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  1. It's a 6 for me. Some great stuff with Arya and the Walk, and boy that Robert Strong reveal didn't disappoint. However, Stannis' arc was rather lame, Jaime and Myrcella was ridiculous and cliche and dumb dumb dumb, and as it's been pointed out, just, just TONS of plot holes throughout. On another note, I really hope Jon stays dead and D&D follow through with what they said about Kit not returning. That way, Season 6 is almost assured to be completely different from the novels, and therefore safe to watch. What I'm saying is I hope they pull a Full Metal Alchemist and just diverge the hell off of the source material, except this time I much prefer the source to the adaptation.
  2. in strict numbers the "Baratheon"-Lannister-Tyrell Alliance is objectively the safest bet.The riches of the West, the resources of the Reach, the Redwyne fleet, pretty compelling stuff.
  3. yes I know they do love their "creativity", but where I'm coming from is, you've got an important character in the books, whose death has tremendous importance on the characterizations of many characters as well as the plot itself; I don't think the showrunners would kill such a character who GRRM has no intention of killing. Sure they made stannis do it, which is fucked up and you'll notice I am in complete agreeance in saying that was some serious character assassination, but they know GRRM, and if they asked him about this, AND THEY DID, their knowledge is objectively more informed than ours. All I'm saying.
  4. I sincerely doubt the showrunners would change something that important just because they wanted to. Sure, Stan himself won't burn shireen, but like as not she'll meet a similar fate in the novels. It's not nice at all, but I'd bet on it happening.
  5. I'm sure it will happen in the books too, just weird that all it took was a single episode of bad weather and 20 bolton men to turn stan from "I brought every healer I could find to fix your greyscale because you're a baratheon" to "ehh fuck it I'm cold roast the bitch." laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.
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