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  1. Well I've been saying since Bush was President that you need to tack to the center to get things done and that Clinton and both Bushes were centrists with different wedge issues. But is that shocking that half of the Republicans believe in some sort of safety net? Probably you need to consider that people who aren't lock step with you might still have compassion, but I don't really know you well enough to say for sure. Snarkily, which is why this election doesn't matter in the long run. You'll win Florida next time after all the mask skeptics are dead. Nixon went into the navy at age 29, if wikipedia is to be trusted, and according to his own admission (IIRC), spent most of his time fleecing other officers at poker. Which is to not say in any way that he shirked his duty, to be clear. Yay for finding some common ground. We're all the same fundamentally. All of us. I dispute that the GOP is in favor of tribal identity though. Like Trump said, possibly I'm paraphrasing, "my supporters are people that love America". It's most certainly the Dems and their supporters in the media and academia that keep stressing racial conflict rather than the American ideal that of egalitarianism that we have moved closer and closer towards. I'm about 52% pro choice. But why would the people of Louisiana be bastards if they made a clear choice here? Are you anti democracy? Ideally, I'd say outlaw any public funding of abortion so that pro life people don't have their tax dollars spent there, but keep it legal, and allow private organizations that want to support abortion, support it. (Though in practice it would probably be funded by Margaret Sanger approved eugenicists, which is distasteful to say the least.) I'm all for gimping the establishment, but I don't think looking for any sort of even semi-permanent victory is in the interest of the People. We don't want to be on the Erdogan train here. (In general, I'm sure there are plenty of anti-democratic a holes that want to snuff out dissenters.) We're going to know in the next ten weeks or so how this all turns out, but if Trump gets re-elected, my advice for the Democrats would be to actually let the primaries pick a candidate who has enthusiasm behind him or her. Obviously the party uppers put the fix in when Biden won one of the Carolinas and then everyone besides Bernie dropped out within 3 days or so. He's a terribly flawed candidate, to be mild, though if the media carries him over the finish line, I suppose that doesn't matter.
  2. Close to 100%. I'd say just go do your regular comfortable social things, whatever they are, and someone will cross your path. In the mean time, you'll be doing things you enjoy. Just stay relaxed about the whole thing and don't sweat it. Personally I'm not a fan of online dating so I'd recommend sticking to real life local stuff. I think everyone I've ever met in person from online dating said "wow you're really 6'5" in person" which made me think, why would I say that otherwise and what the fuck lies are do you read all the time? I'm sure by now "The Tao of Steve" is super problematic, but there's more than kernel of truth about picking your strong suit and being excellent at it. Just adjust for the fact that you're two decades older than the last time you were single when you're considering potential matches. Emotionally especially, not physically. Someone who gets your scars, and has learned from herself's too. Good luck.
  3. Can anyone explain the value of the tie breaking weekly picks? Been doing this for 6 to 8 years and dont recall them ever coming into play. Is it a weekly only thing? if somehow we're tied after the superbowl with the same number of points and wins then they are next tiebreaker? If I just enter Minshew mustache scores the most points every week woudl that actually hurt my standings??
  4. Re-infection So according to that BBC article on reinfection, it's happened once in the US, and once in Ecuador with less severe recurring symptoms, and in the three other cases, the reinfection was no more severe, (which also could just mean retested positive without symptoms.) Being more numerate than the average bear, I wonder how many false positives have happened while under the throes of other infections with over lapping symptoms. Also, I wonder, if two people in the world have actually been infected twice with the same or worse symptoms, how much should a 2 in 40 million (going by confirmed cases, actual denominator larger) probability weight our optimal response? Obviously Climate Change. I just thought it was my high surface area to mass ratio that kept my temp low, but a lot of the less shapely folks today would have bigger denominators.
  5. Likewise the Jets Dolphins game is not listed nor i believe the Patriots Broncos as of yet.
  6. Wait, I thought the Lost Cause was the Democrats and Confederacy. Needling aside, what are you talking about? What lie and what reality? Seriously, I don't get it, we're probably talking past each other. And probably way off topic by now on a Covid thread. Maybe PM me or start a new thread?
  7. Maybe, 20 days I haven't heard. CDC hasn't exactly been consistent throughout all this so maybe they are saying that now. But I'm willing to assume, based on every previous infectious disease ever, that if someone has mounted a successful immune response to a pathogen that weeks later (the time frame in question as I understood the post) when the pathogen has been suppressed, it's not so prevalent in their system that it's transmissible at any meaningful level. (Theoretically maybe but very acceptable risk. I could die on my way to refilling my drink tonight.)
  8. Er how do you square that circle? Republicans voted for the Civil Rights acts in the 60s at a far higher (probably entirely, but not going to look it up again) rate than Democrats did. So your cause and effect there are nonsensical. Yes, after equal rights for blacks became officially a non partisan thing, the Democrats lost their stranglehold on the South, that much is true. They gave it their best shot with the Dixiecrats to keep it going, but it was a non-starter. Why where they Dixiecrats not Dixiepublicans do you think?
  9. Er what? Happy to talk gambling, but how many Confederate states were Republican? If you're implying that Republicans have been pro slavery the last 150 years, you're fucking nuts, frankly.
  10. If he has recovered from Covid in recent weeks, why do you need to distance? That makes zero sense from a disease transmission point of view. I guess there are symbolic reasons to do that, but do you ever science?
  11. And with the reschedule the dolphins go to 3 and 3.
  12. So as far as Covid cancellations go, if the Tuesday Buffalo/Tennessee game gets removed from this week, I'd like to substitute Greg Ward for Diggs. (Assuming I understand the sub rules...)
  13. I just hope no one beat @Xray the Enforcer in claiming Joe Flacco for this week's start.
  14. Frankly, the players should have all partied with Zeke over the summer and gotten over it before the season started. Covid deaths and morbidity among NFL players are going to be far far less than from head trauma.
  15. Crap. Just accepted a trade by mistake. Thought I was confirming sending a message with reject. Can we undo?
  16. I should know better than to hope, but this seems like a glorious time to be a Dolphins fan. Would have a decent shot at the #1 overall pick, if it weren't for those meddlesome Jets. And no tanking required.
  17. Our IR spots are covid right? Just moved Cam to IR and picked Brian Hill back up. That's got to be fine, but just verifying.
  18. I think they have the fake fan noise tuned up too high. Jets just took the lead, but they win more by losing if Gase gets fired.
  19. Miss you guys in C. Experts is underwhelming so far.
  20. Don't know what's crazier. I only put 11 pts against the Jets or that no one else put more.
  21. Ace is definitely ahead. Neither of us are going to end up dropping any of the first three weeks, so add 8 to his total.
  22. Any Rogue Legacy fans around? Just picked up RL2. It's still in pre-release but you can at least play through the first area, and a get a small sampling of another. Not everything is implemented yet, but it looks prettier than the original, and also has some interesting sub-level quests built in. As well, the story line seems a little more developed than in the original. Looking forward to the next update release. I want my Sanguine Armor to function!
  23. They did, but why is not an illegal forward pass at least?
  24. Can someone explain that call on the punt in the Chargers game? They call a guy down at the one who didn't signal a fair catch, got pushed into the end zone by a teammante and then flipped it forward to a different teammate.
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