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  1. If you have a skill edge, forcing the action in a loose game is a good strategy, especially in position. But I'm mostly trying to avoid tilt triggers. And you've probably won thousands from those same players, just not as memorably.
  2. You're just waiting to drop Shock and Awe on the poor fools, aren't you? Chats is an attractive woman, categorically. But made up, well dressed, fully armed, and operational Chats is a galactic menace.
  3. No one MAKES me drink my own piss.
  4. There'll be no one to stop us this time. I watched several of Nora's Guide to the Galaxy, and your since your posting enthusiasm here largely follows standard punctuation, I 'm sure you're even more excited than you sound. Also check out Nora's youtube. It's obviously a cromulent rec for this topic.
  5. It's probably a comfort for you to be that certain. Sure food and fuel prices are up dramatically, but that's Trumps fault. Plus bottom two quintile's employment and wage growth have gone negative, but that's just the logical conclusion of Trump's obviously racist policies taken to their fifth year, and at least we've got an ethical, uncorruptable leader using his keen intellect to stop covid in it's track now, and the emptier shelves are just because everyone is doing so well it is causing a demand side crisis. Large cap corporate media says so. Their incentives are pure. The current decision makers are obviously making calls based on electoral popularity, so there's no question our system is sound, fundamentally. So I can sleep well there at least. It no longer shocks me that people who rail against corporatism are unquestioningly behind a combination of government, corporate media, and mega cap bio tech companies. Not because it makes logical sense, just because I've seen that too often. <not that I'm a fan of corporatism per se, but used corporatism instead capitalism there because I believe that corporatism gets more and more negative as the scale increases, and in fact starts to crowd out capitalism.>
  6. More like one glenlivet and a couple cabs then beers and a one random hennessey. Judging by last night.
  7. Thanks JL. Congrats DnE. See you all at draft. The video chat function is sociable. Hoping to see the end of boiled leather's kitchen remodel next draft.
  8. 2 2nds. 2 3rds. 5 money leagues. Missed on the smallest one. If Dak and Kyler got right sooner would have been 2nd in the big money league too and that delta would more than cover the other 4. Alas.
  9. I mostly put the my picks in drunk sunday/monday football. But if you want me to pay attention, I could. Even though you're yonger, I'm still taller and probably less bald.
  10. I wouldn't blame snow on I95 for Washington not getting things done. Maybe I was a little antagonistic there though. I don't trust 95% of congress to look out for the regular folk however. Too many incentives to join the establishment once you get there, where ever you started from ideologically.
  11. Yes, almost certainly better. 1300 minus the unsustainable systems is still roughly 10-50 conservatively systems that are sustainable, compared to everything in the Sol basket. I don't see how the counter argument holds, especially if it's more like 100-500, as the vast majority of gate systems had more habitability than the Belt. You could make a counter argument maybe that the Navoo colonizes a nearby system, and humanity spreads out via generation ships, but though I havent run numbers on exponential growth in that scenario, the gates surely increased surviabiliyt and growth potential. Though I wonder, the voluntary extinction people would probably feel the same regardless of 1000 more worlds. Doesnt change the math in the longer run.
  12. Sweet summer child. Follow the narrative. Reporters are independent seekers of truth, and not employees of large corporations. Collectivism is great. Next time the leader will be all about helping everyone, instead of worrying about the next shiv and paying off his cronies. We're almost so close to perfect, just got to get rid of that pesky human nature. There's plenty of room for a fascist sort of government gets to control all the health care compromise. Affordable Care Act turned providers into collectivists instead of individual practitioners. Really there should be a mcbigski's wager where if you think you have covid you could talk with a non collectivized provider about whether or not invectermin or hydroxichlorine are right for you, and live with the consequences. The people that don't believe in the Atlantic don't deserve to live anyway, so what's the harm in trying? A, I'm all for local control, and bottom up power. I hope you come around to obvious issues with too much federal control. Higher stakes get more corrupted. Do you think otherwise? Tolerance FTW! Be careful, if Eric Adams ends up an unperson, you could get banned for that sort of comment. PA people can drive in snow, right? Talk about smallest violins. I get that we have better plowing in new england, but have i never gotten stuck ever in any situation that took more than three guys to push the vehicle out.
  13. Well, I did OK this year. Most expensive league, got 3rd for a break even. 2nd most, had regular season title (Jonathan Taylor keeper), and second place playoffs. Positive return. Got Jamarr Chased in my second most expensive league. What are going to do? Next two leagues, lost the finals to my sister in the cousins's league. First fantasy year for her, she mostly won because she wanted to draft Mahomes first round but couldn't find him in the player list until she already got Taylor and Ekeler autodrafted. I was still a Ronald Jones injury or Adams/Rodgers touchdown away. Bust still a plus. Squeaked out a 3rd place in the casino poker player league, at least I beat the regular season win leader in the bronze game. Missed the money in my cheapest cash league, but 4 keepers auction, 200 budget and will have Chase, Waddle, Elijah Moore, and Lance for $24 next year. Also 4th or 5ht or so in experts and about the same in bwb league. Might cut out 1-3 leagues next year, 7 is definitely too many.
  14. It was visceral to be sure, but even in the spot after the knife comes out before she started cutting, I assumed we were in a clone the whole arm universe. Pretty sure there was a guy on the Cant that could have grown his arm back except spoiler Cant gets atomized. That was a book thing about a decade before my hip issues so skipped the tag.
  15. Gettleman in Experts. +120 to get Jaxomed. What side do you take?
  16. Mostly a small resolution in the grander scheme, but when I go the poker rooms, I resolve to have more pre flop patience and not to force the action in too loose games just because I'm bored.
  17. If you have both quantity and quality, that's tough to exceed. I'm leaning towards that the Betty White quote about balls versus vagina is apocryphal, but one is obviously more resilient than the the others. Here's to living well.
  18. OK, I may have misread your previous post, since you said Way Too Often. Way too often according to 20th century football. I believe deeply that Don Shula would still be ahead of Dave Gettleman though in the current era. is that controversial?
  19. How many people have died with omicron world wide? And how many with out multiple co morbidities? How many of either of those groups were under 18 with out lung, obesity, or immune issues? Chicken pox kills more people than omicron so far. I'd rather get omicron than work with Alec Baldwin.
  20. Let's check fatalities 3-4 weeks out. My sister had to line for tests up in actual not metric high teen temperature this morning to be able to fly back to India in the next 3 days. The Panic Button has been pushed here such that in my town, people were lining up 3 hours early on Sunday for a take home test. Which take home test doesn't count for flying if my sister has the right of it, and doesn't count for work in a medical facility, if my special lady friend has the right of it. But it's probably mostly accurate. Though a guy I know who works for a bio tech company was cautiously optimistic that their test would get approved for wider distribution. Problem is, it's a single digit person company, regardless of how well it might work.
  21. Honestly, is that sarcasm? Wow, did he grope anyone you know? I mostly dislike non plural sounding names (ie non s ending). Defenders sounds so lame. like Guardians without a possible Macross side reference. Maybe they should go full commie and settle on Red Extermination Camp Guards.
  22. By the same token, how can we know than mRNA treatments for kids, the vast majority of whom are at less risk than being in an automobile, are still going to be safe 5, 10, or 15 years out? I always tend agaisnt centralized solutions, but when CDC said that vaccines are safe and long lasting, but there's not proof that getting infected provides long lasting future immunity, I said WTF? Apart from the covid, I'm inclined to believe that 0-10 year olds looking at masks instead of faces aren't going to be optimally adjusted for the rest of their lives. Mostly agree I think. Anecdotal, but among the kids I've known over the last 15 years or so that are the most out going socially and self confident are my friend's who home schooled. 6 kids aged currently 26 to 8. My friend, the dad, is very much a Walden/Shumacher/Pirsig guy. But there's certainly something to be said that if you want kids to learn how to be adults, socializing across wider age ranges is better than lord of the flies playground sort of stuff.
  23. I think Team America World Police is a strong number one idea candidate. Puppet on Muppet or Muppet on puppet reverse cowboy action. Either way it works. Though the furries have probably already memed that some where. Haven't checked but rule 34. (On a side note, originally I thought Rule 42, but checked before posting. Douglas Adams made me laugh so much in my teen years. Is there a Hugo we can lobby for there?)
  24. Cloth masks don't do shit. Well, they're unsanitary and anti-social, but looking at the size of the weave versus the size of a virus, a cloth mask is just going to make you exhale a finer mist instead of heavier droplets. How that's helpful, I have no idea, as Covid is spread primarily from breathing in viral particles rather than licking the floor. I had Covid myself two Septembers back. Somewhat muted sense of taste and smell for about 36 hours. A little tired. Not a hoax, but rather oversold for the otherwise healthy. When planning my Vegas trip last year, I got an antibody test in early March, which came back negative, so I got the JnJ shot once it came back on the market. That Easter (I think) my cousin pointed out that whenever I gave blood, the Red Cross was testing for antibodies. So looking at my blood donation history, the August '20 donation was covid negative, and October was covid reactive. I guess by March my antibodies were mostly gone. (Which doesn't mean a lack of defense, just a lack of current exposure and response). Now if I had seen the results from my blood donations prior to getting vaccinated, I likely would have skipped the shot. I believe that the reason that acquired immunity is marginalized is to sell more vaccines and perpetuate the crisis. It would be a shame to let it go to waste, after all. Though when I thought I didn't have previous exposure, I got a vaccine. Did I think that was a hoax? As for the drinking bit, what gives that away? Ok, but there are far more vaccinations done than there are people that have an ICU stay. There are roughly 90k ICU beds in the US. Assuming an average stay of 3 days, then that's 7.2 million potential ICUs admissions a year. (Avg stay in the ICU is about 3 days.) However, nationwide only about 2/3 of those beds are in use at any given time (if I'm reading Johns Hopkins's chart correctly), so that's about 4.8 million admissions, but at the worst time over the last year, only about 40% ICU admissions were due to Covid, (per the same data). So let's call that 2 million ICU admissions due to Covid and I'm being way generous there. The US has used around 500 million vaccine doses so far, that is, 250X. CDC on total Covid hospitalizations Note that this total of 260k hospitalizations is from networks covering about 10% of the US population, and that sounds like it also includes non-ICU, and covers roughly 21 months. But even assuming same cost of stay, still more money on the vaccine side. And as an aside, I would expect that three vaccine manufacturers are going to do a better job at corrupting the NIH and CDC than 7,000 US hospitals. But I'm only arguing here over who is more effective in exercising greed. Now we also have a lot of confounding variables here, since vaccines weren't available over the whole data set of hospitalizations, and vaccines are going to keep some people out of the hospital. The real crime against humanity here is more likely how cheap, effective, off-patent treatments get demonized and shunted aside to keep EUA going for experimental gene therapies. I know a lot of moms that won't give their kid a GMO apple, but are proud to give them an mRNA vaccine. Mind boggling.
  25. so if the government pays for it, it's free for the end recipient, free for the tax payer in general, and not profitable for the manufacturer? I don't think you re actually claiming there isn't a profit motive in our medical system but if I m right about that, consider the incentives... Sean Mannion is kicking ass. So profit seeking is an issue but the medical portion of the economy is exempt from those incentives?
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