while longer, even. Just a great episode.
  13. 10. Best episode this season. Loved everything, the bits between Tyrion and Dany, Arya, Sansa and Reek, and especially Hardhome. I don't even like Dany, and I was going you go, girl!!!! when she started talking about breaking the wheel. Really, really good.
  14. 7/10 for me. It's all too disjointed. This season...idk. Longer it goes, the less I like it, which is the same response I had to the last two novels. I watched it with a friend and ended up explaining everything, and finally, it was, like...yup, that's the North, see the snow? and yes that's Meereen, different continent and all, but the short dude is a Lannister, and whoops, KL!! and now it's Dorne, nice boobs, and and we're back in Meereen, and that's KL, oh look LF, and Tyrion spoke to Dany! Daario is right, she should kill them all, and KL and Cersei and the HS, and the connections between these characters? Well... It was difficult, but that's what they have to work with.
  15. 6/10 It's too disjointed. People were bitching about the changes and the cuts, but there should have been more cuts, not less. Dorne is terrible, and should have been cut. I'm sorry, but Arya's story is happening in the middle of nowhere. It, too, should have been cut. Thank the gods they cut Aegon, JonCon, the Greyjoys. KL stuff was good. I'm glad they got Olenna back. I liked LF's betrayal. It's completely in character for him. I'm just not sure whom he is betraying. Probably everyone. They have a very strong group of actors in KL now. I'm probably alone in finding Sansa bits fine, too.